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MilitiaMan:  I suggest everyone read this close. It has phenomenal implications and historic vision! – MM

Don961:  Text of the speech of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi

Saturday 24 October 2020  Baghdad / morning

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

The great people of Iraq are people of magnanimity, patience and elevation   People of construction, achievement and civilization     Peace, mercy and blessings of God

We commemorate the 25th of October, to remind ourselves that the people have genuine rights, a clear voice, a courageous attitude, and a vision, and that the ruler’s job is to listen to the voice of his people.

On this day a year ago, the people of Iraq had a cry and prayers, embodied in the faces of young men and women, women and men, the elderly and even children! Those who recorded their names on the chest of history, and carved with their pure blood a path towards the future.

We can know that historical moment, in all available ways, and we can strive, but in the end, we will reach one conclusion, that the Iraqi social movement has drawn up a road map that was recognized by everyone, and we are proceeding with it according to its vocabulary.

This government has been formed and aims to be the expression of the people’s will.

This was in its governmental curriculum.

This curriculum was put into effect since the first day of the government’s life, which does not exceed five months, and the first criterion we put in place is that we are a government whose primary goal is to prepare for free, fair and fair elections, and we have determined, without hesitation, the sixth of June 2021. A date for these elections, and we are sticking to this date.

We have worked and are still working, with the assistance of the Electoral Commission, to complete its preparations for the success of this great event, especially in the event of the completion of the distinguished parliament – the mechanisms of the election law.

We are working to ensure that international organizations and institutions monitor these elections to ensure greater transparency and integrity.

The will for political change is, in fact, expressed by the ballot box.

There is no legitimate political representation except through elections, so everyone must prepare for it, and we ensure that it is protected from fraud and fugitive weapons, with all legal means and methods, and well-designed security plans, and through the adoption of the biometric system for voting, and bridging all the gaps in the system and technologies. The electoral process, and before all that, opened the door for all, political and popular forces, to express themselves, organize their ranks, and compete in the electoral competition with honor and responsibility, and within the legal and constitutional context.

We said we kept the promise. We promised to launch a fact-finding system in the painful October events, and we did, despite the suspicions of some bidders, and sometimes the challenges of blackmailers, here or there.

We have formed a fact-finding team of judges known for their integrity, and this is the third and final stage, after the stage of collecting and enumerating the names of martyrs and settling their cases.

And then the stage of collecting and counting the wounded, and starting their treatment inside and outside Iraq, according to meals and according to health priorities.

On the economic side, despite the crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, the collapse of oil prices, and we received an economic file burdened with wrong and painful policies, and a treasury emptied by the absence of economic strategies, and total dependence on oil,

Despite all this, we provided the basic needs of the country, and put forward an ambitious reformist economic white paper that laid out long-term solutions to prevent economic collapse, and to encourage agriculture, national industry and investment,

We have initiated serious measures to implement this paper, in a way that serves the interests of our people and their economic security. 

We said that we will take great steps in the face of corruption, and we have done, and for the first time all the component considerations and challenges of the influence of some will be overlooked, to open more than thirty large corruption files, as it was impossible to open them previously, and we brought those involved in those files into law.

On this day, Iraq, unfortunately, stood on the brink of a regional and international war that almost took place on its soil, and we worked calmly and diplomatically to gather support, to restore the weight of Iraq and its international size, and not allow it to slide back into the conflict on behalf of others or attack others.

We have made a lot of progress through strategic dialogue with the United States, to consolidate national sovereignty, just as we made progress itself through frank dialogue with our neighbors and with our friends according to the rule of “Iraq first interest”.

Our honorable and honorable people

Our armed forces are heroic ..

Strengthening the security services, dedicating their specialization, and restoring the honor to the heroic Iraqi army are at the core of our governmental pledges, and during the past five months, we have made long strides in the way of restoring the prestige of the security and military institutions, whose prestige we say is the prestige of the state.

We also refused and we refuse to force the security forces to confront the people.

Rather, we affirm that its mission and goal is to protect our people, not to attack them.

That is why we tell everyone:

Do not break the prestige of the security forces in word or deed;

Respect the rank, the uniform, and the moral value that the soldier and the security man represent.

Peaceful demonstration is an inherent right of our people.

When we issued strict orders to protect the demonstrators, we call on our youth to be cautious and wary, from the attempts of those afflicted by malice and lack of patriotism, in their endeavor to derail the demonstrations from their peacefulness, or drag them into clashes with the security services, or damage public and private funds, in an attempt to push these agencies. To defend itself and state institutions.

Just as the security services are required to protect the demonstrators, they must protect public and private property and strike anyone who violates the security services or property or breaks the prestige of the state.

I call on our conscious youth in the demonstrations to form human circuits to maintain a peaceful protest, and to contact the relevant agencies through special lines, which are presented today to report any attempt to tamper with the security of citizens, threaten their lives, or harm institutions and property.

We will never surrender to the non-state supporters, followers of this or that side, or those affected by this stage, in their continuous attempt to strip the peaceful demonstration of its essence, and implant in its ranks the abusers, opportunists, criminals and seditionists, after they have failed to kidnap the state through the outlawed weapons. That is by taking advantage of people’s voice and grievances. Those who failed to lead the country, pushed it to the brink of division, civil war, and ISIS terrorist, and turned it into a regional and international arena of conflict, and did not preserve blood and did not preserve the trust, these will not allow them to penetrate the ranks of the demands of our people, and to sow estrangement again between the state and our people, so we say :

Watch your ranks, distinguish your ranks, so that you do not stand in the same position with those who want mischief in Iraq and its people, and with those who want to destroy and break the state, and give it a gift or captivity to others.

We remember with great pride the martyrs and wounds of October, and the rumbling voices that called

“We want a home”

We remember as we stand today at the threshold of a country befitting and befitting the Iraqis, and I mean a nation that we build together through economic reform, eliminating corruption and restoring the prestige of the state,

A homeland in which we change through the ballot box, according to the principles of democracy and a free and healthy political life, a country that preserves rights and freedoms, and believes in pluralism, diversity and the peaceful transfer of power.

Long live Iraq

Long live Iraq

Long live Iraq, and may God’s peace and mercy be upon you

Mustafa Al-Kazemi

Prime Minister

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces   LINK