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DocMagee94:  https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2020/04/20/oil-price-crash/  

MarkPam:  One cannot look at the oil decline as an Iraqi play exclusively.

This is a world-wide impact to many markets “especially” those with oil as a major part of their GDP. Think oil, gold, and other commodities impact and how they will play a part in the currency markets themselves. Think of the impact on the…………petro-dollar??? Boom!

CBI still engaged and Rain you are correct, the calculations have been done and should see soon.

This is global…like the IQD….like COVID….will impact everybody.

Game On…but not for long!! Remember, if the IDQ comes out with a low number and “coincidently” the price of oil is low too??? Timing!!

Can you beat the clock??? LOL Exciting times we are seeing for sure.

Tick Tock!! All IMO

Don961:  An analytical vision … the collapse of oil markets in the North American continent

Monday 20 April 2020 Dr. Appearance of Mohamed Saleh

In recent years, the US market has played a dual role as an oligopoly sellers and monosopeny buyers market at the same time, especially during the past ten years gradually, as the United States consumes about 19 million barrels of oil per day and represents 19% of the world’s production alone and is the largest oil consumer in the world .

It is one of the largest producers of oil in the world, with a production capacity of about 13 million barrels, whether from shale or conventional oil. After the US oil production of 13 million barrels per day, as we mentioned, contributed to the shift to a net buyers market in parallel with the rebel sellers market, which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in flooding the market with approximately 12 million barrels per day, the entire oil world entered into a fatal price war and then turned the oil market to Depression until breaking point.

It is two chances of victory, the first is that the low demand for world oil, which is 30% less than the current supply, and the second is an additional surplus of 300 million barrels capacity in the futures market, as this market formed the symbolic or forward oil camp that led the night’s collapse through a coup

The oil futures market, as all speculators turned once to the short position, i.e. sell immediately for futures contracts with the hope of cheaper purchase of the contracts themselves, but at a low point below the lowest break-even point in the world that did not lead to the collapse of the entire oil market, so the final buyer of the surplus is Su United States, which captured the future oil contracts collapsed and Ttviha and turn them into an immediate market.

In conclusion, it is the opportunity of the last winner who reaped the losses of the entire world, for the winner is the speculators who have stocks of crude oil in the United States of America and according to a strategy the oil market will remain a buyers market forever.   LINK


Frank26:  “4-20-20….THE EXCHANGE SECRET”

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