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MilitiaMan: This link below was derestricted on 05/14/2019.. That means restrictions were lifted. The part where it says they are members and their status is complete is interesting!

Thereby, imo when they lift the exchange rate to trade they, us as in you and I, the ITB, etc.., will be able to exchange in an international level. Until that happens we wait. Fairly simple concept really.

They will not ever trade internationally at a program rate, nor will they open an operational international Bank in a foreign country using Iraq Dinar with out a significant rate change to reflect international standards and valuation.

Another thing to think about is that Alak is the Vice President now of the AMF and will get the seat as President in the next Session.

Are we to think he got all his awards, has his name on the new money and gets the nod for highest position at the AMF, second possibly to the IMF with out lifting the value of the IQD?

No, He is not going to bring a program rate to drag the other countries down. He will bring value and expertise to the regional trading partners. Lets not forget the amount the AMF exchanges at.. It is not a program rate I assure you all imo!

WS has given us the formula to show just how strong that may be. I suggest everyone that hasn’t looked up loans for the AMF / Tunisia (for instance) to take a peak.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised the implications of them!! Don’t forget the study we had las year on Alak’s interview on his good and bad loan(s) value.. That was even more surprising.. His words not mine!! imo

So I agree with Frank and Delta and many others, they are telling us darn near every step they have made. Just not point as point blank and cut and dry as many may want.. But they are.. No delay, just finishing up final touches. imo.. ~ MM


DELTA:  THANK YOU MM….. VERY HUGE WOW …derestricted upon
certification of such changes in the schedules…



Samson:  Trade announces the launch of the International Shopping Festival with local and international participation

17th May, 2019

The Ministry of Commerce announced on Friday the launch of the International Family Shopping Festival on Saturday at the Baghdad International Fair with local and international participation, indicating that the exhibition will last 18 days

In a statement received by Alsumaria News, the ministry said in a statement that the International Family Shopping Festival will start on Saturday at the Baghdad exhibition with the participation of countries such as Syria, Egypt, India, UAE and Senegal and 40 local and international companies

She added that “the company will open on Saturday at 8 pm the activities of the International Shopping Festival, which will be held for the first time during the holy month of Ramadan and with the participation of local, Arab and international and evaluated in coordination with the Arab Almorog

“The exhibition is held for 18 days and serves two morning and evening meals and includes food and household products and various equipment taken to consider the need of the Iraqi family during the Holy Month and Eid al-Fitr

He pointed out that “various events will be held during the festival as well as competitions and surprises throughout the days of shopping while the green fairgrounds and musical fountains will be waiting for Baghdad families to spend the best Ramadan in the light of security and stability in the capital Baghdad

The ministry called on citizens and families to “visit the exhibition and learn about the different products that will meet their needs as well as the competitive prices at which these materials are sold   LINK

Samson:  Rafidain launches a new meal from the predecessor of the staff through the Master Card

18th May, 2019

Rafidain Bank launched a new meal from the advance of employees of the State Departments, which ranged between 3 and 5 and 10 million dinars through the MasterCard card International.

The bank’s information office said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it that a new payment was paid from the predecessor of the employees of the State Department to more than 2,900 employees whose salaries were settled at the bank and got the electronic card.” 

The statement said that “the disbursement of this advance was through the customer’s fingerprint and then notify the employee by sending a text message informing him of the advance payment, after he completed all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursement through electronic payment tools, which was filled the financial balance to it.”   LINK


Samson:  After 8-year suspension .. Iraq is resuming its flights today to Syria

2019/5/18 12:47

Iraqi Airways announced on Saturday that it would resume its direct flights from Baghdad to Damascus International Airport after an interruption of more than eight years.

A spokesman for the company, Laith al-Rubaie, said in a press statement, “The first flights of Iraqi Airways will be launched from Baghdad to Damascus on Saturday and the rate of one trip a week.”  He added that “this air line is important, given the number of Iraqi community in Syria, in addition to increasing the volume of trade and economic exchange between the two countries, and activate the side of religious and tourist visits.”

Earlier, the Syrian Transport Ministry issued a statement welcoming the decision of the Iraqi Airways to resume flights to Damascus International Airport.

The last direct flight from Baghdad International Airport to Damascus was in December 2011, after which commercial flights from Iraq to Syria were stopped because of the war.    LINK

Samson:  The International Monetary Fund is preparing to hand over Egypt $2 billion

17th May, 2019

The IMF mission reached an expert-level agreement with Egypt on the completion of the recent review of the economic reform program that began in November 2016.

A team of IMF experts led by Supair Lal visited Egypt from 5 to 16 May 2019 for the fifth and final review of Egypt’s economic reform program, supported by a three-year agreement under the “Extended Fund Facility”, a fund statement said Friday.

This agreement is subject to the approval of the IFAD Executive Board. Upon completion of this review, Egypt will receive SDR 1432.76 million (US $ 2 billion), bringing the total amount disbursed under the program to US $ 12 billion.

Supril Lal, head of the fund’s mission, said in the final statement of the review that prudent monetary and fiscal policies and a flexible exchange rate are the basis for achieving macroeconomic stability and strengthening Egypt’s resilience in the face of external shocks, while social protection measures have helped ease the burden of economic reform on citizens.   LINK


Samson:  US expectations of the price of a barrel of oil $ 90

18th May, 2019

The decline in the US-China trade war could lead to a drop in the dollar and a rise in global demand, which, along with changes approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), may lead to the price of Brent crude to rise to $ 90 a barrel, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said.

“The new rules approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on fuel fuel bases could result in the largest ever increase in demand for distillates,” the bank said. “The final outcome is likely to be a huge increase in demand for fuel from the global power generation sector.”

The new rules, which will come into force next year, will require ships using fuels with sulfur content of less than 0.5 percent, compared with 3.5 percent currently.

However, the bank said in a May 16 memo that prices could drop to $ 50 a barrel if the US-China trade war hurt consumer confidence, which could eventually lead to economic slowdown.

Oil rose to $ 73 a barrel on Friday, boosted by a series of supply cuts and fears of further disruption of oil shipments in the Middle East amid rising tensions. The price tends to end the week on gains.  LINK

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