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StephenMac63: Those three little things…..

As per tonight’s CC, of which was great, was several explanations of three things we await…….Outdoor Billboard, the electronic billboards in the financial centers such as banks, currency exchange, etc. and the currently elusive 2nd article from the CBI.

The Outdoor Billboard……we can safely assume that many of these were used for the recent political campaigns and we can also assume that there are various types of billboards. One is the ever-famous monstrosity of a thing that we have seen all of our lives as we have travelled the highways as a kid going on a family trip. But there are other outdoor styles…..digital, led,  one called Maxi-Poster and many others.

The electronic billboards/posterboards in the banks….to see these we need to stay on top of each bank and hopefully we can see a picture of one in the background. Its going to be tough to find because Iraq is known for photoshopping pictures and they keep a real sharp eye on pictures for western media viewing. Hopefully there is a slip-up somewhere.

The elusive 2nd Article….this is being protected about as equal to the USA Declaration of Independence located in the Rotunda of the National Archives Building in Washington DC. We will get this when its time and not a moment sooner.

Our best bet, at this time, is to watch for outdoor pictures with billboards in the background. For me personally, Im keeping an eye out for the large digital screens as they can be advertised 24 hours a day. In any case, IMO, by the time we actually find the Outdoor Digital Screen lit up, the 2nd Article will already be out.

Promomedia is a vary large company in the Middle East and have over 3500 various sized signs and many of them are digital. Promomedia also dominates the market area by the Baghdad Airport….perfect for educating incoming travelers. This company also has signs in Jordan.

The nice thing about these three items that we seek, it wont happen one after the other….it will be “synchronized” to happen at once.   Imo, of course     Happy Hunting



Monday Night KTFA CC w/ Frank26 (5-14-18)

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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Manaolana3:  Here are highlights from tonight’s talking points:

We wish to tell you there will be electronic boards that will be inside of the banks and exchange centers, inside of Iraq that will be educating the citizens about the lower notes with descriptions and with photographs

These will be displayed in these financial institutions

As Walkingstick posted in TC on later on the forum this past week, “in place…have been”

There are electronic boards that will be inside financial institutions and there are billboards that are outside of Iraq hanging all over the place

The billboards and the electronic boards are both for the citizens, but one will be found outside every where, and the other one will be found inside the financial institutions

We more prefer to call the ones outside billboards, and we prefer to call the ones inside presentation boards; they will be inside in all financial institutions of Iraq

When the citizens come into these financial institutions in Iraq, they will learn about the smaller notes in further detail

These billboards are the FINAL STEPS to bring forth the reinstatement steps:
a)in billboards
b)in presentation boards

3)in second article form from the Central Bank of Iraq to the citizens

We now have three things according to the Turkmenistan articles we have as reference that will be coming out

It will be within hours to days of the reinstatement release when these three entities are out
WAIT for these billboards

WAIT for presentation boards in banks along with the second article

I will see you on the other side

According to the Turkmenistan revaluation of their currency, every step that they have taken, Iraq is also now taking

What do you thing the world media will be like when the CBI reinstates? The true rate currency, and the true rate of the true Iraqi dinar.

It will be all over the blankety place. It will be all over the face of the planet earth. It is important. It will no longer be a scam, or imagination of some banks. It will be like news you have never seen in a long time.

The pictures of the billboards will shine across these media world outlets for all to see what Iraq has done with their financial reforms that they have very easily, blatantly displayed in front of you in the recent weeks and months.

As an American Christian, we stand in unprecedented times. President Donald Trump has gone to the the eye of the storm in Iran, in China, in North Korea, in Syria,, in Iraq and in many places. Then today, our US Embassy was dedicated in Jerusalem. Who did it? President Donald Trump, where no other president before had the desire to do so.

We can never separate the natural from the spiritual. Right now we are seeing a lot of natural evidence caused by spiritual warfare. Our Capital is moving spiritually. Right now, IMO, God is doing something on this planet earth that He has never done before. God is repossessing planet earth!



Frank26:  Saudi newspaper: Washington paves the way for the formation of a government includes Abadi and Sadr and the investigation of Amiri and Maliki

09:19 – 14/05/2018

Information / Baghdad ..

The US special envoy to the United States Donald Trump has begun talks with a number of political leaders aimed at speeding up the formation of the next government, the daily Asharq Al-Awsat reported on Monday. Sadr and investigate the head of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri and the head of a coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki.

“The features of the political map in Iraq have become apparent in the light of the informal results so far, although they are close to reality, indicating a convergence between parties that were originally close in terms of visions and programs, ” the newspaper quoted a source familiar with the report as saying. To make the task of forming the next government easier, than expected. ”

The source added that ” the features of the formation of a bloc includes Haider Abadi, Muqtada al-Sadr, Ammar al-Hakim, Iyad Allawi, Osama Najafi and perhaps Massoud Barzani began to become clear at the expense of al-Maliki and al-Amiri and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and change,” noting “McGourk’s visit pours in this direction, .

The head of the Sadigon parliamentary bloc Hassan Salem said in a statement on Sunday that the United States intervened in a “power” in the electoral file before and after the general election, accusing it of trying to “throw” Baathist and terrorist figures in the elections. Ending / 25



Boxman:  Many articles talking about Abadi and Sadr working together to form a strong and unified Govt…..The other item that Frank has mentioned is the winners are not under the influence of Iran…whereas Maliki and Amiri were very pro Iranian…seems more security and stability on the horizon..IMHO

Don961:  In a decoded tweet, Sadr reveals those forming the coming govt.

May 14 2018 10:22 PM

Moqtada Al Sadr

Leader of the Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Monday has posted a decoded tweet, in which he outlined the main parties who will form the coming Iraqi government.

In the tweet, al-Sadr wrote:”We are marching, Sairun, in Wisdom and Patriotism (Wataneya) for the (Will of the People) to be our demand and to witness (Change) towards reform. And for the decision ( al-Qarar) to be purely Iraqi. Hence, we shall raise flags of (Victory) and for Baghdad to be our (Identity) and for our (Democratic Movement) to form a technocrat government made up of Cadres,  where no certain party shall prevail.

Citing the tweet, sources told The Baghdad Post that this decoded tweets outline the features of the coming government.

“Sadr is revealing his alliances in the coming period,” he added.

They also said the tweet includes the blocs that Sadr does not mind to ally himself with.

The tweet also mentioned major and minor blocs on the Iraqi scene.

This comes as the Sadrists have emerged victorious in the Iraqi legislative elections, which witnessed major setbacks to the Iran-allied forces.  link


Don961:  Wall Street Journal: Sadr broke the influence of Tehran and Washington will not pollute himself as prime minister

2018/05/14 23:40

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, in a parliamentary election is a political breakthrough by Iraqi voters in the face of US and Iranian influence in the country, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

“Al-Sadr’s list of election results will force Tehran and Washington to face the prospect of a leading critic in both of them choosing the next prime minister of Iraq,” the newspaper said in a report published today.

“In an election that was seen as a competition between the United States and Iran over influence in Iraq, Sadr’s advance in unfinished primary results has dimmed the political landscape.”
“Sadr is unlikely to be prime minister,” he added, adding that he “prefers to remain an uncontaminated spiritual leader to take over the post.”

In an interview last year, Sadr said he supported a second term for Abadi, praising him for regaining control of the country from an outlawed organization, and because of the way he treated the Kurds after having conducted a referendum About independence last year without shedding blood and wide, considering that all this makes him able to lead Iraq in the next stage.”  link