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DELTA: ISACA Opens Branch In Baghdad

Last updated 2018-08-11

ISAKA, the US-based international banking organization, opened its own branch in Baghdad.

“The purpose of this branch is to provide services that many governmental and non-governmental banking institutions lack in terms of work opportunities and electronic security,” said Ali Al-Alaq, governor of the Central Bank of Iraq. Some of the financial and moral pressures suffered by those institutions. ”

He pointed out that “the new branch will help in building bridges that help the government and private banking sectors within the project of electronic governance to shorten the time and develop its services by adopting electronic systems in building, which leads to the provision of services characterized by speed, accuracy and safety and the elimination of corruption.

“The new ISACA branch in Baghdad, which carries the number 254 worldwide, will draw up a strategy at short, medium and long levels for Iraqi banking institutions.


Boxman: Thanks Delta…more international banks( 254 worldwide…good stuff..would seem odd to go to all this trouble for a program rate…but what do i know,,


SunKissed:  AMEN & AMEN Frank!!! Note the word “opened.” past tense. and… the number 254 worldwide HELLLLLO!!


Samson:  The Iraqi government: Abadi’s attitude towards the sanctions of Iran corresponds to the interest of the people

12th August, 2018

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi’s office confirmed that Iraq’s stance on the US sanctions imposed on Iran stems from the general interest of Iraq.  “Iraq’s stance towards these sanctions was not improbable or hasty, but it was subject to a study and calculations of interest to Iraq and the Iraqis, and it was not affected by the positions of other countries or political parties,” said Saad al-Hadithi, spokesman for the Russian RT television station.

He added that “the Iraqi government can not take any position that can not be consistent with the interests of the Iraqi people, and therefore the commitment to US sanctions on Iran came from this interest.”  Abadi said last Tuesday that “Iraq does not sympathize with the US sanctions imposed on Iran, but will abide by it to protect its interests.” Abadi’s stance on US sanctions against Iran has been widely criticized by Iraqi political parties close to Iran as “unique” to the decisions.

On Tuesday, US sanctions against Iran began, despite appeals by Washington’s allies, Trump wrote on Twitter: “These are the worst sanctions ever, and will reach a higher level in November.” Anyone who deals with Iran will not be able to deal with the United States “I ask for world peace, no less!”  The US president has vowed to ban companies dealing with Iran from trading with the United States.  LINK


Get1Later:  Experts: Iran Drains Iraq Dollars In A Malicious Way

Aug 12, 2018

Iraqi experts have warned of suspicious operations currently being carried out by Iran to get dollars from Iraq led to the decline of the dinar, after the Iranian currency has become worthless after the application of Iraqi banks the US sanctions decision.

The dinar witnessed a decline in the exchange rate against the US dollar, where the exchange rate was 121 dinars per dollar.

Iraqi economists attributed the decline to the purchase of Iranian traders through agents in Iraq hard currency from Iraqi markets to counter US sanctions to ban dealing with Tehran in dollars.

At the same time, he called on Iraqi government experts to take quick steps to prevent the decline of the Iraqi currency, and to confront methods that they described maliciously to harm the Iraqi economy.

The dollar withdrawal by Iranian traders began on Friday after the Central Bank of Iraq issued a formal directive to banks and banks to adopt a commitment to stop dealing with Iran in US dollars, said experts who asked not to be identified.

“Fake dumping”

The economic expert Majid al-Suri in a press statement that Iran “is no longer only Iraq as an economic lung to breathe through and get from the markets on the US dollar after sanctions.”

Al-Soury warned that Tehran would resort to various methods that would be harmful to Iraq to raise the dollar as a result of the Iraqi government’s position against sanctions against it.

In the forefront of these methods dumping the Iraqi market counterfeit local currency to buy the dollar after the Iranian riyal is worthless in transactions inside and outside Iraq.

The other method is to double the drug trade and to inject large quantities of narcotic toxins into the Iraqi market to get the dollar through them, according to the picture.

Iran faces a stifling crisis after a first package of US sanctions comes into force, including a ban on Iran’s purchases of the US dollar, trade in metals and coal, software for the industry and the automotive sector.

Iranian officials have expressed anger over the decision of the Iraqi Central Bank to comply with US sanctions, while Iranian demands to obtain compensation from Iraq over the damage caused by the Iran-Iraq war in the eighties of the last century of environmental damage.


Samson:  Daily contract and wage officials in water resources start an open-ended sit-in tomorrow

12th August, 2018

The Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Water Resources announced on Sunday that it will start sit-ins open to the Ministry of Finance on Monday to pay our late wages and install permanent owners.

“More than 400 employees from all over Iraq will set up tents and pavilions in front of the Ministry of Finance to demand that we confirm the owners of the Ministry of Water Resources from the degrees of deletion and development,” the head of the association Ahmed Attia Abbas said in a statement.

Abbas added that “the protesters will not leave their potential until the implementation of resolution 52 to spend our salaries delayed four years ago in addition to prove the owners of the ministry.” LINK


Get1later:  5 And 10 Million Dinars For The Staff Of Iraq

Aug 12, 2018

Rafidain Bank launched a new meal of the advance of the employees of the State Departments, which ranged between five and ten million dinars through electronic payment tools.

A new batch of State Department employees was paid to 1,444 employees, the bank’s information office said in a statement.

The statement said that the disbursement of this advance was by informing the employee by sending him a text message informing him of the advance payment after completing all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursing it through the electronic payment tools, for which the financial balance was filled


Samson:  A total of 1,277 suspects were arrested in the capital in a week

12th August, 2018

The Baghdad Operations Command announced on Sunday the arrest of 1127 suspects, violators and beggars in the capital within a week.  A source in the leadership told Mawazine News that “the outcome of the activities and events of the Baghdad Police Command for the period from 2018/8/4 to 10/8/2018, 1127 accused and violators and beggars in various areas of the capital.”

The source added that “the detachments of the police command of Baghdad was able to arrest 6 accused according to article (4) terrorism, and five other accused of killing.”  He added that “the detachments carried out 89 arrest warrants, and arrested the holder of an unlicensed weapon, in addition to the arrest of 82 beggars.”

The source pointed out that “the detachments of the command carried out (2786) security practice, in addition to the anti-narcotics detachments arrested 8 defendants with narcotic pills.” He said that “the Baghdad police detachments were able to arrest (583) accused according to different legal materials, while the detachments of the K9 349 security practice by sniffer dogs,” adding that “two suspects were arrested with fraud with 362 violators with a wheel.”

The capital Baghdad is witnessing a relative security stability. The rate of bombings and armed attacks has decreased in recent months, while the security forces periodically carry out search and raid campaigns that result in the finding of war remnants and the arrest of wanted persons.  LINK