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Happiness:  Hello everyone, maybe I missed it, but, what happened to the HCL ??? I thought Frank said they were bringing it to Bagdad today. Any word on that??

Zeeman:  i was also wonder about the  hcl and 140 i quess they  are using a  fedex camel to deliver the papers. btw how bad does iraq really need the funding since they are coming up with all kind of ideas but the right one IMO

Power4445:  I was wondering the same thing. Seems they are thinking about trying everything else but reinstating. Reducing salaries, talking to the world bank about borrowing, devaluing the dinar, etc. I hope it’s all a smokescreen.  IMO

Zeeman:  Their could be the possibilty they do not want this  since the politicans would lose a ton of money due to all the stealing that goes on as well as it is not in the best interests of iran….all of this is in my own opinion

Samson:  Next week .. A high-ranking Kurdish delegation headed by Talabani visits Baghdad

11th June 2020

The office of the Deputy President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, announced today, Thursday, that a high-level Kurdish delegation will head to the capital, Baghdad, next week

“The delegation will be headed by Talabani and will go to Baghdad next week, in order to resume dialogues with the federal government on the outstanding problems between the two sides,” said spokesman for the office, Samir Hawrami, according to Kurdish media

He added, “The negotiating delegation held several rounds of dialogue with the previous government, and will go to Baghdad to complete the dialogues with the new government,” stressing “there is a good intention to agree on both sides

It is noteworthy that the Kurdish delegation visited the capital Baghdad several times, and the agreement was agreed in principle between the region and the center on several files, including the delivery of the region’s oil, oil imports and salaries of Kurdistan employees   LINK



SUNDAY NIGHT (6/14) …………


PattyCakes77:  This question is for anyone. My husband wants to know what day of the week the Kuwaiti dinar went. Thanks

DinarDiva1:  Patty cakes- Sunday March 24,1991


Samson:  Loaded with different materials … Transport announces the reception of 11 ships within three days 

Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Transport announced the reception of 11 ships loaded with food, construction, electrical and agricultural materials within three days

The ministry stated in a statement, “Within the activity of the Iraqi ports, the docks of Umm Qasr Al Shamali and Al Janoubi ports receive (11) ships as part of the navigation operations and sea owners in coordination with the port administration within three days

The statement added, “The ships are loaded with loads of various types of food, construction, electrical, agricultural, and other materials  LINK

Salcorta:  Seems like the new rate would bring much needed value to Iraq!~

MilitiaMan:  It seems you will be right. They didn’t just send 11 ships from around the world with the knowledge that Taxes and Tariffs are adjusting by 07/01/2020 with out some sort of disclosure, assurances, insurance, exchange rate, etc.. The leaks (news) in the Hull of Iraq are showing there is change coming.. The new foundation is about to be set in stone for the people to see.. The NEW IRAQ is about to be Born.. NSCNs will be that foundation.. imo.. ~ MM

Don961:  Watch a government consultant explain the package of reforms in the new and Kazemii decision, shocked by the higher salaries … Are we past the stage of danger?

2020-06-10  Yassin Iraq: Baghdad

The Adviser to the Prime Minister, Hisham Dawood, said that the Council of Ministers voted on the project of Finance Minister Ali Allawi for economic and financial reform in Iraq, indicating that this project was officially turned into a decision.

Dawood mentioned that Iraq is going through a financial crisis and oil prices are unstable and even at its current price is not sufficient to pay salaries and therefore there is no option but economic and financial reform.

He added, the deduction will include the salaries of high-ranking employees, which is not a large deduction, but the maximum thing is 10 percent.

He continued, We inherited a very flaccid state and among the employees and retirees, who number approximately 6 million people, and these are waiting for a monthly salary from the state and our income is only oil and we do not have national production at the level.

And the decision also included a package of reforms to facilitate the work of the local market, reduce pressure on the local market, encourage investment and attract capitals from abroad.


Al-Kazemi is shocked by the salaries

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, said that the current stage is not a period of austerity, but rather a challenging stage, stressing that there are pensions amounting to 18 million dinars, and this is unreasonable.

Al-Kazefi said in a speech opening the cabinet session yesterday: “A reasonable person looks forward to retirement in the state, and his retirement is 8, 12, and 18 million dinars.” He asked: “What law accepts this?”

And he added: “We must be fair, and we have a sense of people, and feel their pain, we should not forget ourselves.”

Al-Kazemi added: “Today we are not in a period of austerity, but rather a phase of greater challenge than austerity, and we have no choice.”

He continued: “There will be no harm to the families of the martyrs. People did not understand the paper, and interpreted it in their own way. ”, Referring to the reform paper presented, and the government still did not approve it.


Ali Allawi worried about the crisis

The Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, revealed the day before yesterday, Monday, the size of the deficit in the revenues of this year, compared to the sums the state needs to secure salaries, while it revealed several ways, he said that the government will resort to to solve the financial crisis.

Allawi said during a press conference, held in Baghdad, after the end of the special cabinet session, that “the accumulations of wrong policies since 2003 to this day have led to real problems in the economic infrastructure of Iraq,” noting that previous governments did not face the economic side with the required seriousness ”

He added that “we are now working to confront these accumulations and solve them through the cooperation of all to cross this economic crisis and enter a new economic space.”

And that “the economic crisis occurred because of the decline in oil revenues very low, and even after the relative rise, the government will import 3 trillion dinars during one month.”

