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Samson: Parliamentary Committee: Ports will start a new financial phase starting in July

05/28/2020 19:20:26

A member of the Parliamentary Strategic Planning Committee, Kazem Finjan Al-Hamami, revealed that the Iraqi ports will start a new financial stage starting from the first of next July.

Al-Hamami said in a statement that the {Euphrates News Agency} received a copy of it. Al-Hamami added that “the Director General of Ports expressed his response to this appeal and expressed his oral approval through a telephone conversation with {Attorney Al-Hamami} this afternoon.”

Al-Hamami pointed out that, “Maritime companies will have sufficient time to arrange their positions and organize their financial accounts that are supposed to be in harmony with the requirements of the new stage.”

He concluded his statement by saying: The ports will witness a tangible development renaissance under the direct direction of the Minister of Transport and will have an active role in the development, modernization and is powerful imo.. The companies are told that they will have sufficient time to adjust to their financial accounts to be in harmony with the requirements of the new stage.


MilitiaMan:  In other words we have your back, get your contracts (Financial new stage) in line as we are about to adjust pricing that is going to jump start the national economy with the new stage of rebuilding the country and the ports will be developed and modernized to handle the massive effort that will becoming in and out..

It is fairly obvious to me that this one is specifically telling us what to expect. They are on notice and give a time to the adjustment!! Contracts vary but, many clear after 30 days, so a contract June 1st might clear June 30 or July 1st real close.. The terms would be set at the on set not at the clearing.. If accurate the implications of this are powerful!

Samson:  The disclosure of a crucial agreement between Erbil and Baghdad, pending the signature of Al-Kazemi in the coming days

11:07 – 05/30/2020

Kurdistan Democratic Party member Mahdi Abdel Karim revealed, on Saturday, the intention of the Kurdish forces to send a high-level delegation to Baghdad to discuss outstanding issues, noting that the final and comprehensive agreement between Baghdad and Erbil is complete and is ready for signature by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

“The final and comprehensive agreement between Erbil and Baghdad is ready since December, but the launching of the demonstrations and the previous government submitting its resignation prevented the signing of the agreement,” Abdul Karim said in a statement to the “information”.

He added that “negotiations are currently taking place to re-sign the comprehensive agreement to resolve the budget crisis, borders, customs, federal revenues, peshmerga, agriculture and other files.” Likely “the signing of the agreement by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in the coming days.”

And Abdul Karim said, “A large Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad in the coming days to put the final touches on the agreement as well as agree on completing the ministerial cabinet.”    LINK

MilitiaMan:  Looks like crunch time is upon us. This article suggest coming days, yesterday it was within hours and another one suggests 2 days.

Regardless, speed is a necessity at this stage and the fact they are speaking to the ports about the new stage of financial adjustments in an article today are to be at hand now, not after the fact sometime in July.

They have the most important items all in one paragraph.. Budget, border crossings, customs, federal revenues, peshmerga, agriculture, etc.. They even told us they have had an agreement since last December. So with the new PM and the new stage approaching, I’ll bet this time they hammer it home!! I like it! ~ MM


Samson:  Excluding the central bank, Rafidain and Rashid banks, and spending units from the curfew

30th May, 2020

The Ministry of Finance announced today, Saturday evening, that the Central Bank of Iraq and the Rafidain and Rashid banks and spending units are excluded from the comprehensive roaming ban that will start tomorrow, Sunday and will continue until the sixth of next June

The Ministry said in a brief statement, “Gilgamesh Press” received a copy of it, that “Finance Minister Ali Abdel Amir Allawi, exempted the Central Bank and Rafidain and Rashid banks and spending units from the curfew

This is in order to continue to pay the salaries of employees and retirees   LINK

MilitiaMan:  It sure  is nice to see this at this stage.. Banks are okay to do business.. Delta, perfect timing right? Lol

Samson:  The Cabinet decides to reduce the salaries of the higher grades and opens the files of Rafha and residents abroad

30th May 2020

Today, Saturday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi directed reforms to achieve social justice, including lowering the salaries of higher grades in state institutions and tackling double salaries, in addition to a group of residents outside Iraq who are receiving other salaries

