KTFA (Frank26 & Petra)

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Frank26: MO that [2021] budget will bring forth the new exchange rate.  Whether it’s brought out with the budget or later I don’t know. I don’t care.  But it’s impossible for that budget to do what it wants to do at that program rate. IMO on the 20th of May the Fab 4 finished with the Central Bank of Iraq – the Central Bank of Iraq basically it’s your turn now.  That’s extremely close.  That is an extremely long accomplishment that has been completed and for the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq to actually come out on the 20th and actually say those same words, ‘We have completed.’  What?   ‘This, this, this and this.’  And all ‘this this this’ is not for a program rate.  Not at all…un-peg.  It’s your turn.

Petra: Their tax revenue people (what we call the IRS) are saying they are to begin implementation of 21% taxes on the income of the citizens.  Well they can’t do that at a program rate.  There’s no way.  That to me goes back to a time issue that there is a time set in stone because they’ll start generating more revenue from the taxes.  They are positioned really strong.  They just need to get this oil thing straight and then I think we’re off to the races.


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