KTFA (Frank26, Delta & Samson)

Ryan1216: If the CBI doesn’t RI/RV during this corona virus pandemic I’m going to cry for missing a perfect opportunity to raise the value of the Iraqi Dinar. It’s now or never. This is the last hope I give the CBI.


Frank26: T MINUS 14 DAYS …………………..Hmmmmmmmmm

Coco:   Sunday, April 5, 2020 – Palm Sunday     I sure hope so.

Samson:  Merkel in quarantine after contact with a doctor infected with corona virus

22nd March, 2020
Media outlets confirmed today, Sunday, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quarantined after mixing with a doctor who was infected with Corona virus, and German media reported that “Angela Merkel and heads of government of German states agreed in a consultative meeting to ban gatherings for more than two people And within the framework of tightening measures to combat the spread of the new Corona virus.”

A group of 12 states (out of 16 German states) had agreed prior to the start of the consultations, in principle to a comprehensive ban on contact.  LINK

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