Allawi pointed out that “the expenses of the state during each month amount to 7 trillion dinars, and that the deficit that occurs during each month is 5 trillion and we are working to find a way to provide it.”

He expected, Minister of Finance, that “oil prices rise in the next stage, but this rise cannot cover the deficit in the budget.”

He pointed out that “Iraq suffers from three basic problems, the most prominent of which is the financial crisis that occurs and how to deal with it without affecting the middle classes of income and the poor.” Processed. ”


MilitiaMan:  This was yesterdays news which collaborates the Clip above. Those ships heading into port are for to bring foreign capital, etc. They’ll have to be taxed accordingly.. The NEW ECONOMIC SPACE will require it.  The SFAs are underway about economics. The DECISIONS made require adjustments by 07/01/2020.. Not on but by.

The ISX has been delayed for that they too await the reforms to be announced, and the decisions made are being rolled out now publicly. imo Will they delay again the ISX? Don’t know. We do know that the SFA meeting is again for tomorrow (a Friday, holy day.), nothing Saturday or Sunday. But the ISX is scheduled for that day.. Then SFA again for Monday… Interesting that they have Monday scheduled? imo A Signing and Photo- op? We shall see..

Note: They do say PROCESSED… As in DONE!!! ~ imo ~ ..~ MM (smile)

Popeye7:  Man, it is looking as though there is an end date to this… This weekend could prove to be very enlightening IMO…

Samson:  A few hours before its launch … a quick reading of an upcoming dialogue between Iraq and America

11th June, 2020

After months of missile attacks and the coldest relations between the two countries, Iraq and the United States on Thursday return to the table of talks with the allies’ tendency to dialogue, but with a limited margin of maneuver

The opportunity appears favorable today with the arrival of former Iraqi intelligence chief Mustafa Al-Kazemi, who is known for his good relations with the Americans and their Arab allies, to head the government, as well as the retreat of the pro-Iranian factions until this moment but the dialogue, which will begin Thursday at 13:00 GMT, via closed-circuit video because of the Covid -19 epidemic, is only the beginning of a long process without any fundamental change in perspective, according to experts and officials

The Kurdistan Region will also participate in this dialogue through Fawzi Hariri, head of the region’s Presidency Office. Senior officials of the two countries will together define the main topics that will then be entrusted to committees for long-term discussions

–  “Right people, at the right time” –

Robert Ford says of the Middle East Institute that he “will not be redefined between US – Iraqi entire overnight relations but, the former US diplomat, who participated himself in adding “strategic dialogue” last year between the two parties in 2008, “the first time there right people in the right place at the right time

In 2008, the United States had set conditions for its departure after the invasion of Iraq. Since then, US forces have returned, but with much less, in the context of the Washington-led coalition against the Islamic State. After more than two and a half years of “victory” over the Islamic State, and in addition to the issues of economy or cultural exchange, thousands of American soldiers in Iraq will be the main topic again

After about 30 missile attacks against American interests, and Washington’s assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani and Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Organization, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, anti-American sentiment increased again

Shiite lawmakers in the Iraqi parliament voted to end the presence of foreign forces in the country, and Washington threatened to strike dozens of sites belonging to the armed factions but Al-Kazimi’s mandate to form a fundamentally unbalanced government. The man took the reins of a country in the midst of an economic crisis and demanded justice for the 550 protesters killed in the crackdown on an unprecedented protest movement

His predecessor, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, did not succeed in obtaining an invitation to visit Washington during more than a year in power, but Al-Kazemi, who assumed his duties for several months, received an invitation to the White House this year, according to two government officials confirmed to AFP

– International Alliance subject to the American decision –

One official asserts that “there was a problem of trust with the old government, now things have changed

In this climate, all issues will be discussed Thursday, and above all, the issue of American soldiers

A senior official questioned the US alliance “will we be able to fly planes, unmanned surveillance? Is what the Iraqis still want our information?”, Especially with the survival of the coalition forces in three Iraqi bases now, compared to 12 previously

According to an Iraqi official told AFP, “We have no details yet about the number of soldiers, but the US proposal mentions + reduce the number of troops + nevertheless, a significant reduction appears to be highly unlikely, as the jihadist threat remains, as you see other coalition countries that are not a party to the US-Iraqi dialogue

One of the diplomats told France Press that “non-Americans in the coalition will remain in Iraq only if the Americans remain.  If Iran’s allies are not invited to dialogue, they are closely watched

Ahmed al-Asadi, a spokesman for the parliamentary faction bloc, asserts that the Americans have been given six months to leave the country

– the economy ” problem number 1″ –

Once again, two missiles fell on Monday and Wednesday evening, one near Baghdad International Airport, where American soldiers are stationed, and another in the Green Zone, where the US embassy is located, in what appeared to be a reminder but the tone today is less aggressive. The Hezbollah Brigades, the most pro-Iranian faction, has announced that it will not issue a position until after Thursday’s meeting

This retreat (of the factions ) gives Al-Kazimi and the Americans more room to maneuver,” Ford says but the economy remains the number one issue for Iraq, which has been struck by a collapse in oil prices and may soon be able to pay the salaries of eight million government and retired employees

In the long term, “strategic dialogue” can secure US contracts in the area of construction and energy and push for aid from the Gulf or the World Bank but Ford asserts that “Washington cannot give money, but it can only offer not to apply its sanctions” that may deprive Iraq of its Iranian energy supplier, and that ” does not solve the first problem of Al-Kazemi  LINK