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MilitiaMan: I was asked a question by some that were curious about some on going’s politically.. I am not on that page nor is it really my intention to be..

But,  I do see that our Potus imo is more likely to have the Dems boxed in now. As he has played them and has the potential to open the Gov and still have his SOTU speech on the 29th. Day before contracts expire..

This next week is critical for us in that there is evidence as I see that is clear to me that this process of implementation of MR is full throttle now to be completed and for many reasons.

1) the banks are linked globally and wire transferring money and in IQD is a reality

2) Security and stability as noted by the green zone and the barriers around the CBI

3) they appear to have printed $238+- mil in new currency

​4) EY, PWC and KPMG were in Alaks office last Sunday

5) the 2019 budget is passed by 278 people into late night early morning the other day and now being calculated by the CBI, and most likely signed by the President and off to the Gazette shortly if not already

6) they have a conference for investors scheduled in February and they will need the rate prior to that or it will FAIL!!!!!

It will be a massive boon for them or a huge screw up as I see it. That is imo not going to happen, as they have come way to far as the laundry list is clearly showing me that they are working to get this done ASAP.

There are contracts that need to be sorted within the next few days and that too adds gas to the fire!!

Let’s not forget the Kurds just got what the wanted and then some and Mahdi is talking to the Radio and Media today.. – Imo – so let’s see how things play out.. -MM


StephenMac63:  Two days ago a miracle happened in Iraq, the Budget was Passed.

While most in this investment are saying anything related to “finally”, “about time”, “any slower they would be going backward” but some have even a bigger question….”How?”. How did the budget pass with unfulfilled minister seats? Well, it’s the GOI that votes on the budget, the ministers are heads of their departments. Still, how does one come up with a percentage allocation for a ministry if it doesn’t have a sitting minister?

First, lets ask ourselves “Why are there some Minister seats still unfulfilled after all this time?” We have learned that “the government is seated” Well, in a way yes, imo they are seated and this is how I think I figured out how and why. Throughout time the Iraqi media has always told us that the seats are empty, or someone got kicked out because it was discovered they were a former member of the Baath Party ( a constitutional no-no) or they had connections to corruption, ect. It seemed that there were not enough qualified people in Iraq to fill the missing seats.

We have been told, “The ministers are being protected”. Protected from what? IMO, Iranian influence. Can you imagine the ramifications if an Iranian-backed candidate got control of Minister of Defence? Minister of Trade? Minister of Finance” If that happened we may as well put the IQD back into the bathroom. If those seats were filled by Iranian influence think about the changes in the Middle Eastern Region. Iran would finally get the Regional Domination, both psychologically through religion and physically through geographical boundary control, including total control of the Strait of Hormuz of which would cripple the Middle Eastern Oil Production.

This shouldn’t be too hard to imagine as all you have to do is think of………….Maliki…………………ahhhhhhh Maliki, he is the Voice of Iran in Iraq.

And it was Maliki, that on the very same day the budget was passed, is trying to drum up support to have a vote of “no confidence” in Mahdi….and why is he doing that? Because his Iranian voice has been muzzled because even he does not know who the missing ministers are.

Maliki does not have the ability to intimidate, threaten, bribe the missing ministers, well, because they are “missing”….or are they? Right now the world understands that Madhi has proxy power over the seats and that is all the world needs to know….in the eyes of whoever created this brilliant plan.

Let’s take a look at the missing ministers. We know they are being protected from Iranian Influence so this leads me to think they are not Shia related, born in Iraq, highly educated out of the country with actual degrees that were not purchased from a degree mill, maybe the top of the class or very close….in other words….technocrats.

I also think these technocrats, due to security, do not currently live in Iraq…just yet..as there is one more situation to resolve. These technocrats are only known to the author of this brilliant plan and possibly do not know each other.

There was an article that came out and said something to “Government will be fulfilled later”. To me, that was a date, no, not for the RI/RV. To most, it was a date of when the “Missing Ministers” will finally be unveiled.

