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Samson: Trump threatens to seize 35 billion dollars in Iraqi money if his forces leave

09:51 – 11/01/2020

Threatened US President Donald Trump on Saturday, seizing $ 35 billion of Iraqi funds in the event came out of US troops from Iraq.

“This is what the Iraqis say publicly, “Trump said in an interview with “Fox News”, in response to recent calls from Iraqi officials to start planning to withdraw US forces from Iraq. But they do not say that in private sessions.”

He added, “We established in Iraq one of the most expensive airport facilities in the world. If we leave, they (the Iraqis) will have to pay money for that. ”He pointed out that countries like Saudi Arabia and South Korea pay millions of dollars for the deployment of American soldiers there.

He explained that he told the kingdom that they had to pay money to deploy more soldiers, and they had already put a billion dollars in a bank account.

On the way in which money can be raised from the Iraqis, Trump said: “We have a lot of their money. There is $35 billion in an account, ”without revealing the nature of that money. LINK

Don961:  Conscious / urgent … Allawi announces his resignation from the membership of the House of Representatives

Written by Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious January 10, 2020

Conscious / Baghdad / M.K.

On Friday, the leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, announced his resignation from the membership of the Iraqi parliament.

A statement by Allawi’s office received by ( Iraqi Media News Agency / INA ) stated that “the leader of the National Coalition announced his resignation from the membership of the Iraqi parliament as a result of the parliament’s failure to fulfill its legislative and oversight role and not dealing seriously and positively with the demands of the popular and mass movement.”  LINK


Dan:  I believe this is being dragged out. The promises of increasing purchasing power to the citizens of Iraq can be accomplished.

Preventing Iran from stealing can be accomplished in two ways. Stop currency auctions stops theft of Iraq’s wealth. RI dinar & everything can be traced. What’s the big deal here. CBI can do this independent of GOI Iranian thugs.

Flush out the corruption every time they do something wrong with newly reinstated currency. Easy to track movement of new currency internally maybe harder externally.

There will always be corruption in all countries. Beginning of the year is now


Don961:  Conscious / urgent … The withdrawal of a number of representatives of the Construction Alliance and the Victory Coalition

Written by Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious January 10, 2020

Conscious / Baghdad / M.K.

On Friday, the Presidency of the House of Representatives revealed the withdrawal of some representatives from the blocs in the Building Alliance and the Al-Nasr Coalition.

A representative source said to the correspondent of the ( Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious ) that some MPs withdrew from the blocks affiliated with the Construction Alliance and the Al-Nusr Coalition, where they submitted formal requests to do so, including Amer al-Fayez, Muzahim al-Tamimi, Iqbal Abdel-Hussein, Falih al-Ziyadi, Malhan al-Makutar, and Abdel Aoun al-Abadi .    LINK


Don961:  Reducing the fiscal deficit in the 2020 budget

Friday 10 January 2020   Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Prime Minister’s advisor for financial affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed that a committee affiliated with the Ministry of Finance is currently working on reconsidering estimating the expenses and revenues of the draft general budget law for the fiscal year 2020.

Saleh said, in a statement to {conscious »: The“ Reconsideration Committee to estimate expenditures and examine the revenues of the Ministry of Finance, working to reach the lowest financial deficit for the budget of 2020, is close to the data of the Financial Management Law, which requires the availability of a cover that can fulfill the financial reinforcements. ”

added that «it is difficult to come up with an engineering that ends the deficit in rentier public finance, but it is necessary to reach financial estimates that provide sustainability, that is, the ability to face any instances of hardship in exchange caused by sudden requirements during the fiscal year».   LINK


Don961:  Conscious / Finance Committee hosts the governor of the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the head of the Financial Supervision Bureau

Written by Iraqi Media News Agency / conscious January 10, 2020

Conscious / Baghdad / M.K.

The Finance Committee, headed by Deputy Dr. Haitham Al-Jubouri, announced on Friday that it hosted the governor of the Central Bank, the head of the Financial Supervision Bureau, the Director General of the Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance and the Assistant Director General of the Iraqi Trade Bank ( TBI) .

A statement mentioned by the committee received by ( Iraqi Media News Agency / INA ) hosted the governor of the Central Bank, the head of the Financial Supervision Bureau, the director general of the budget department in the Ministry of Finance and the assistant general manager of the Iraqi Trade Bank TBI .

He added that the meeting discussed the current events in light of the military escalation taking place in the region and its effects on the financial situation of the country and the monetary policy that must be followed to control the exchange rate of the currency in the Iraqi market.

The financial committee heard the presentation of the guests after they provided a detailed explanation of the mechanisms that must be followed to preserve Iraqi money inside and outside Iraq.

