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MilitiaMan:  Good afternoon to everyone. I am sure the event we await is looking to be in motion more and more each day. Why? Well there are so many indicators that point to it.

The Finanical Interntational Monetary Authority (FIMA) was put in place back in April of this year. The Currency Manipulation Law (CML) was effective the same day.

They are in place to smooth markets and level the playing field. They are support for foreign and domestic currencies to move globally and within the USA. They will also support respective a countries or states foreign reserves.

All countries are exposed to foreign currencies when involved in trade. Obviously some more than others, as with the USD.

We here in the USA are exposed to trillions of them as is the globe. The sheer number of just the IQD we hold at the UST is staggering in number. The UST holds imo trillions not billions, and we pray that amount becomes far more in value after it is re instated from a program rate to an international one.

The amount of our debt in the USA is also staggering. It is inflationary and unsustainable and most in the world that know finance and economics get that.

So, that said do the same people that get it about the negative consequences know what we know? Yes, the smart money knows what they own and hold it. They don’t part with it. They hold it for long periods of time most often.

The IQD and other currencies are being held and they will fuel markets with liquidity once re instated (RI) or adjusted accordingly from the effects associated to those adjustments.

As the amount of money that will be generated from said adjustments, is far more staggering than what amounts that are on the books today, when in the near future valued accordingly from an RI.

We are the smart money, too. We have held our currency through thick and thin. Thank God for that!

We are now coming to the end of an era to a new one. One that will bring many new things and I pray we are all good stewards and use our learning experiences in life to make a better place for us and others.

From the looks of us all here at KTFA that should not be a worry!! In fact it is more likely to be a given..

So, let’s take a look at what we know in brief.

With the facilities in place to move money on a level playing field through and with the FIMA and CML, the system is in place to facilitate our money movements too, and effectively in the larger scheme of things collectively together.

Trust me, we are not the biggest boys or girls!! Lol But we are a part of the current. We will flow along with it into the next phase of our monetary history.

Iraq has to the best of my knowledge notified the BIS they are to raise the value of their currency, imo.

 The BIS has in return, also with the same sentiment have notified other banks of that action and we learned that by PINGs noticed around the world recently. 

Those pings are reactionary and necessary. They represent readiness. This complex event is nothing short of a biblical event to come, imo because of the sheer size and effects it will have.

The timing of events are pin pointing to a time frame that will allow a smooth transition into the new system, Quantum Financial System (QFS) with block chain technology and with that comes transparency.

Transparency is what they need Iraq to have too. Kahdimi will bring forth proof of that before he arrives next week to Washington from my view point anyway!

He will come with reforms in hand and security in place!

We saw witness to that yesterday. With upwards of a 1000 arrests! Also,l today we see that there is a “distinguished” relationship between Kahdimi an Alaq. They have files on the books in respect to the currency auctions. They’ll have that sorted imo from here on out.

We also see the international relationship to Euroclear to facilitate Iraq’s Assets globally.. All is ready, as the World Bank has agreed with the CBI to manage assets.

The World Bank / IMF article /  interview basically said it is time to fix the international financial system and that time is now!

The FIMA is the tool to help with that and is in place, just as the CML will too. So, long winded as I can be, our window is a short one.

Kahdimi arrives next week to the USA!!

That shows me a window would have to be open during a time frame where banks are on a level playing field and typically that is when all banks are closed prior to reopening of international markets.

We have another time this weekend for that potentiality to allow for a smooth transition for more than one currency to adjust.

As the IQD in of it self would require adjustments globally too. So if they add in many? They definitely would need a smooth transition.

So let’s see with the days bring us. They sure look good!! ~ MM