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Don961: Foreign Ministry: The security situation in Iraq is very stable and coordinated with all parties

2019 – 05 – 15

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Tuesday the stability of the security situation in Iraq, pointing out that it coordinates with all parties and is committed to the discourse of dialogue and the possibility of building on the chances of balance.

“The Iraqi Foreign Ministry is coordinating with all parties, and the speech of dialogue and the possibility of building on the chances of balance in light of the need of the region for that,” said ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf in a statement.

“The security situation in Iraq is very stable, Iraq is a country that respects its partners and friends, shares common interests with them, asserts sovereignty and protects its interests at the same time,” he added.    link


SunnySandy:     IMO The Deep State has been in Iran since the 1950s. China helped the US free NK last year from the Deep State. Russia is helping the US free Cuba and Venezula from the Deep State, now!

By our fleet in the Gulf and Arabian Sea we are saying…  Deep State…. do not do it! You will pay a price. Last week Trump offered Iran a tree branch (again)…. saying let’s talk, leave the Deep State, we can renegotiate, you be free like Iraq (and NK). Iran just has to make the choice to join the NEW MIDDLE EAST!

AccelLight:  Is anyone else hearing Kim Clement’s words ring in their head?
“…when things seem at their worst, I will bring it forth…”

Don961:  After canceling his visit to Moscow … Pompeo heads to Brussels to discuss the “Iran file”

May 13, 2019 5:13 PM  Author: alzawraapaper

Riyadh / Middle East Online:

Tensions have risen in the Gulf, where several ships have been subjected to acts of sabotage, according to Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, while US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo amended his tour plans to Brussels and discussed the Iranian file with European officials.

On Monday, Saudi authorities announced that two Saudi oil tankers had been hit by a “subversive attack” off the UAE coast. “Two Saudi tankers have been attacked with sabotage on their way to cross the Arabian Gulf into the economic waters of the United Arab Emirates, near the emirate of Fujairah,” the official SPA news agency quoted the minister as saying. The United Arab Emirates said on Sunday that four merchant ships of several nationalities had been “subversive” in their waters off Iran, in the east of the emirate of Fujairah without specifying the perpetrators, calling the incident “dangerous.”

In Tehran, authorities expressed “concern” about the exposure of ships in the UAE for acts of “sabotage” and prompted an investigation.

For his part, al-Faleh confirmed that there were no injuries or fuel leaks from the attack, “while causing severe damage to the structures of the two vessels.” The minister added that one of the two vessels was on its way to “load the Saudi oil from the port of Ras Tanura, and then go to the United States to supply Saudi Aramco customers.”

The UAE Foreign Ministry considered that “exposing commercial ships to acts of sabotage and threatening the lives of their crews is a dangerous development.” The United Arab Emirates on Sunday called on the international community to “take on its responsibilities” to prevent “any parties trying to undermine the security and safety of maritime traffic and this is a threat to international security and safety.” The minister added that one of the two vessels was on its way to “load the Saudi oil from the port of Ras Tanura, and then go to the United States to supply Saudi Aramco customers.”

The port of Fujairah has a strategic location that allows the UAE to export oil without passing through the Strait of Hormuz, thus ensuring export movement in case of any regional tensions.

Iran has repeatedly threatened to close this strategic strait in the event of any military confrontation in the Gulf.

The incident comes in the waters of the UAE in the midst of a stage of rising tension between Iran and the United States. The United States has sent an attack ship and Patriot batteries to the Middle East to boost the capabilities of an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers previously sent to the Gulf region. This comes as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo travels to Brussels, where he discusses Iran’s file with French, British and German officials. Pompeo canceled his visit to Moscow, a US official said. In recent days, the US secretary of state has canceled visits to Berlin and Greenland to devote his efforts to the Iranian file.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mugherini said on Monday the bloc fully supports the implementation of the international nuclear deal with Iran and wants rival powers to avoid any further escalation on the issue.

“We will continue to support him as much as we can by all means and with our political will,” Mugherini told reporters ahead of a meeting of foreign ministers from Britain, France and Germany.

Mugherini said she had learned last night that Pompeo arrived in Brussels, where EU foreign ministers are meeting for a monthly meeting.

“We will be here all day (to discuss) a busy agenda. So during the day we will see how and whether we will arrange a meeting. “Pompeo is clearly welcome, but there are no specific plans at the moment.”

