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Samson: Reuters: 10 protesters killed in Baghdad and Basra

2019/11/8 8:51

Security forces shot dead at least six protesters in central Baghdad on Thursday and killed four others during a sit-in in the southern city of Basra, police and medical sources said. Dozens of people have been injured in other parts of the country, and there has been no sign of a decline in weeks of bloody unrest.

Security forces used live ammunition against demonstrators near the Martyrs Bridge in central Baghdad. Live ammunition was also used against demonstrators in Basra, Iraq’s main source of oil wealth. In southern Iraq, dozens of anti-government protesters burned tires and blocked the entrance to the port, preventing trucks from transporting food and vital imports hours after operations resumed, port officials said.

The Iraqi government has failed to find a way out of its biggest challenge in years. The unrest broke the relative calm that followed the defeat of ISIS in 2017. A crackdown by mostly unarmed protesters has claimed the lives of more than 260 people since unrest erupted on October 1 over job shortages, poor services and infrastructure due to decades of conflict, sanctions and corruption. Protesters, mostly unemployed youths, blame the political elite that has ruled Iraq since the toppling of Saddam Hussein in a US-led invasion in 2003 and demand a full overhaul of the political system. Iraq began to feel the financial impact of weeks of unrest, which sparked in Baghdad before spreading quickly to the southern cities.

The port of Umm Qasr briefly resumed operations early on Thursday after most of the demonstrators evacuated the area. But dozens of activists and relatives of a protester killed in weeks of violence have returned to close the main gate, port officials said. The port receives most of Iraq’s grain, vegetable oil and sugar imports.

Oil and security officials said operations resumed on Thursday at the nearby Nasiriyah refinery, where protesters stopped fuel tankers from entering or leaving on Wednesday. Oil ministry officials say the unrest has had little impact on oil production and exports. But the stoppage of trucks carrying fuel from the Nasiriyah refinery to gas stations across the region has caused fuel shortages in the southern province of Dhi Qar. Oil officials said the refinery had recently been operating at about half its capacity.

In the meantime, the Internet service briefly returned in most parts of Iraq on Thursday before it was cut again after 1 pm local time (1000 GMT). Authorities severely restrict access to the Internet during the protests.

 The government says it is making reforms without offering anything that would satisfy most protesters. Many Iraqis say paying salaries to the poor, providing more job opportunities for graduates and pledges to punish a handful of corrupt officials came too late for those demanding reform of government institutions, a flawed electoral process and a system of governance that fuels rampant corruption.LINK


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Iggy:  this is where the “protesters” should be instead of the CBI…imo

12Pack:  Holy Corruption?!


Frank26:  DELTA…………  remember when I asked the holy man ………. WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING ??? !!! Some people are just so greedy.


Samson:  Al-Murshidi: The parliament session tomorrow will be preceded by meetings of the blocs on the demonstrations

09:02 – 08/11/2019
Between the MP of the opposition movement wisdom Asaad al-Murshidi, on Friday, that the parliament session scheduled for tomorrow will be preceded by meetings of political blocs on demonstrations and political attitudes towards the government, pointing out that the likelihood of the presence of Abdul-Mahdi to parliament is very low.

Al-Murshidi said in a statement to Al-Maalouma that “Saturday’s session was devoted to voting on the pension law and discussing the constitution amendment committee. I don’t think Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi will be present at the meeting.”

He added that “there are political dialogues in the Iraqi arena in order to launch a comprehensive national dialogue to find out the repercussions that led to the outbreak of demonstrations, and to discuss the government on the cabinet, provided that there is a frankness of the people and a package of real reforms to restore the confidence of the people to the government and the political class.”

He said that “the parliament session tomorrow will be preceded by discussions and dialogues between the political blocs on the current situation and how to restore the confidence of the people in the government, where there are continuous meetings between the political leaders to get out of the current crisis.”

He explained that “the meetings of the political blocs during which will be put all the negatives that led to the occurrence of demonstrations, and the reasons for the failures that occurred as a result of quotas, which caused the failure of the government program, which did not exceed 20%.”  LINK


Samson:  Economist: The government condemned itself by declaring the size of the losses due to the closure of the port of Umm Qasr

10:30 – 08/11/2019

Economic expert Osama al-Tamimi said on Friday that the government condemned itself and put many questions about its statements about Iraq’s losses due to the closure of the port of Umm Qasr and other institutions during the demonstrations.

Tamimi said in a statement to the information, that “the border outlets are controlled by political parties, where their revenues are divided according to specific ratios between those parties.”

He added that “the government’s announcement of the size of the losses due to the closure of the port of Umm Qasr and other institutions since the start of the demonstration, confirms that the amount of funds in Iraq much larger than the government announced in the budget, and therefore the size of corruption is very large and fictitious amounts are not mentioned.”

He explained that “the government condemned itself when it announced the magnitude of the losses, and showed the truth of the amounts in Iraq, while the budget represents a fraction of these amounts, which go mostly to the corrupt, what requires the prime minister to be honest with the people and declare the corrupt names that capture the amounts of Iraq.”   LINK

Samson:  Banque du Liban launches new banknotes for circulation
7th November, 2019

The Central Bank of Lebanon said that it has put in circulation as of November 6, new banknotes of the category of 20,000 LL, with a new issuance date of 1/1/2019, in addition to the banknotes currently circulating in the same category.

  This comes at a time when the protests continue, as baptizing demonstrators since the start of protests to sit in front of the central building of the Bank of Lebanon in Hamra to Beirut, and in front of all its branches in various governorates of Lebanon.  LIN

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Raindancer777:  Wow, this is a bit hard to explain. Particular the timing. I saw the article showing world debt at 188 trillion and climbing. Many banks very shaky and now this. While I sure can not explain it all I can not ignore what I see either. I do not keep up or really study what people are calling the Global Currency Reset but this kind of stuff all combined makes me wonder if something like that might actually be on the horizon?