Al-Kazemi’s media office said in a statement, “Gilgamesh Press” received a copy of it, that the latter “chaired today, Saturday, the periodic meeting of the Financial Reform Committee, and the meeting discussed the repercussions of the financial crisis that the country is going through

Al-Kazemi directed, according to the statement, “to take a number of measures to address it, the most prominent of which is the reduction of salaries of higher grades in state institutions

The meeting discussed the repercussions of the financial crisis the country is going through, and directed the Prime Minister to take a number of measures to address it, the most prominent of which is the reduction of the salaries of the higher grades in state institutions

The statement emphasized in its conclusion that “Al-Kazemi also directed to make the necessary reforms in accordance with the principle of achieving social justice, through addressing double salaries, the pensions of detainees in Rafha, and a group of residents outside Iraq who are paid other salaries  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Another interestingly well placed and timed effort to adjust spending and cleaning up corruption through stoping double salaries.

Reducing salaries is interesting too. If you reduce salaries that wouldn’t really be fair. It would cause discontent and possible consequences that are unnecessary.

If we take the report earlier about the 14 page document about the CBI it states they speak in terms that are opposite to the world.. Unique? Looks to be the case. So, if we take that into consideration by reducing the salaries is merely imo giving less new currency to be equivalent to match present salary allocations thereby, being fair and easily done and understood. Double salaries are not fair and should by rights cease.

The articles are surely coming together to support Iraq has her new stage in full push mode now.. imo


Samson:  What Is Required Of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi

30th May, 2020

It is no secret to anyone the size of the challenges and the gravity of the stage that Iraq is going through, and based on our constitutional and legal experience, I put in your hands the most important solutions, proposals or real demands for building state institutions from the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, to be a strategic or roadmap for getting rid of this dangerous juncture, two years ago Exactly,

I had written a letter to Mr. Abdel-Mahdi and told him (I have borne the weight of this great trust and have reached the age of old) and put him almost like an integrated map to come up with solutions for this country, but the man relied on the footnote, so he led us from disappointment to disappointment, and then he was blindfolded with his head Surgeries and failures of 17 years and concluded with bloodshed after the events of October 2019, and today, you have endured the trust of forty million Iraqis who are in your neck. 

Although attack and resistance will be fierce on you from many sides, therefore I will place some of the concerns and problems that we discussed in a scientific and field manner, and without them will be failure, and you have enough time because I can assure that your government will remain until the end of the year 2022, and as follows: –

1 – There are thousands of properties belonging to the state in the heart of the capital and the provinces were seized after the year 2003, and here the President will have to issue courageous decisions to retrieve those properties lost to the state to restore Baghdad and the state to its prestige.

2- There are millions of sheets, sheets, evidence, and scenes from the homeless, orphans, days, bereaved, migrants, armies of the poor and sick, and Iraq is still up to this moment without a comprehensive social security law, and here you have to develop an integrated and unified strategy to unify the social security legislation to be a single institution called (Social Security Corporation) The retirement board, the Prisoners ’Foundation, and the Martyrs’ Foundation are merged with it so that the lives of Iraqis can be guaranteed with dignity and fairness in the distribution of salaries, and we have studies and a law proposal for that.

3- There are deliberate health ministries not to draft the health insurance bill, which has led to the exacerbation of mafias and gangs who trade in Iraqi medicine and drug import operations, so it is up to you from now to need to develop a comprehensive health insurance bill and send it to parliament, and we can help you with specialists in this field We have in-depth studies that we conducted with European organizations in order to stop the bleeding of the Iraqi disease and the drug donations.

4- In front of you the water crisis with Turkey, the draft law of the National Water Council must be sent to Parliament, and a committee of the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives can be formed from experts to legislate this law because Turkey still threatens us with secret and publicity, and if the rest of the situation remains, we will threaten a catastrophic environment in the future.

5 – Before you pollute the environment with uranium that will kill the Iraqis during the coming years with cancer unless the international community is called upon and the global opinion is moved to compel the coalition countries to remove uranium, especially as we have strategic agreements with them .. Note. The compensation of Iraq amounts to one thousand billion, as well as the compensation from Israel for hitting the July reactor, which amounts to eighty billion. We have prepared reports in this regard with international organizations, knowing that there is a committee to demand compensation in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, then you only support.

