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Samson:  The Border Crossing Authority receives a tempting offer from the European Union mission

09/02/2020 16:04:41

The Board of Border Ports received a tempting offer from the European Union Advisory Mission in Iraq.

In a statement, the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it today, the commission stated that “the European Union delegation expressed its true desire to provide assistance to develop the performance of workers at border crossings by providing strategic advice at the highest levels, training and support in cooperation with partners from international organizations and bodies.”

She indicated that “Major General Omar Adnan Al-Waeli, head of the Border Ports Authority, received in his office the European Union advisory mission in Iraq to discuss prospects for joint cooperation between the two sides, and the meeting was attended by the Director General of the Administrative and Financial Department at the Border Crossing Authority.”

Al-Waeli explained during the meeting the importance of communication and joint cooperation between the commission and the European Union advisory mission in several areas, the most important of which is assistance in developing human resources working at border crossings by placing them in specialized and advanced training courses that keep pace with scientific development to develop their technical and administrative skills and employ them to serve the strategy of work at border ports. Considering that preserving border security is an utmost necessity, and we strive to create a state of complementarity in performance with joint cooperation between the two sides, and considers other partners such as customs and border guards as complementary links to border work.

The head of the commission added that the European Union mission is of great importance and can provide assistance in logistical support and advice provided that we establish effective communication channels to achieve periodic meetings between the two sides through which we define the needs of the body and submit in the form of a working paper to the higher authorities to obtain the legal and official cover for this cooperation, indicating that The Border Ports Authority is an active member and represents Iraq in all integrated border management activities.  LINK

MilitiaMan:  I dont doubt the EU made Iraq a tempting offer. They know or may have a seriously good idea on how much money is going to floor through the borders.. Especially when it is not stolen.. Block chain is going to be used for more than just the global QFS system.. As we can see the CBI is looking to do new tenders of procurement, routing, transport lines. All in the Mosul area. The place that will need the most re construction efforts.. imo ~ MM


Samson:  European Union: They are busy implementing 69 programs in Iraq

10:21 – 02/09/2020

The European Union’s ambassador to Iraq, Martin Hoth, announced, on Wednesday, that the Union is busy with “severely” cooperation with Iraq in implementing 69 programs for a total amount of 617 million euros.

“These programs move according to our common main interests to maintain stability and rebuild the social contract between the citizen and institutions, in order to achieve these strategic goals,” Hawth said in an interview followed by the information.

He added, “European development cooperation with Iraq focuses on ensuring sustainable improvements in democratic governance and institution building, recovering from “ISIS“, valuing human capital, developing the economy and creating job opportunities.

“Another important aspect of the European Union’s participation is the sending of a large EUAM civilian advisory mission to Iraq to help reform the security sector,” Hoth said.   LINK

Frank26  …this change that they’re about to do. This formula.  This coding…is all brand new…I strongly believe currencies are being changed with their asset ability in order to be part of what Donald Trump is doing with currencies around the world and with Iraq...Do You think the Iraqi dinar is being groomed-prepared specially for this program [GFS]Looks to me, Donald Trump a brilliant business man has once again done it.  He found a solution on how for countries to stop stealing not only our money but Iraq’s money…this goes all the way down to the common thief, to drug dealers, to terrorists.  This is going to cover everything.  This is like a pill that solves cancer.  This system [QFS} will solve the problem with the monetary system of the Iraqi dinar…

Delta  …every country in order for them to be able to [be part of QFS] …first of all they have to join the system.  Second you can not manipulate your currency.  You have to have a fair currency – a fair exchange rate – in order for you to join the QFS…looks like Iraq is included there…this is a smart and brilliant way President Trump and the US treasury for them to come up with this system because that’s the only way you can force all the countries to basically come up with a true rate.  And Iraq is included…excellent news…you can not do it with the auctions anymore or at a program rate.