KTFA (Frank26, Samson & DeepWoodz)

  In KTFA 

DeepWoodz:  Imo…I almost hate mentioning this but…..

Kinda interesting that Kadhimi is making March 6 a new holiday!
Sunday sure could be a good day for news!
or MONDAYS call could really be proxabulous!

Samson:  Al-Kazemi declares March 6 of every year a National Day for Tolerance and Coexistence in Iraq

Translation….. On the occasion of the historic meeting between the poles of peace and tolerance, His Eminence, the Supreme Leader, Mr. Ali Sistani, and His Holiness, Pope Francis, and the meeting of religions in the historic city of Ur, we announce the mdos on the sixth of March of every year, the patriot day for tolerance and coexistence in Iraq.    LINK

Frank26: We are blessed that our teams, [Guru] Walkingstick, has a relationship with a firm in Iraq…that has a very good working relationship with the GOI and the CBI…the owners of that firm…two own banks.  One of them owns 4 banks in Jordan and the other one owns two banks in Iraq.   When the CBI wants to make a move with the monetary reform who you gonna tell?  Bank owners in Iraq.  Once the CBI has a meeting with these people and they tell them what the next step is, that’s public knowledge.  Eventually you see it in Articles.  But most of the time we share it with you before you see it in articles…we’ve been proven correct at a very high rate.


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