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Frank26: I know you want “now”. But I don’t know when “now” is. Nobody knows the date. What we do know is they’re doing it. What we do know is that they’re very blatant. They’re very obvious/telling of what they’re doing with their currency, with their exchange rate, with their economic reform of the countries pouring in, with their article VIII status. All of this is for the raising of the value of their currency.

Ross:  Something going on with ships:

The Associated Press reports that four vessels near the port of Fujairah are listed as “out of control” in the marine identification systems. The rule usually of such a status is that the vessel can not operate its engines and has no steering.

The vessels in this condition are:

Queen Ematha, the Golden Brilliant, Jag Pooja and Abyss

It’s been so far 6 ships in the Persian gulf that all communication with them is lost!

A British navy group says there has been a “potential hijack” of a ship off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Gulf of Oman. The event comes days after a drone struck an oil tanker linked to an Israeli billionaire near Oman, killing two.

The ship Asphalt Princess, which carries the Panama flag and carries cement, was hijacked off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, after a group of 8-9 gunmen boarded it.
According to the naval detection systems, the ship deviates from its planned course.

It has been 45 minutes since the ASPHALT PRINCESS ship’s location detection system was disconnected
It is not known at this time where it is.

PLUS:  The Baghdad international airport was darkened! Reason is yet unknown!

Ross Update

Reports from a source in Iran’s Navy that IRGC Navy Special Forces who have hijacked the “Asphalt Princess” commercial ship are now transporting it to the port of Jask in southeast of Iran.

If true things could get real interesting

FYI- Asphalt Princess is a double-hulled tanker used to transport bitumen and asphalt operated by Asphalt Princess Shipping who bought her in 2017. The ship was launched on 19 December 1975 and completed in 1976 by Ankerlokken Glommen of Frederikstad, Norway

Ross- Update

Beirut: protestors mark the first anniversary of the ammonium nitrate storehouse explosion at the port of Beirut that many hold Hezbollah responsible for. Many of them wear t-shirts saying:   Iran Out

Report that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards released the hijacked ship one hour before the arrival of an American destroyer to the area where the ship was.

The British Times in new details about the incident yesterday in the Gulf of Oman –
• Iranian forces stormed the ship in the Gulf of Oman.
• The ship’s crew thwarted an attempt to take the ship to Iran.
• Iranian forces fled after the arrival of US and Oman warships.

British government sources say the attempt to hijack the ‘Asphalt Princess’ tanker off the coast of the UAE ended yesterday after the escape of Iranian gunmen following the arrival of two battleships one American and the other Omani.

The Iranian gunmen tried to hijack the ‘Asphalt Princess’ tanker and transport it to Iran, but the crew stopped the ship’s engines so that it could not move anywhere.

(Today) Three rocket fired from Lebanon of which two hit the Israeli town of Kiryat Shmona. The IDF fired artillery three times in the past few hours. (I saw a short vid or where one of the rockets hit, appeared to be in an unpopulated area)   Israeli artillery fired towards Lebanon a couple of hours ago in response to the rockets attack on northern Israel. (Again vid seems to indicate the area was in a field not in a populated area)

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