KTFA (Frank26, WalkingStick & Petra)

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Walkingstick: There is a date…The economic reform date is the same as the monetary reform date…There is a date written in stone and it has not changed of when the new small category notes, of when the new exchange rate, is scheduled to be released.  IMO that date gets closer and closer… although the process of the education has just started…it is the words and explanation of this education that will instill confidence not only in the dinar, not just in the citizens of Iraq, but in the monetary reform itself…

Frank26: Article:  “A national campaign to support the Iraqi dinar.”  Yes indeed a new rate of 1 to 1 that they have been campaigning and talking about at the CBI is coming…pay close attention to the word that the governor of the CBI is using with citizens…he told you yesterday ‘a campaign of education is now starting’ and once again are those not my exact words…?

Petra:  We’ve got nothing to share.  Nothing going on.  It’s kinda boring. NOT!  🙂  …The Group of Seven [G7]…it made a very clear statement.  It said that the G7 supports the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.  That’s the largest, financially most profitable countries in the world recognizing the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.  That to me is a very clear clear statement of how they feel and where they feel Iraq is at.

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