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RE: Bombing in Iraq Sunday Night

StephenMac63: Katyusha rockets are truck or rail mounted. They claim a launcher was found nearby….I highly doubt its a shoulder mounted rocket as they are rather large.
Second, the democratic media thrives on travesty and so far, not much of a peep. IMO, there are too many holes in this “event”, sure we got reports but not all reports are designed to give facts. IMO, Iran wouldnt just fire one rocket and run…remember its a truck mounted system, they can carry 12 and if Iran wanted to start something, they would have fired all 12 with reinforcements behind it. There is a bigger story here its all being told while its not being told.

HoosierGirl: Oh AMEN AMEN! Thank you Stephen for making this comment. I know some think this is a major threat. It’s ridiculous! And it’s more than likely, as I said before, “deep state” plotting to cause chaos.

They’d love to “make” Pres. Trump go to war & then impeach him for it – or at least try. But they need something to make him lose in 2020. This is NOT Iran’s idea. Iran KNOWS it could be a wasteland should they pressure the US into a war.

While their administration is radical, they are not stupid! Now could this cause some delay in the RI/RV – possibly. Too much confusion right now and attention on Iran. And I do not believe anybody is going to try to “take the world’s eyes off of the RV”.

There really is no need. Most people who aren’t up on big financial dealings or who don’t own Dinar, other currency, will probably never know that Iraq RI’s/RV’s.


Samson: Mr. Ammar al-Hakim to Joe Hood: The recent American-Iranian escalation threatens the security and stability of the region

2019/5/19 20:53

The head of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, said that the recent US-Iranian escalation is causing concern in all countries in the region and threatens its security and stability. This came during a meeting with Mr. Ammar al-Hakim in his office in Baghdad, Sunday evening, Ambassador Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Baghdad, Joe Hood.

A statement issued by his office, received by the agency {Euphrates News} copy, it was “during the meeting discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and the latest political situation in Iraq and the region.” Mr. Ammar al-Hakim said during the meeting that “the recent American-Iranian escalation is a source of concern for all countries in the region and threatens its security and stability.” He welcomed some recent statements indicating the parties’ keenness to ease the conflict.

He called for “to be a prelude to reach appropriate solutions and spare the peoples of the region the scourge of wars and siege policies,” stressing that “Iraq has close relations with the parties enable him to play the role of mediator to bring the views and end the tense situation.” “The security of the diplomatic missions in Iraq is the responsibility of the Iraqi state. In turn, these missions must send positive messages about the political and security situation in Iraq after it has reached advanced stages, and all reasons for the departure of the staff or nationals of these missions Iraq”. LINK

Don961: Amiri calls on Iraqis not to provoke the Americans

Monday, 20 May 2019

Baghdad – Writings

Despite his previous talk about the need to expel US troops from Iraq, things changed after Washington sent its military force to the Gulf.

As hastened the head of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Amiri to call the Iraqis not to ignite the war in Iraq because he said that the burning will burn everyone.

Amiri said in statements to him on Monday 20 May 2019 that national, historical and religious responsibility requires everyone to remove the specter of war from Iraq first and from the whole region.

Head of the Fatah alliance, secretary-general of the Badr Organization, one of the most prominent men of Iran in Iraq, said that “the war if ignited not forgive God will burn everyone, and therefore everyone trying to ignite them from Iraq either ignorant or trampled; because all parties to the war does not want war, Islam wants war and the United States wants war, he said.

Amiri’s comments come after a Katyusha rocket was fired in the vicinity of the US Embassy in Baghdad, as well as US President Donald Trump’s threat to destroy Iran if it tries to undermine American interests or ignite a war with the United States. link


Samson: Trump: I do not want to fight Iran and I’m not the one who wants war

20th May, 2019

US President Donald Trump said on Monday he wanted to fight and go to war with Iran as tensions between the two sides escalated, calling on the Iranians to sit at the negotiating table. The channel said in its commentary on the interview that with Trump’s commitment to his decision to get out of the deal, but faced renewed criticism by the Democrats and promised many of the Democratic candidates for the presidency to return to them if they win the election in 2020.

“I do not want to fight (with Iran ), but we have positions such as Iran can not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News . “I’m not someone who wants to go to war because war hurts economies, and more importantly, war kills people,” Trump said, calling on the Iranians to “come to the negotiating table”. LINK

Samson: Barzani sends a letter to the United Nations on its representation in Kurdistan and Article 140 of the Constitution

20th May, 2019

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, Nezhirvan Barzani, the United Nations to play a major role in the application of Article 140 of the Constitution on the disputed areas between Arbil and Baghdad.

The United Nations is scheduled to hold a special session on the situation in Iraq on Monday.

Barzani said in a letter addressed to the United Nations and the UN Security Council that the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations can play a “major role” as a neutral party to begin an “intensive dialogue” between Erbil and Baghdad to resolve differences and outstanding issues, including the application of Article 140 of the Constitution.

Barzani called in his letter to raise the level of representation of the United Nations in the province of Kurdistan, and that the appointment of a UN official in Erbil, the level of Deputy Secretary General’s envoy.

He called on the prime minister of the region to appoint a person as humanitarian affairs for the United Nations since the post has been vacant since 2015 and so far.

Barzani suggested transferring the headquarters of the United Nations humanitarian programs from Baghdad to Erbil because 90% of the refugees from Syria in Iraq, and 60% of the displaced from inside Iraq are in the Kurdistan Region. LINK

Frank26 Video Late Sunday Night: VIDEO LINK

SunnySandy: Thank you Frank!

Yes they are…. in INTERNATIONAL waters! We are so close……

Popeye7: Thanks again Samson, and Don for your superb service to us who patron this fine site… Lots of 140 talk, and the UN sending a delegation to Iraq to discuss its implementation today…. As Frank pointed out in his video, Iraq is sailing towards their goal of having a currency that has international status, and a world leader from an economic standpoint because of its vast amount of resources… IMHO…

Shangdoodles: Okay … here’s my take on the clues Frank has just given us.

1. Diamondhead was/is used as a lookout post and provides strategic, panoramic views.

2. The plane flying overhead appears to represent ‘taking international flight’ … and when a plane is in flight, it has a registered flight plan, a planned destination and a scheduled date for arrival (landing) at its destination.

3. Nautical flags are an international code system used for two ships to signal to each other or for a ship to signal to shore. … At sea, only a few flag colors are easily recognized, these are: red, blue, yellow, black, and white (Note that the colors in Iraq’s flag are among those listed there).

4. At the beginning of the video, Frank shows a plane flying overhead, and at the end of the video Frank points to the horizon (and beyond our line of sight) as the sun is setting. So, perhaps as the sun is setting on things (like exchange rates, perhaps) as we know them?

Just a guess …

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