And between the Governor of the Central Bank that Iraq’s debts were scheduled and paid at the specified times, stressing at the same time that the political positions of Iraq affect, of course, its financial position, whether negatively or positively, and that follows the type of position and the consequent reaction.

The Finance Committee stressed that it seeks to permanently stave off danger from Iraqi money and correct its monetary policy path in light of the tension in the region and spare the country to fall into a deadlock that negatively affects its economy and development.    LINK

Samson: Deputy: Parliament will vote on important laws during today’s session

09:20 – 11/01/2020

On Saturday, Al-Fath MP Muhammad Karim confirmed the parliament’s intention to vote on very important laws in today’s session, noting that the Salary Council will urge the country’s sovereignty during the session.

Al-Baldawi said in a statement to “Information” that “the parliament continues to work after the extension of its legislative work until the completion of important laws.”

He added that “the House of Representatives intends to vote on very important laws such as health insurance, financial management and other laws today.”

Karim said that “the political situation in the country and the American aggression postponed the enactment of laws in the coming period, and he is determined to continue his work and will also urge the sovereignty of Iraq and the recent American statements in this regard.”   LINK


Samson:  11 Countries lose the right to vote in the United Nations, including 3 Arab countries

11:01 – 11/01/2020

The number of countries that lost their right to vote at the United Nations as a result of non-payment of their financial dues to the region increased to 11 countries, including Lebanon, Yemen and Somalia.

A message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, to the President of the United Nations General Assembly dated January 7, includes 11 Member States that are in arrears in the payment of their contributions under the provisions of Article 19 of the Charter of the United Nations.

According to the Secretary-General’s message, the countries that lost their right to vote due to non-payment are the Central African Republic, Comoros, The Gambia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Sao Tome and Principe, Somalia, Suriname, Tonga, Venezuela and Yemen.

Discussions are continuing between the United Nations and Lebanon regarding the withdrawal of its right to vote in the General Assembly and other institutions due to the non-payment of financial dues to the region.

The provisions of Article 19 of the Charter of the United Nations stipulate that “a member of the United Nations who is late in paying his financial contributions to the Commission shall not have the right to vote in the General Assembly if the delay in it is equal to or in excess of the value of the contributions due from him in the previous two full years.”   LINK


Frank26: IRAN ……………………… BUSTED.  

MoeApollo:  Actually…it’s even crazier than that!! They were denying it all this time like you had stated but out of the blue, decided to fess up to it. Saying it was “accidental”. It has actually thrown people that have been watching the Iranians for a loop.

They are calling it “unprecedented” for them & they are suspecting an inner power struggle of some sort. Even implying that Soleimani was betrayed by his own.

It’s an odd time we’re living in to think: They attack the US with one casualty (contracter). The US takes out over 20 Hezbollah, Soleimani plus friend.

They retaliate killing no one but in the funeral procession, 52 Iranian citizens die in a stampede and 82 die in an airliner blown up by the IRGC and that’s not even accounting for the Canadians, Brits etc whose leaders & families are fuming.

They’ve shown themselves weak & incompetent. Something they would NEVER admit to.

This is an interesting aside for our study but for the region? It could mean a whole lot more than people think…


Samson:  The Revolutionary Guard declares that he takes full responsibility for the Ukrainian plane crash

11th January, 2020

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced today, Saturday, that they bear full responsibility for the crash of the Ukrainian plane, which crashed near Khomeini Airport in Tehran, last Wednesday.

Iranian media quoted the commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ underground force, Brigadier Amir Ali Haji Zada, as saying that his forces bear full responsibility for the human error that resulted in the downing of the Ukrainian plane Wednesday morning shortly after takeoff from Khomeini Airport. “The Ukrainian plane gave signals to the radars as a cruise missile, which prompted the Iranian anti-aircraft to shoot it down,” he added.

He also mentioned that the air defense systems were at the highest level of preparedness due to the tension with America, so it was enough to press one button to launch the missiles. “We have contacted several times with the responsible authorities to stop air traffic in the countrys airspace that night,” he added.

Haji Zadeh also pointed out that the incident occurred within the conditions of preparedness for an unprecedented war, adding, “We are ready for any orders or account by officials.”  “Upon hearing the news of the Ukrainian plane crashing, I wished that I would rather die instead of hearing this news. I have not seen such an incident. I heard the news of the Ukrainian plane crashing in the west of the country after we launched missile strikes at the American base.”

“More than a week ago, conditions in the region, tensions and the possibility of war were unprecedented, and we did not reach this stage since the beginning of the revolution and the possibility of war was very great. The armed forces of both sides [Iran and America] were on 100 percent alert, especially after declaring The Americans will bomb 52 locations in Iran, so the offensive and defensive air defense systems were on 100% alert.”  LINK