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Frank26  …what Donald Trump did in the Middle East is for your investment.  A lot of people said, ‘Wow, that Frank is really stretching it.  That’s stupid.  Really?  The Middle East Peace Accord?  That’s for the Iraqi dinar?’  Yeah.  Remember when [community member Bluestar] asked Shabbibi in Washington D.C ‘When are you going to do it?  When are you going to lift the value of the currency?’  And what did Shabbibi say?  When we have security and stability.  Well guess what we have – security and stability because of the Peace Accords.  All the middle eastern countries are going ballistic right now.  All the middle eastern countries are happy with the Untied States of America.  They are all onboard with the basket.  They are onboard with the accords…

Delta  …we are all waiting for the CBI.  It looks like the new governor he’s really doing an excellent job.  It looks like he’s in a hurry to accomplish the stuff that we are all waiting for…they had an emergency meeting on Saturday…with the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq…there is more confirmation they’re going forward.  They adopted the banking reform.  IOO they are going to bring us to the rate…he’s moving forward with the reforms.

Samson: Iraq is the fourth largest oil reserve in OPEC

22nd September, 2020

Venezuela ranked first in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) as its largest reserves of crude oil out of 13 members, and Iraq ranked fourth

Venezuela, which is one of the founding members of OPEC, has proven oil reserves of 303.81 billion barrels, while Saudi Arabia, the founding member, also comes second with proven reserves of 258.60 billion barrels, and then Iran, the founding member, comes third with proven reserves of 208.60 billion barrels

Iraq comes in fourth place and it is one of the main founding members of the organization, which was founded in Baghdad in 1960 and has proven reserves of 145.02 billion barrels. Kuwait is fifth, and it is the last founding member of the organization and has proven reserves of 101.50 billion barrels

The UAE ranked sixth with proven reserves of 97.80 billion barrels, then Libya seventh and proven reserves of 48.36 billion barrels, then Nigeria eighth and proven reserves of 36.89 billion barrels. Algeria comes ninth with proven reserves of 12.20 billion barrels

Angola comes tenth with reserves of 7.78 billion barrels, Congo ranked 11 with proven reserves of 2.88 billion barrels, then Gabon is ranked 12 with proven reserves of 2 billion barrels, and finally Guyana comes in 13th place with proven reserves of 1.10 billion barrels  LINK