To me it was a timeframe because in order for them to be “unveiled” they have to be not “influenceable” and can do the jobs they are groomed for, they need to have the perfect environment to do so, with no distractions.

In order for that situation to present itself, The Voice of Iraq aka Maliki needs to be eliminated because as long as he is around he will be a thorn. That was Maliki’s Final Curtain Call.

This timeframe of the Ministers arriving leads me to think that we will start to see articles of Maliki finally being dealt with. There is one main “front” that is being dealt with, Iran. We need to deal with Iran and Maliki.

You will never be able to eliminate total Iranian Influence as there have been many inter-country marriages but at least the possibility of corruption can be curtailed on the government level to a minimum.

And this is what we discuss in Premium Chat……..IMO, Of Course

Don961: I have seen articles stating that while Maliki was in power , many migrated from Iran and settled in Iraq .. mostly in the south … displacing Sunni populations that had lived there for many years …,, saw up to 2 million .. then M started persecuting Sunnis and Kurds … yes , including holding funds back from them .. was there an agenda ? .. a plan ? .. was he complicit ? … sure seems like it  …. other articles where he went to Iran and received praise and blessings from the regime for all his help promoting the cause .. we shall see what unfolds


JJimmyJJ:  Quote MilitiaMan:  4) EY, PWC and KPMG were in Alaks office last Sunday, 5) the 2019 budget is passed by 278 people into late night early morning the other day and now being calculated by the CBI…Imo – so let’s see how things play out.. -MM

If ya’ll don’t mind,  let’s look at 4&5 from MM for a second.

In regards to 4, any publicly-traded company only needs to be audited by one CPA firm. No one gets ALL of the big three to audit them at the same time — it would be crazy. Duplication of effort,  cost,  and complexity would make it prohibitive.

So,  why did the CBI do it? In my opinion,  it was to make a hugely impactful statement to the entire financial world that Iraq is truly open for business. They are not just saying that the CBI and their new exchange rate was audited by one of the largest CPA firms in the USA, but that their new exchange rate was audited by ALL of the largest CPA firms.

THAT is a statement.

For 5, why did they pass the budget at 1:30 AM?

Again,  IMO, to make a huge statement to the world that they are serious and ready to enter the international world.

And,  what really makes me happy? That they are now showing this stuff to the public,  instead of keeping it quiet and only telling the elites. This as much as anything gives me,  one of the non-elite, hope that they are actually going to make this public. Just my opinion. ..

Tink:  Your reaction matters more than what happens to you……

“Once upon a time a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn’t know how she was going to make it. She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed.

Her father, a chef, took her to the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the second pot, and ground coffee beans in the third pot.

He then let them sit and boil, without saying a word to his daughter. The daughter, moaned and impatiently waited, wondering what he was doing.

After twenty minutes he turned off the burners. He took the potatoes out of the pot and placed them in a bowl. He pulled the boiled eggs out and placed them in a bowl.

He then ladled the coffee out and placed it in a cup. Turning to her he asked. ‘Daughter, what do you see?’

‘Potatoes, eggs, and coffee,’ she hastily replied.

‘Look closer,’ he said, ‘and touch the potatoes.’ She did and noted that they were soft. He then asked her to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard-boiled egg. Finally, he asked her to sip the coffee. Its rich aroma brought a smile to her face.
‘Father, what does this mean?’ she asked.

He then explained that the potatoes, the eggs and coffee beans had each faced the same adversity– the boiling water.

However, each one reacted differently.

The potato went in strong, hard, and unrelenting, but in boiling water, it became soft and weak.

The egg was fragile, with the thin outer shell protecting its liquid interior until it was put in the boiling water. Then the inside of the egg became hard.

However, the ground coffee beans were unique. After they were exposed to the boiling water, they changed the water and created something new.

‘Which are you,’ he asked his daughter. ‘When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a potato, an egg, or a coffee bean?’