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Samson:  The Central Bank announces the completion of investment talks with German banks in Baghdad

2020/10/20 17:49:12

The Central Bank of Iraq announced, on Tuesday, the desire of German banks to complete discussions on investment in Baghdad soon.

And the Central Bank media stated in a statement that the Euphrates News received a copy of it, that “this came during a series of meetings with a group of large German banks,” Mustafa Ghaleb.

He added, “The meetings also discussed investment and work opportunities with Iraqi banks, which received a high response from German banks, as they confirmed their desire to complete the talks in Baghdad soon.”

“The governor of the Central Bank, accompanied by Minister of Finance Ali Allawi and President of the National Investment Authority, Suha Al-Najjar, also participated in the meetings held with the German Ministry of Development and Economy and the Ministry of Finance, as part of the current visit to Germany, where ways to strengthen economic relations between the municipality and its future prospects were discussed,” the statement added.  LINK

Don961:  White paper

Tuesday 20 October 2020 Hussein Thahab

When the economy suffers from major imbalances in its structure, the need for reform is extremely necessary, and if the reform initiative comes late, it is better not to come or find it present too late.

The “white paper” came at a time of the intensification of the financial crisis that is gripping the country due to the “Corona” pandemic and the previously approved incorrect economic policies, which did not take into account such conditions as the country is going through today.

This paper, with its plans to save the country, needs to be applied on the ground, and what are the implementation mechanisms that will work to change the shape of the national economy and move it from one state to another more mature.

For the first time in the country, we find a real direction for reform based on plans drawn for the future of the next phase, which take upon themselves to formulate a new policy that advances Iraq’s disrupted capabilities that can achieve benefits faster than everyone imagines, when the real environment is provided to support development efforts, while keeping stalled contracts away from Leading the march of the sustainable development train, whose fuel will be the “white paper” with its developmental content approved by the official authorities in the country.

The loss of time is not in the interest of the country and the concerted efforts of everyone are required to move the country to a more attractive stage for local, immigrant and international investment efforts, as well as local ones that await a suitable environment to start actual activity in any of the economic sectors and leave a positive imprint that serves the country.

I had a meeting with an Arab economist and he talked about Arab economies and the nature of investment, and I stood with him at an important sentence that he mentioned in the text: “The economies of the good region are gradually rising, while Iraq can achieve advancement at a remarkable speed that differs from all countries due to its natural and human resources.”

This talk means that victory over economic crises is possible, whenever the national will is available to achieve this, especially that Iraq has a young society that is able to work and master advanced technology after it came at the top of the pyramid to the smartest Arab peoples. We hope that the white paper will have a positive, rapid impact. On the national economy and real diversification of revenues.


Frank26: I’ve always looked at Saturday and a Sunday… we’ve adjusted that. We moved it to a Sunday to a Monday…the reason why is because if they do this to the citizens on a Sunday they will rush into the banks in Iraq because the banks are open and they will celebrate and do their thing.  Will you be able to do that?  No.  Not until the next day.  Sunday would be their celebration…Monday you can go to the bank…we’ve adjusted our thinking that when and if and whenever this happens we’re looking more for Sunday to Monday kind of a thing…

Petra: The evidence that they’re telling the Iraq people is important because they need to get them into the banks…Iraq is ready to reintroduce themselves. I do believe we are at a point where we’re about to cross the goal line.  They have given the information out.  They’ve said ‘in a few days’…I think they’ve given a deadline and a date that they want these initiative and these reforms to pass.  #2 just as important is the process. They’re gonna need the people to go into the bank and exchange their money…that is definitely something that is going to have to happen to make this a success.  The way they’re educating the people and telling the people through articles it’s very clear to me that we’re about to cross that line…it definitely is about to unfold.