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Walkingstick: Good evening, all…I, just spoke… with Frank…I would take note of what he shares.. New info (opinions) and clarity on opinions already shared….Regards. WS …


September 11, 2019

F26:If you take all the people in the world who have dinars  as an investment outside Iraq and add them all up….it still doesn’t even come close to one countries foreign reserves with their dinar,  we the investors are a pimple on the back of a Brontasausus….…..we don’t matter to the CBI…

Firefly77 Report :  The TV says the parliament is coming back for its first session of their new term this Saturday (9-14-19) . Also they ar showing the delegation from the Kurds and showing dates of Wed. for them to come to Baghdad and discuss the 2020 budget.  There were many important meetings today with all the Private Banks in Iraq and the finance minister…..They are not releasing info on that yet.

Then we went to our bank…and we asked them “When will we see more on the coins that are coming?”  My teller said “Look, tell Mr. Frank (lol) that we do not know a date…but, its foreseeable in the very near future.“

Article addressed on video:

Samson:  In a new scandal, Biden promised Putin Iraqi oil revenues in return for support for America’s war

11th September, 2019
US Vice President Joseph Biden tried to bribe Russian President Vladimir Putin with Iraqi oil revenues seized at the start of the war in exchange for Russia’s support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a report said on Wednesday .

Biden asked for a meeting with Putin and proposed a deal where all proceeds from Iraq’s seized oil would initially go to cash-strapped Russia in return for Russian support for the invasion. Biden saw it as an offer that Putin would not be able to He rejected it, and he was disappointed that the Bush administration did not think about it. ”

According to a copy of the events at the Kennedy Library of Congress, Biden said he approached Putin and asked him the question: What if President Bush would actually agree that the first revenues coming from Iraqi oil would pay about $ 12 billion in hard currency, which The Russians need it directly? ”

“Putin’s response at first was to reject the offer, but they ended up going into the details. Biden said Putin responded by saying, ‘That’s not how I build my policy, but let’s talk about it’,” he said. ”.

“Biden called the White House to convey his conversation with Putin, but he was disappointed that he did not reach the president of any of those details,” the website said, adding that he believed Putin could have joined the invasion of Iraq if Bush had made the deal. “The proceeds that will cover the external debt have been repaid, and we agree that the Russians will be first, because they were starving.”

Biden accused the Bush administration of rejecting his plan to buy Putin’s support for oil money because of Bush’s unwillingness to share resources, noting that “the reason why the president did not know about his plan is” because we thought this would go so far that we are going to war over oil, but That was a profit for American oil companies.”    LINK

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