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MilitiaMan: I feel there is still good reason to be very optimistic about a window we maybe in. Let me first say that I am sorry that this has been so long in coming for us and with all the pressures of life on us all, some far worse than others, has me sad, as I know struggle and I know loss!!

But, I also know there is always Gods will and that will we have no control over, other than faith in his will is for the best for us, whether we see it out the gate or not, it is most often the best..

 So, we have been told that the receipts of waiting have been issued, they have time lines with them. We have heard that the delivery of smalls has been done to date.

The demonstrations have triggered the GOI to get the lead out and that is noted of recent in the HOR / GOI if you will in regards to constitutional amendments and implementation requirements for the citizens demands being front and center now.

Aside from PM Mahdi’s speech suggesting the citizens and teachers were out of line is not imo genuine. For crying out loud if he and the PTB would have given the citizens what the promised they wouldn’t have had to take it to the extreme as they have.

They extended the Baghdad Fair  for ten days. Well that ten days is up on the 11th. That is Monday, next.

I have not seen any other postponements to date. We have seen the waning of the demonstrations, as if they were (are imo) well orchestrated to get the full effect and pressure to be placed so that they can’t wiggle out any longer.

There is an article out with very big names in it about an annual conference in Britain 12/08/2019. Those names are not in the business to play games. They are in business to make money. Just as they know full well that once Iraq is fully article 8 compliant with an international rate, they’ll be able to take the bull by the horns and off they all go in rebuilding the nation.

The Fair that we want to see take place is on the 11th. Since we haven’t seen another postponement yet in regard to that fair, I am assuming (“”)  that they have every intention on going forward with it. It would make sense that this fair would be a prelude to the one in Britain early next month.

So, if they do have the Fair, it would seem that the final end of the reforms being an international rate has to be in the bag by now.

They have been in sessions working on that very topic and again they speak of the 2020 budget being for the citizens and their demands. Those items are slated from now through this weekend.

So with what we have learned about patterns, the banks in Iraq are closed now and won’t open again for a few days.  Thursday through Monday is imo key to watch.

 There are other factors that are in play that support my view that this window is real and in play.

The currency in Iraq yesterday was experiencing large fluctuations in pricing to the upside that doesn’t bode well of the CBI.

They are looking to be out of 2% compliance and that is more pressure on them to get that under control.

Alak was said to have told people that once the demonstrations are under control that reforms can kick in and within days to a couple of weeks.

Well we are within that time frame. Frank wrote about things from 10/25 and then on 10/28 gave time frame possibilities. They support the pattern I mentioned earlier, Thursday though Monday.

 Two weeks from the 25th is Friday, tomorrow, and two weeks from the 28th is Monday the 11th. Those receipts have schedule, time and dates to go with them. We have been told that delivery of smalls is highly likely now. The receipts are real and meaning full.imo

Since Sadr has been said to have pulled back their efforts in the demonstrations, things appear to have been cooled and that bodes well for us.

So, lets see how this next 24-72 hours plays out. My best view is they are still right on track with completion of reforms. They’ll need that fair imo to precede the one in December!

A successful fair will set the stage!!

The tools they have in the quiver to create success is the rate change! Lets pray the events that we have watched unfold orchestrated or not, work in our favor and go down in history, as being the Deal of the Century for us! Peace..~ MM




Rommy:  Awesome write up MM!  IMO the citizens demands have to be met.  Too many have died/injured to receive anything less.  And we know one of the key demands, to getting their lives and country back, constitutes pausing the auctions, adding value to their currency and issuing the small notes (aka lower demons or small groups).  We remain only a “switch” away from nothing, nothing, nothing then suddenly.

Thomas:   I think we will most likely see the window be after Parliament passes the reforms of the demonstrators and before the fair on Monday.   This is still within the window you brought us, but the most likely possibility imo.  I say this because the rate needs declared for the budget and monetary reform.  It would also make the fair more productive for the benefit of Iraq, but more importantly to the citizens of Iraq.  My prayers go out to the citizens of Iraq.

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