6- Before you hundreds of thousands of graduates annually, you must put firm decisions to include them with monthly salaries until they are employed or appointed, and it is imperative that you activate the Federal Service Council in order to be appointed to the state’s sects on the basis of equal opportunities, justice and experience, away from partisan and sectarian influences.

7 – There is a shortage of school buildings, the prevalence of clan conflicts and the bearing of arms, and the war of departments and wills … all of which need a strategic plan with the assistance of researchers and specialists. All of us have to pause around ..

8- Reintroduce the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court Law No. 10 of 2005 and start investigating crimes committed retroactively since 4/8/2003, whether crimes against humanity committed against Iraqis and demonstrators, as well as wasting national wealth and corruption crimes against senior officials, whether inside or outside Iraq, and issuing A decision prohibiting travel for all those suspected of corruption who held high office since 2003 during a period of six months until the investigations are completed.

9- Urgent and immediate issuance of stopping the expatriate workers from the Filipinos, Sri Lankans, Bengal and others, which reached more than two million and returning those present in Iraq to their countries within thirty days because their deportation and stopping this farce will provide work for the unemployed of the Iraqi youth, there are malignant hands behind this file ..

10- Presenting draft laws to merge the Ministry of Communications and the Communications Life into one ministry … and to merge the Shiite and Sunni Waqf and other religions and the Hajj Commission into one institution that will be the Ministry of Awqaf and this will save huge funds.

11- Forming a supreme committee from a group of experts from the supervisory departments to review all contracts and investment contracts that took place during the period from October 2019 and to stop or cancel contracts that are tainted by corruption, and it is incumbent upon you to refer the president to submit a draft of the State Contracting Establishment Law to Parliament, and make all contracts in The hand of this institution and linking it to the Cabinet to stop the farce of the ambushes that take place in ministries and the influence of parties. I personally prepared this law and it was adopted by the head of the Parliamentary Services Committee, Dr. Walid Al-Sahlani in Parliament .. In addition to the need to proceed with the presentation of the draft law of the Council of Reconstruction.

12- Forming a committee with the help of experts and senior advisers from jurists and other specialties to prepare the final draft of the constitutional amendments and present them to Parliament ..

13- Foreign policy has suffered since 2003 from weak performance and confusion, which need to develop a comprehensive strategy and vision for diplomatic action and international relations and to reconsider diplomatic representation with countries of the world, and to issue a decision to form an investigative committee with all violations and violations committed in all Iraqi embassies, missions and consulates in all countries The world, as well as addressing obstacles and challenges in the center of the ministry, as well as the need to choose a list of ambassadors with competence and away from partisan influences ..

14- The capital, Baghdad, has suffered neglect and loss since 2003 due to the lack of clarity in the vision and the overlap in work between the governorate, the provincial council, and the Baghdad Municipality.

15- The fiscal and monetary policy is now subject to a major setback, you have to choose an independent person with expertise and competence to take over the management of the Central Bank of Iraq, and you have Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi or the appearance of Muhammad Saleh and others ..

16 – There is a big crisis with the region, financial belongings, great corruption and tragedy at the border crossings. You have to hold it with an iron fist from Zakho to Fao and set up an investigation committee with the looted funds since 2003.

17- Issue bold decisions to open and rehabilitate factories, develop agriculture, education, youth, sports, trade and the private sector through specialized committees in coordination with the relevant ministries …

18- You have to stop the farce of the state administration by proxy, and there are many special grades that have been set in the period from October 2019 contrary to the law and instructions.

This is the most important requirement as a first package, and then another package that relates to state institutions follows, including the Integrity, Education, and Culture Authority, among others.

Mr. President: The people do not have to be a herd anymore, and another 35 years cannot wait until a new system, a new constitution, another abstraction organization is held, elections are held, the boxes are burned, burning with them continues years of life, and we return to our alienation in exile and the torments of the days that do not end ..   LINK

Godlover:  “15- The fiscal and monetary policy is now subject to a major setback, you have to choose an independent person with expertise and competence to take over the management of the Central Bank of Iraq, and you have Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi or the appearance of Muhammad Saleh and others ..”

Could this person be Tamimi IMO

Frank26: COULD IT BE ……….. FAB4 ………..(wink) 

(Fab 4…the IMF, World Bank, U.S. Treasury, and the President of the United States of America????)