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Frometad:  Are the talks between Iraq and the American delegation happening tomorrow?

KBC123:  As I understand it the US Delegation will show up tomorrow and the “joint ventures” between Iraq and the US will start to be made public tomorrow and in the days following….

Suzie:  We’ve had a lot of information and “hopium” in the last 30 days right up til’ now and if all these countries are anxious to go to the prom “with the prettiest girl”, isn’t it about time she put’s on her make up??  Just sayin’… and Pompeo told em’ get this done by the 15th and the US will help them including financially.  It seems to me if they RV they’d be helping us!  All of this is just MY OPINION.

Iggy:  and we will be helping them get their 000’s back. and i am starting to believe they will be getting them back for something other than oil…imo

Samson:  Al-Kazemi reveals the first elements of the upcoming dialogue with Washington

10th June, 2020

Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi revealed, on Wednesday, the first elements of the upcoming dialogue between Iraq and the United States of America, while he confirmed and stated the media office of the Prime Minister in a statement received / Mawazine News / a copy of it, that “Al-Kazimi held a meeting with a number of Representatives of the tribes and dignitaries of the governorate of Nineveh, on the sidelines of his visit to the city of Mosul, on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of its occupation by ISIS terrorist gangs.

Al-Kazimi emphasized that “Mosul, Al-Hadba represents civilization and human history and heritage, and it was subjected to the terror of ISIS gangs, and it was liberated after the blood of all Iraqis mixed in a heroic epic that is proud of.” He stressed, “The importance of coexistence and diversity in the province of Nineveh, and considered it an advantage and an element of strength for it,” stressing that “Nineveh will rise and flourish with the solidarity of its children from all sects and ethnicities.”

He pointed out, “The challenges facing the government in the current stage, as it mobilizes all its efforts to face the Corona pandemic, in light of a financial crisis caused by the collapse of world oil prices,” noting that “the government inherited a heavy legacy and received an empty budget, as a result of poor planning and total dependence. On oil, and he stressed that there are opportunities for success to build a citizenship state.”

He revealed, “The forthcoming dialogue with the United States of America will be the first component of the dialogue, which is sovereignty and the interests of the country.” He indicated, “The citizen is the legitimate ruler, and should not be disturbed by all his demands, but rather strive to achieve them,” promising representatives of the tribes and dignitaries of the governorate of Nineveh, “to hold a session of the Council of Ministers in the city of Mosul, devoted to discussing their conditions and taking decisions on them.”    LINK


Don961:  Trump’s advisor: Iraq has asked the World Bank for financial assistance and Washington will help it in that

Policy 09/20/2020 22:26 2354    Baghdad today – Baghdad

Gabriel Somma, a member of the advisory office, revealed to President Donald Trump, today, Tuesday, that Iraq submitted a request to the World Bank for financial assistance, while noting that Washington will work to achieve this.

Soma said in his speech to the program  (Shortest Roads) , which is presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem on the Sharqiya channel , that “Iraq asked the World Bank for financial assistance and the United States is a major contributor to the World Bank and will help it in that, because the reputation of Iraq in financial terms is very good.”

He added, “Washington wants to know what the Iraqi government wants from it. Will it decide to leave the American forces or keep them with a formula of understanding and specific roles?”
He pointed out that “Iranian influence in Iraq threatens the security of Iraq, and the threat of ISIS still exists with 10,000 ISIS elements, and there is a threat to Iraq by militias that receive money, weapons and orders from Iran.

“And he stated, “At the present time, I do not think that there is a trend towards the exit of American forces from Iraq, because of the danger of ISIS in the region.”   linjk

MilitiaMan:  Let’s not forget the timing of this as today and tomorrow there is SFA on the table, and subsequent meetings thereafter. The above suggests that by the USA being a major contributor of the World Bank the USA has significant clout if you will to help Iraq with financial assistance.

Let’s remember the agreement the CBI has with the World Bank that was noted on the CBIs  website a few weeks ago during the time when the CBI was up and down on the internet. The article was only up for a very short period of time on one day. I have not seen is again since.. The article reflected an agreement between the World Bank and the CBI. The agreement was for the World Bank to have a managerial relationship with regard to the CBIs assets.

Money is an asset, bonds are assets, gold and precious metals are assets, in ground commodities are all assets, etc.. They’ll need management and the expertise that comes from the World Bank. Managing assets under the guise of USA protection from terrorists is a fairly big stick to yield.

Having upwards of 10,000 ISIS elements IS SERIOUS!! It requires help and the USA can help with that and from the looks of all the countries that showed up, it appears safe to say the new PM has had negotiations and now the dialogue in respect to the problem solving begins.

The countries wouldn’t be showing up if there were not an agreement(s) that was/were satisfactory to them all prior to showing up, in that the USA was not going any were soon to give pause for them to pour in with that many elements running around..

They suggest that Iraq has a good reputation regarding finance? Well the CBI has had awards and Alak has been tapped to go to the AMF as head honcho!! Lol They have maintained inflation to a large degree quite well. So by that, we could agree..

