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Samson: The Arab Parliament: We stand with Iraq and support the decisions and measures taken by the Al-Kazemi government

30th October 2020

The Arab Parliament renewed its stand with Iraq in achieving its security and stability, safeguarding its national unity and not interfering in its internal affairs, affirming its support for the decisions and measures taken by the Iraqi government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

In a statement issued at the end of its first session of the first session of the third legislative term, which was held at the headquarters of the Arab League, the Arab Parliament called on the heads of political blocs and parties, sheikhs of Iraqi tribes and civil society organizations to “support the efforts of the Iraqi government to collect weapons and make them exclusively in the hands of the state and its security agencies.” And enabling it to impose the rule of law throughout the Iraqi state and confront armed militias outside the law that undermine security and stability in Iraq.”

Parliament expressed “full support for the Iraqi government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi in light of the delicate circumstances that Iraq is going through,” stressing that “Iraq’s security and stability are an integral part of Arab national security.”

He stressed, “the importance of strengthening Iraq’s official and popular relations with its Arab incubator and developing wider areas of cooperation with Arab countries,” stressing his “full support for and solidarity with Iraq in facing the serious challenges that threaten its security, stability and sovereignty, and that aim to undermine its national fabric.” He pointed out, “To support any move that the Iraqi government takes on the international scene in order to stop the repeated Turkish military attacks on Iraqi lands, and to preserve the sovereignty, security and stability of Iraq.”

The Arab Parliament condemned the “assassination of civilian activists,” stressing that “the recurrence of assassination crimes that affected a number of Iraqi activists and thinkers in the recent period, confirms the sinister goals of the perpetrators of these cowardly terrorist operations and their endeavor to spread chaos and destabilize security and stability in Iraq.” And he demanded, “arrest, prosecute and punish these criminals and protect Iraqi activists from repeated attempts to target them.”    LINK

JJimmyJJ:  Ha! The Arab parliament is a bigger fan of Kazemi than the Iraqi parliament. That,  my friends,  is an indictment of Iraqi politics.  ( IMO)


Western sources:

IRAN sent a message to US, through a 3rd party, offering PEACE negotiations with ISRAEL, that could include Iraq and Lebanon

Iran’s suggestion: Lifting of sanctions in exchange of recognition of pre-1967 Israel

No response from US to Iran yet, as per sources.

— Mudar Zahran مضر زهران (@Mudar_Zahran) October 30, 2020