KTFA (Frank26, Walkingstick & Delta)

International, International, International! All of this…is in my opinion.  Means they have lifted 3 zero’s from their rate or they could not be doing all they are doing International right now…Donald Trump went over there and basically slapped them verbally. In the last couple of weeks all the things that have happened. Iran does not send money to Iraq. Iran steals money from Iraq through the central auctions and through the GOI that has their goons that have been stealing. All of that is gone. All of that is ancient history. We are International baby.

This accomplishment is another reason why we are very positive they are Article 8. IMO . . . the Gazette has the budget and the reason why IMO is they are about to reveal they are article 8. They are International! Dubai Quality, another ME International relationship. Dubai Quality has just announced early this morning that they have entered into a strategic partnership with the Central Bank of Iraq. Not at a program rate. It’s illegal. This is an International step. You are not allowed to walk into that environment unless they have lifted the three zero’s from their exchange rate. Dubai Quality, this is another example of Internationalism.

The budget has the new rate. We also said that the rate if not shown in the new budget can be retroactive to the 1st of January, 2019. Whether it’s shown I don’t know. It could go retroactive. Walkingstick has a contract of Dec 30th at 1:1. It cannot be at a program rate. We’re very, very close.