KTFA (Frank26 & Petra)

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Petra: On Saturday Kazemi calls an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers.  We believe they passed that budget [2022] at the Council of Ministers meeting on that Saturday…last week we had the US/Washington was there on Thursday and then on Saturday King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia himself showed up in Iraq .  Why in the world would the King of Saudi Arabia show up in Iraq ?

Frank26: [Firefly Boots-on-the-ground Iraqi TV Report]  FIREFLY:  Kazemi is on the news right now…he’s saying attention and all resources are on the elections.  And once these elections are completed and the new government is in place with the laws that we passed and the new budget it is at that point that we can address in the upcoming new year the exchange rate of our currency.  FRANK:  A new exchange rate is coming with a new currency.

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