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Ryan1216: I’m keeping the month of December in prayer



Doc.K:  Dec 20. …..USA runs out of $$$

Don961:  Al-Hadithi: The cabinet will send the budget law to parliament in the coming days

Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi’s office confirmed on Sunday that the cabinet is continuing to complete the federal budget bill for 2020 despite the acceptance of the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

Al-Hadithi said in a statement followed by “Trend Press”, that “the transfer of the government to conduct a daily business does not hinder the completion of the draft federal budget law for 2020 as a fundamental part of the work of the government,” pointing out that “the Council of Ministers in the process of completing the budget law during the coming days and send To the House of Representatives. ”

He added that “the Council of Ministers is committed to complete the budget quickly because of the existence of financial commitments can not be stopped for any reason.”

He explained that “the Council is about to complete the law fully in the coming days.”  link

Doodlebug:  So we have the Kurdish “delegation” in Baghdad right now, without Barzani doing last minute dotting of the “i’s” and crossing of the “t’s” and Mahdi’s office is announcing that the Budget will go to Parliament in the coming days. LOL yeah okay… “Tell them what they’ve won, Johnny!” The Citizens have won an agreed upon deal between Baghdand Kurdistan! Come on Salih, make the announcement (Kurdistan/Bahgdad Deal), I know you want to! All IMOO.

Pete2001:  “cant be stopped for any reason”….certainly like that!!

MilitiaMan:  In essence imo this will expose the 2018-2019 (rider) that may have been or was used to keep the 2020 Budget under wraps to date.. And this is all to happen within the coming days.. So they say they need to do it quickly, as there is an existence of financial commitments that can not be stopped, thus, they merely suspended the financial commitments (loans / cotnracts) for the month ending 01/02/2020, as noted in the article Delta posted. – ..imo.. ~ If that is the case then, shut the front door Alice! lol ~imo~  MM

MilitiaMan:  The data sure seems to suggest that many fronts are converging.. All good too. imo..


Samson:  Parliamentary Finance: The budget of 2020 almost complete and the resignation of the government will not hinder its access to Parliament

09:25 – 02/12/2019

The decision of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Ahmed al-Saffar, on Monday, that the budget of 2020 is almost complete and left only sent to parliament, indicating that the resignation of the government will not hinder the arrival of the budget to the House of Representatives, as the budget was prepared before the resignation of the government.

Saffar said in a statement to the information, that the 2020 budget is almost complete and it was hoped that the government sent to the parliamentary Finance Committee this week, but the resignation of the government will delay the arrival of the budget.”

He added that “the government will send the budget to parliament and that does not conflict with the law, although it is a caretaker government, because it has prepared the budget before resigning.”

He explained that ‘the budget and if not approved during the current year, the Financial Management Law stipulates that the government operates a budget 1/12 and operating only the same paragraphs and items of the 2019 budget, until the adoption of the new budget.’

He pointed out that “the delay in the 2020 budget has seen a lot of changes in addition to the inclusion of the demands of the demonstrators in its items, where almost daily changes in paragraphs.”  LINK


Giants:  Thought this may interest some.  I’ve been tracking the daily exchange rate from some time now and this is the first time they are only showing monthly exchange rate averages, with December being empty.

Things that make you go hmmmm… A break in pattern or a change to something else????  Also for those who care, the link will show the historical value of the IQD from 1974.  Just adding to your study for the newbies.       https://cbi.iq/news/view/1128


Samson:  Masoudi: The interim government is much more important than it will follow for these reasons

09:15 – 02/12/2019

The deputy of the alliance of Sairon Riad Masoudi, on Monday, that the interim government is very important in order to establish a good atmosphere for the holding of fair early elections, pointing to the importance of choosing a strong prime minister gives everyone the freedom of choice.

“The interim government is much more important than the future government,” he said.

He added that “the interim government, which will be established to hold early elections, it will take into account the principle of empowerment, participation, transparency and availability, where these Muslim women will increase the rate of participation in power, and who will come to parliament is elected from the people.”

“The next prime minister should be strong to provide freedom of choice, in order for all voters to be equal in terms of ability, competition and running,” Masoudi said.   LINK


Samson:  Minister: Most of Kurdistan’s constitutional rights and demands are decided by the federal budget

2nd December, 2019
The Minister of Planning in the Kurdistan Regional Government Dara Rashid said on Monday that most of the constitutional rights of the region were fixed in the draft federal budget law for 2020.

“Our delegation is still in Baghdad and I think the budget has been finalized and there are no problems left around it,” Rashid told reporters in Arbil.

He added that “has been installed and most of the demands and rights of the Kurdistan region legal and constitutional in the budget in 2020.”  LINK


Samson:  Saleh discusses with three delegations achieving security and reforms in Iraq

2nd December, 2019

President Barham Salih received on Monday at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General in Iraq, Jenin Hennes Blaskhart, and the European Union and Russian Ambassadors to Iraq Martin Huth and Maxim Maksimov separately.

During the meeting, they discussed international support to enhance security, stability and reforms in the country, as well as ways to improve bilateral relations and achieve common interests.

They also reviewed the latest political developments on the regional and international arenas.  LINK

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