European nations said last week they wanted to keep the Iranian nuclear deal and rejected Tehran’s “warnings” after the Islamic Republic trimmed its nuclear program commitments and threatened to take steps that could violate its agreement with world powers in 2015.

Iran’s move came in response to US sanctions. Imposed by Washington following the withdrawal of President Donald Trump from the nuclear agreement with Iran a year ago. The Bush administration has stepped up pressure on Iran, accusing it of preparing “imminent” attacks against US interests in the Middle East. The UAE is a leading member alongside Saudi Arabia in the military alliance supporting government forces in neighboring Yemen in its battles with the Huthis accused of receiving military support from Iran.

Oil futures rose on Monday as concerns over supply disruptions from the Middle East, which is important for crude production, surged. The rise was 0.5 percent.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE ranked first and third among the largest producers respectively in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

“The rise in geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, coupled with the sharp drop in oil supplies from Venezuela and Iran, will continue to drive prices up,” said Abhishek Kumar, chief analyst at Interfax Energy in London. Markets are supported by Washington’s push to cut Iran’s oil exports to zero and reduce Venezuela’s exports, where infrastructure problems also cause production to fall.     link

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Samson:  Publishes the agenda of the parliamentary sessions for next week

2019/5/15 13:17

Resumes the House of Representatives, held its meetings next week.

Parliament is scheduled to hold five sessions next week on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The agenda of these meetings includes several paragraphs, including the discussion of addressing the housing crisis and the health of the membership of deputies and draft law to compensate the victims of the Spieker air spies and the “attacks” on the Iraqi forces and other political and public issues.


Session No. 18 Saturday 18 May 2019 reading verses from the Holy Quran. First: Introduce a general topic to discuss the American attacks on security forces Second: Introduce a general topic for discussion on the abolition of the integration of the Ministry of Evidence in the Ministry of Health III: Introduce a general topic for discussion on the ration card items Fourth: the subject of a year to discuss the environmental situation in the province of Al-Yusra Fifth: Commission investigating the incident of the House of furniture dozens in Adhamiya. A report on the reality of the electrical system TEDA session one hour after the Fleshr Presidency of the Council of Representatives

The first legislative committee Chapter Srei The agenda of the session (19) Al-Asheen 20 May 2019 Reading Verses of the Holy Quran Health of the membership of some women and the duration of repentance. During the vote on the draft law amending the law of Euphrates contained in the law of bricks No. (111) for the year! The other raw materials may be No. 1 of 2008. (MADA), (MADA) – Establishment of a report of the draft law on the rights of the martyrs of the air base, Al-Hanna Martyrs and Dragons and prisoners, the Commission on Human Rights. (Extended). Mourinho and Mouna proposed a number of employees of the Ministries of Interior and Nqaa Li Bakhia (Defense Security Committee). ( : Period ) . The session begins at 1pm.


Session No. (20) Tuesday 21 May 2019 We see you from Century Karim) First: the vote on the proposal of the first Labor Law Tafton scientific complex No. (22) for the year 2010. (Higher Education and Research Institute, Al-Kalmia). (4 duration). Analysis of the Housing Crisis (Committee for Monitoring the Implementation of Government Program and Strategic Planning) III. Report and 100 proposals for health insurance (Health and Environment Committee). (1) duration of the Committee for one o’clock in the afternoon


Table of origin of the meeting R (21) Wednesday, 22 April 2017 hatred of The Quran behind the first reading of the project of pure nursing: (the percentage of the community and parliamentary development). WL (11) MAH, and the discussion of the draft law on labor, poetry, poetry and criticism (10) 1980 The period (121 articles)


1: Vote on the Holy Quran (First: Vote on the Holy Quran) First: Vote on the Holy Quran Financial Management Bill. And the Finance Committee. (03) Termination of the voting on the Arts Project of the First Amendment of the Law of the Security Council No. (1) of 1999. Tennage, Media, Armed and Impact Committee, Security and Defense Committee. (Duration) of the continuing theme of the housing crisis. (College of Government Program and Strategic Planning) Nada session one hour after God.   LINK


Notice that Item # 5 has no date.. They are floating the time frame from the looks of it. It supports Delta telling us the FML is not going to show before the rate… imo Did they predetermine this for a purpose? lol ~ ~ I suspect so. ~ MM