KTFA (MilitiaMan)


Finance: the automation system will enhance the management of the financial position    LINK

MilitiaMan:  Everyone may want to understand this one. They cannot go live with this automation without being article 8 compliant.

The CBI is talking about major and influential reforms.. Well, imo being article 8 compliant to get hooked up with this new system with upwards of 80 – 90 countries and to be influential suggests that they are going to be serious and competitive in trade.

Kahdimi knows the score and reminded us that the port of FAW is still on the table with China and South Korea.. Both of which just signed on and into one of the worlds largest trade deals.

They too want the border crossings to have accurate and transparent trade with the customs, taxes, tariffs, exemptions, no double taxation, etc..

Page 25 shows a spread sheet with many countries (USA, United Kingdom, etc).. They are all Article 8 compliant..imo  The spread sheet gives an example in Swiss Francs for instance.. So, with that in mind, think about the deals with SA. The USA of the Middle East. That Power has urgency on the mind. For good reason too. It is time to get the money flowing. It has been 30 years.. They seemingly imo think the uncertainty with our election, give rise for that urgency to seal the deals ahead of that, just in case. Kahdimi knows that it is go time, SA imo does as well.

IMO! They have no way to go but to go Article 8. They are in cooperation with the UN. They minister was given the go ahead to negotiate the contract. Well, he is not going to show up with out knowing what to fill in the spread sheet in (IQD= / $) with..

There is that question thing again? imo lol Is this the special platform? Maybe not, but, it sure looks like this AYSCUDA is a great place to be apart of. So lets see what they do. My bet is there is no turning back now.. imo ~ MM