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Don961:  MOSCOW: Iran’s presence in Syria is no longer justified

– 11 Hours Ago

MOSCOW – Russia’s special envoy and deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov on Thursday sent a precise message to Iran in an interview with the Bloomberg news agency that there was no justification for the Iranian presence or the existence of militias loyal to it.

“They will have no reason to stay there if Syrian sovereignty is restored and the territorial integrity of the country is restored,” Bogdanov said, commenting on the presence of Iranian forces loyal to them in Syria.

Observers considered that the words of Bogdanov aims to reassure the United States and behind Israel that the Iranian presence is no longer justified, and that it is decided, especially after the United States announced its withdrawal from Syrian territory.

​Observers noted that the requirement of the unity of Syrian territory and the sovereignty of the government on them is no longer difficult as the negotiations of Astana and the understanding of the three influential countries on the ground (Russia, Iran and Turkey) on the foundations of the solution and the need to accelerate it.

The sudden US withdrawal from Syria has brought Russia primarily responsible for the solution in Syria, putting it under pressure and pushing it to exert pressure on countries such as Iran and Turkey and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to reach a formula that would end the foreign presence in the country and respond to US concerns. And Israel.

Russia’s various assurances to stop the Israeli bombardment of Iranian and Hezbollah positions have failed, which could prompt Russia to seriously pressure Iran and persuade it to withdraw so as not to fail Moscow’s efforts to build a solution in Syria in line with its vision and interests and preserve the interests of the US-allied regional states.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that his country was defending what it called its “red lines” in Syria, stressing Israel’s refusal to consolidate the Iranian presence there after a series of raids carried out by Tel Aviv in Syria.

Bogdanov, President Vladimir Putin’s envoy to the Middle East, said his country welcomed the return of rapprochement between Syria and some Arab countries, including Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s visit to Damascus last week.

“I think that the Arab countries now realize that the decision to freeze Syria Has been of no use, and we see the importance of the return of relations between Syria and the Arabs. ”
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Don961:  Friday، 28 December 2018 11:01 PM

Don961:  Australian PM arrives in Iraq to visit troops: source

Australian PM Scott Morrison

Two days after Trump’s surprise visit, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived in Iraq on Friday in an unannounced visit to check his country’s military personnel, a government source said.

Morrison arrived to Iraq on board of an Australian cargo plane with the commander of Australian forces, the source said, adding that he visited the Australian military base Taji Camp north of Baghdad.

Morrison did not meet any Iraqi official, the source said, adding that he checked nearly 800 Australian soldiers serving as trainers of the Iraqi armed forces.

The purpose of Morrison’s visit was to congratulate the Australian military on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year and to convey the greetings and appreciation of the Australian government and people.

US President Donald Trump arrived in Iraq on Wednesday, accompanied by US First Lady Melania Trump and other US officials, in a quick, secret visit, prompting angry responses of political parties that are believed to be loyal to Iran    link