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Jerry1971:   The best news of the day hopefully the FSL gets read and voted soon to trigger off the new exchange rate of the IRAQI dinar many are of the belief that it’s the substitute to the budget of 2022 IMO.

Samson:  Parliamentary agreement to complete the draft food security law

27th May, 2022

Member of Parliamentary Finance Nazim Al-Shibli revealed, on Friday, May 27, 2022, that most members of Parliament agreed to start the second reading of the draft food security law next Sunday.

Al-Shibli said that the Finance Committee will collect the parliament’s proposals on the law in preparation for its second reading, and then it will be presented for the third reading and vote.

Al-Shibli stressed that the food security law presented by Parliamentary Finance does not differ from the law presented by the government, and that the difference between the two laws is the party that submitted it only.

The Finance Committee of the Iraqi Council of Representatives submitted the proposal of the Emergency Support Law for Food Security and Development to the presidency of the Council, as an alternative parliamentary project to the previous law, which was rejected by the Federal Supreme Court, in terms of its interpretation of the term caretaker government, to present Parliamentary Finance the bill again as a proposed law to be instead, and to avoid being rejected by the court’s decision LINK


Samson:  Former MP: The Government And Some Parties Are Seeking To Violate The Financial Management Law By Seeking To Pass “Food Security”

27th May, 2022
The former MP, Rasoul Radi, confirmed that the government and some political parties are seeking to violate the financial management law and go towards passing the “food security” proposal, despite the financial exaggerations in it.

Radi told Al-Maalouma, “The 2022 budget is ready and it can be submitted by the new government in order to vote on it, and to move away from the proposed law on emergency support for food security.”

He added that “the caretaker government does not have the right to work on presenting the 2022 budget, as it does not have any authority to take such a decision, but the law allowed it to go towards internal or external borrowing, where the Minister of Finance has the right to borrow from the central bank and then that is repaid.” After the vote on the budget in the era of the new government.”

And he indicated that “some parties and the current government are seeking to pass the proposed food security law, away from the financial management law, in order to give 8 trillion to the liberated areas, and more than that to the ration card, while previous budgets included an amount not exceeding 2 trillion, which confirms that there is an overrun on public money.” obscenely.”   LINK


Clare:  In the event of Parliament’s request, the government advisor announces the readiness to send the 2022 budget


The technical advisor to the Prime Minister, Haitham al-Jubouri, announced, on Friday, the readiness of the government to send the budget for the year 2022 if the House of Representatives requests it.

Al-Jubouri said, “The government is ready to complete the draft budget, which takes two weeks in the Council of Ministers to complete and present it to the Legal Committee in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers.”
He added, “The government is ready to send the budget whenever the House of Representatives requests it,” noting that “the recent Federal Court decision was clear that the budget cannot be sent from the current government.”

He explained, “Sending the budget lies in the Parliament’s inquiry, given that the budget law is linked to the lives of citizens and has privacy and therefore applies with the interpretation of the court that I directed to the President of the Republic.”

Al-Jubouri indicated, “The House of Representatives under its leadership can send a letter to the Federal Court inquiring about the budget law,” noting that “the Iraqi constitution singled out an article on the budget law and the mechanisms for dealing with this law, and then the Financial Administrative Law No. 6 of 2019, which specified the mechanisms for sending The budget and therefore does sending the budget law apply the interpretation that was sent to the President of the Republic or with the decision issued by the Federal Court, which stipulated that the caretaker government has no right to send bills.

The technical advisor confirmed, “The answer comes from the Federal Court, as it is the authority authorized to interpret the articles of the Iraqi constitution.”   LINK

Samson:  Parliamentary move to legislate laws to return Iraq’s smuggled money

27th May, 2022

Today, Friday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed that it was able to legislate laws regarding the return of Iraq’s smuggled funds abroad.

Committee member Hadi Al-Salami said in an exclusive statement to (Baghdad Today) that “his committee intends to discuss the law of the Iraq Smuggled Funds Recovery Fund, as it is one of the most important laws and to recover Iraq’s smuggled and damaged funds abroad”.

He added, “The interference with the laws is incorrect, which requires unifying the articles in them, and that the committee’s meeting included the first round of consultations with the concerned authorities, while the meetings will be followed up to complete the articles of the law”.

Al-Salami pointed out that “the committee is seriously seeking to legislate the law regarding the return of these funds to benefit the Iraqi state budget”.  LINK


Samson:  Suspended… Imprisonment for an Iraqi airport finance director on charges of corruption

27th May, 2022

Two security sources in the governorates of Dhi Qar and Najaf reported on Friday that the governors’ criminal courts issued new rulings against their defendants, including imprisonment for the financial director of Najaf International Airport.

The two sources told Shafaq News Agency, “The Dhi Qar Criminal Court issued two sentences, one of them, against three terrorists to life imprisonment, as a result of their conviction for acts of attacking the security forces in the country, according to the provisions of Article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law.”

The two sources added that “the court also convicted two people of the charge of electronic extortion of a citizen and sentenced them to 6 months in prison in accordance with the provisions of Article 430 of the Iraqi Penal Code.”

And they explained that “the Najaf Criminal Court, in turn, sentenced the Director of Finance at Najaf International Airport to a full year in prison, with a suspended sentence, on the issue of spending one million dollars, without depositing it in the bank.”  LINK


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