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2Cents:  It will be interesting to see when/if they open Sunday if the comma was to be a comma or a period……..” ~2Cents

MilitiaMan:  It will be interesting. What I found to be encouraging is Mahmound Saleh told us they reached equilibrium. That fits what we have been told about the second set of books. Also fits they raised the value of the Indices to get that equilibrium.

Alak didn’t get to be the head of the AMF for making errors.. imo The data coming from the CBI Board is lour and I listen to it. They haven’t made that specific mistake before in the 15 year history, as the chart clearly points out.

The CBI statistics did show that the money issued changed in a big way not long ago, to only revert back, that was said to be a mistake, yet, the value of that money when they reverted it back is still the same. Since then, it has decreased by about 1 Trillion Dinar, however.

Personally, I don’t think it was a mistake. I think they were ready to RI, but, then realized they were not ready just yet, hence the adjustment back to normal.

Lets keep in mind they are not keeping track in other key issues since March, yet.. Why? They need to be quiet until all is said and done.. imo.

Just as the IMF is not going to tell us that they have a plan to introduce the IQD into the SDR program… Especially while they are at a program rate. Never happen for obvious reasons!!

But, it you look at what the CBI has spoken about using the SDR would/may or could suggest they may intend to do so and may use the SDR as a mechanism among others to support the value of their currency while stabilizing the currency and the economy,  by having a stronger currency that will fit the model the IMF could agree with and thereby, allowing Iraq to join the SDR basket and use their share of SDR’s if allowed in, to borrow against..

Think about the FIMA and CML.. Tools being used to get rid of Auctions and to smooth out trading in the REPO markets and support foreign reserves.. That street goes both ways.

If the IQD rate increase supports the UST, then they’ll be able to also get more USD off the Street to support their reserves as well. No MCP’s once they do.. Brilliant way to game a system..

They raise the IQD to a level that garners SDR status, they’ll garner investors like no other. We shall see, right? lol Yep!  ~ IMO ~ MM


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