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MilitiaMan: Lets see if the Digital System had a reset with the Fed yesterday has anything to say about the winds of March..

I suspect that shut down “operational error” yesterday was on purpose or was it? lol.. Way to many checks and balances at the FED to to have that sort of thing to happen middle of a work day, ioo.

Millions of transactions were held up for a period of time, about an hour real close. That equates to millions of transactions, ioo.. Apparently that has never happened before.

There are a large amount of contracts that need to be sorted by tomorrow. Interestingly, silver has some heavy pressures herself. Keep in mind silver is money, too. But also a strategic metal. So lets see what the weekend brings us.

My view is it is possible that shut down (OE) by the FED was a potential global notice given out, that change is coming. A 1 hour notice publicly announced? Kinda like, hey world we are resetting the system, rebooting if you will and when complete?

Then we resume like nothing happened, until x date which may be within a very short predetermined window with a new adjustment made.. So everyone would have had to have been given equal notice, and once the adjustment is made, a level playing field is set in motion and all are on equal footings.

Not sure if that is the case, but, a pattern was broken for the first time by the Fed (OE) going down like it did and when it did.

We know that the new Dinar is to be Digital or Electronic at some point.

We know the BUNA platform is digital for clearing International and Foriegn currencies.

We know there was a JV with JPM and China with the “SWIFT” system in digital Yuan.

So, with the USD having a digital platform play in BUNA via JPM and then the USA SWIFT / China play, we could see the need to reset to that level of a playing field. All need to be on the same page with same protocols when trading digitally.

So did the FED test the system live in real time to see how it would work out? Then if successful, notice has been given, then game on?

Don’t know for sure, but, way to many things converging at this juncture in time.. imo ~ We shall see if any of these thinking or opinion has any legs or not.

But keep in mind that there was the Financial International Monetary Authority ( FIMA ) in place to move large amounts of money back in early April 2020 and the Currency Manipulation same day!!

The put those in place for a reason, a safety net!! ~ imo ~ MM


” The Central Bank of Iraq announced, at an earlier time, its readiness to implement the electronic payment system and launch the electronic dinar in a way that contributes to increasing dealing with banks and reducing the problems of cash handling.”  LINK


The Federal Reserve’s systems for transferring money and financial assets among banks, businesses and government entities went offline for a period of time on Wednesday, upending crucial parts of the country’s financial infrastructure.

The Fed said that a “Federal Reserve operational error” disrupted nearly all of the services the central bank provides as of 11:15 a.m Eastern.

“We acknowledge that payment deadlines are impacted and will communicate remediation efforts to our customers when available,” the Fed said in an announcement shortly after 2 p.m.”