To that point about finance the tools used to support the IQD / USD exchange rate to be maintained within 2% real close for long periods of time shows that with the tools that have been used and the help of the World Bank to manage Iraq’s assets now and into the future shows that the foundation is finished and the final asset will be placed for all to see! A new bright and shiny IQD!!

Exiting times we are in watching the birth of a new currency to Global Markets be born.. let’s make sure there are plenty of cigars to pass around right? Lol imo ~ MM

Pattycakes77:  I thought i share this. I buy dinar from a service here in Vancouver and when i went to buy dinar yesterday i was told that they were given special instruction to stop selling the iraqi dinar. I asked why and he couldn’t tell me, he just smiled. I hope this is in line with what we are leading into. Hoping this weekend we see fireworks.


Don961:  Watch a government consultant explain the package of reforms in the new and Kazemii decision, shocked by the higher salaries … Are we past the stage of danger?

2020-06-10  Yassin Iraq: Baghdad

The Adviser to the Prime Minister, Hisham Dawood, said that the Council of Ministers voted on the project of Finance Minister Ali Allawi for economic and financial reform in Iraq, indicating that this project was officially turned into a decision.

Dawood mentioned that Iraq is going through a financial crisis and oil prices are unstable and even at its current price is not sufficient to pay salaries and therefore there is no option but economic and financial reform.

He added, the deduction will include the salaries of high-ranking employees, which is not a large deduction, but the maximum thing is 10 percent.

He continued, We inherited a very flaccid state and among the employees and retirees, who number approximately 6 million people, and these are waiting for a monthly salary from the state and our income is only oil and we do not have national production at the level.

And the decision also included a package of reforms to facilitate the work of the local market, reduce pressure on the local market, encourage investment and attract capitals from abroad.


Al-Kazemi is shocked by the salaries

The Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, said that the current stage is not a period of austerity, but rather a challenging stage, stressing that there are pensions amounting to 18 million dinars, and this is unreasonable.

Al-Kazefi said in a speech opening the cabinet session yesterday: “A reasonable person looks forward to retirement in the state, and his retirement is 8, 12, and 18 million dinars.” He asked: “What law accepts this?”

And he added: “We must be fair, and we have a sense of people, and feel their pain, we should not forget ourselves.”

Al-Kazemi added: “Today we are not in a period of austerity, but rather a phase of greater challenge than austerity, and we have no choice.”

He continued: “There will be no harm to the families of the martyrs. People did not understand the paper, and interpreted it in their own way. ”, Referring to the reform paper presented, and the government still did not approve it.


Ali Allawi worried about the crisis

The Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, revealed the day before yesterday, Monday, the size of the deficit in the revenues of this year, compared to the sums the state needs to secure salaries, while it revealed several ways, he said that the government will resort to to solve the financial crisis.

Allawi said during a press conference, held in Baghdad, after the end of the special cabinet session, that “the accumulations of wrong policies since 2003 to this day have led to real problems in the economic infrastructure of Iraq,” noting that previous governments did not face the economic side with the required seriousness ”

He added that “we are now working to confront these accumulations and solve them through the cooperation of all to cross this economic crisis and enter a new economic space.”

And that “the economic crisis occurred because of the decline in oil revenues very low, and even after the relative rise, the government will import 3 trillion dinars during one month.”

Allawi pointed out that “the expenses of the state during each month amount to 7 trillion dinars, and that the deficit that occurs during each month is 5 trillion and we are working to find a way to provide it.”

He expected, Minister of Finance, that “oil prices rise in the next stage, but this rise cannot cover the deficit in the budget.”

He pointed out that “Iraq suffers from three basic problems, the most prominent of which is the financial crisis that occurs and how to deal with it without affecting the middle classes of income and the poor.” Processed. ”


GodLover:  Beautiful, profound article imo. Official decision made per article……… they see the dire situation & hopefully they will implement asap imo

Don961:  A second earthquake hits the Iranian south is stronger than the first that shook Fares Province

2020.06.09 – 20:54  Baghdad – people

An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale hit Tuesday evening in the Perm region of the city of Laristan in Fars Province, southern Iran.

“This accident occurred 26 km from the city of Perm, 26 km from the city of Khonj and 40 km from the city of loaded in the southern province of Fars, and at a depth of 11 km from the surface of the earth,” Fars news agency quoted the Seismological Center of the Iranian Geophysics Foundation as saying. .

In a related context, Assistant Governor of Fares Jalil Hosni confirmed that “so far there have been no reports of any loss of life as a result of this accident, and that financial damage is currently being evaluated.”

A second earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale hit Fars, southern Iran, on Tuesday evening.

The earthquake struck the Perm district of the Larstan District in southern Fars Province at 21:48 minutes today, Tuesday.

“The epicenter of this earthquake was at a depth of 10 kilometers from the surface of the earth,” said the Seismological Institute of Tehran University.  LINK