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MilitiaMan: Here is something to think about. Payday in Iraq is Thursday. It is by far cheaper for Iraq to RI when citizens have little money. As if they RI after payday, they’ll all have a huge bonus with that in mind.  It will cost Iraq a lot more if they did it that way.

If they do it now or sooner than payday, whereas most live pay check to pay check and have little money prior to pay day would be far cheaper.

Next thing to think about is the UN Operational Rates are to be in by and updated on 06/27 /2019 for to publish on the 30th.

So they can not show 1190 rate on this Thursday for the 30th rate, and then change during that time in between. It is not legal imo to do so and then change it just after they RI. Not going to happen. imo

Next item is the G-20 on the 28th – 29th. Many of the largest holders of Dinar will be at that meeting. USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc..  Be kinda silly for them to show up with no rate in hand to discuss the future of the world.

When after they leave the world changes from a re in statement of their holdings?

It would be a waste of time, as the world will change once this goes live..  Is suspect a load of high fives will be more likely the case.. jmtc

This thinking of ours has been brought to me by some very special people! It is very good thinking that supports and RI, sooner than later.

I’ll add in an other source that had last week for an RI, but we all know that was not the case and was likely delayed from the Drone attack.

So, the word I got  since was that Tues – Weds may be still a plan of intention, as they only delayed the timing from last window. I am going to ask to get more clarification if possible.

Kick this around and see if you find holes in it..  I am stoked be sure from what we have here at KTFA! As the data we have is very well supported by many avenues, articles, FFs, etc.. imo ~ MM  IMO


Monday Night KTFA CC 6-24-19

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Don961:  “The interbank market” provides liquidity and sets interest rates

Monday 24 June 2019

Baghdad / Mustafa al-Hashemi

The Central Bank announced recently the launch of the inter-bank market (FX, Money Market) platform to boost the role of the interbank market, which plays a pivotal role in the economies of countries, Private banks, and specialists in the banking sector that this step was to strengthen confidence between the Central Bank on the one hand and local banks, both government and private, on the other.

The inter-bank market is part of the central bank’s monetary policy and aims to provide liquidity and set interest rates on lending.

Limited handling

Between banking specialist Adel al-Nuaimi that “the system of the inter-bank market in Iraq exists between state-owned banks for the purpose of providing liquidity for large amounts of loans, while note that the deal is not negligible among private banks.”
He added that “the launch by the Central Bank of this platform will meet the need of the banking sector to activate the work of this system and expand, because of its importance in the money sector”.

Financial Market

The central bank has stated that this platform “establishes an organized electronic financial market that opens and facilitates the way for foreign investment in Iraq, as well as increasing cooperation between banks and improving their ability to diversify the financial services of their customers and attract the commercial and financial operations available in the market.”

And “the need to strengthen the relationship between all local banks,” government and civil “working in Iraq on the one hand and the Central Bank on the other.

He pointed out that this step will coordinate and understanding between banks and the Central Bank and reflected positively on the performance of the banking sector, which should take an active role in the stage Current situation “.

Exchange of trust

Al-Naimi stressed the importance of separating the administration from capital and the restructuring of government banks because this will contribute greatly to the activation and activation of this market, which requires the exchange of confidence between all banks by providing data on the transactions of borrowers for large amounts and data related to the banking operations and activities carried out by these banks to central bank”.

He explained that “the role of the central is to supervise and control the performance of this market and maintain the stability of prices,” stressing that “expanding the deal with this market would improve the conditions of banks by applying standards on transparency, thus contributing to the best results of the banking system in general.”

Within the framework of these procedures, the Central Bank sponsored a technical workshop between one of the leading international companies in the areas of financial solutions and among a number of banks operating in Iraq with the support of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks.

Banking Performance

The economic academic, Dr. Majid al-Baydani said in an interview earlier “morning” that “the non-activation of this system will reflect negatively on the performance of banking, which is still waiting for his chance to integrate into the economic process.”

“The importance of such a market is evident among private banks so that the economy can rise strongly because the emerging economies are focused on the activity and effectiveness of banks in granting credit and launching various loans for small and medium-sized enterprises that achieve profits as well as improve price discipline in the market.”    link

Samson:  Trump imposes sanctions on Iranian leader Khamenei

24th June, 2019

Signed by US President Donald Trump, Monday, tight sanctions on Iran, especially targeting regime guide Ali Khamenei.  The sanctions came after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards dropped an American aircraft over the Strait of Hormuz a few days ago.

Trump said when he signed the executive order that the severe sanctions targeted the Iranian regime’s leader Ali Khamenei, and that his country wants to stop Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism.

Trump explained that the new package of sanctions would have been imposed on Iran regardless of the downing of the US aircraft.  He stressed that the United States would not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, but at the same time said that his country is not seeking war.  LINK

Samson:  Support: The speed of completing the cab thanks to the opposition of wisdom

2019/6/24 21:50

MP from the bloc of opposition wisdom, Hassan Fedad, said that “the speed of completion of the cab came thanks to the opposition.”

The support of the {Euphrates News} that “the opposition wisdom moved stagnant water to complete the ministerial cabin.” “If it had not been for our step, there would have been no incentive for the government to put up names to complement its ministerial cabinet so quickly,” he said.

“Wisdom will begin its work as a constructive political opposition within the parliament that will accurately assess performance and be the voice of the oppressed people,” he said.  “We will be held accountable and will not compromise with any party that fails to implement the government program or not to find the real services of the citizen,” he said.

The House voted in its 26th session, which was held under the chairmanship of Mohammed al-Halbusi, the president of the council, on Monday, in the presence of 233 deputies to the ministers of defense, interior and justice.

The Council also approved the request of the Prime Minister to exempt Shaima Khalil Al-Hayali, who had previously won the confidence of the Council for the post of Minister of Education and subsequently applied for exemption from this task.

The Council voted not to grant confidence to Hussein Ali Al-Hamdani for the post of Minister of Education after receiving 109 votes out of 233 votes.   LINK

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