KTFA (MilitiaMan, Don961 & Samson)


Samson: Foreign Minister: The Kuwaiti Foreign Minister will visit Baghdad tomorrow

13th June, 2020

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Kuwait, Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, will arrive in the capital Baghdad on Sunday for an official visit.

The Kuwaiti minister is scheduled to meet the prime ministers, the republic and the parliament in addition to his counterpart Fouad Hussein.   LINK

MilitiaMan  It sure looks like they are signalling inclusiveness and with an urgency!!!  The Kurdistan high ranking Delegation is coming  to town and may be arriving in conjunction with the Kuwait Foreign Minister.

Lets think about that a moment. Pompeo is the USAs counter part to the Kuwait’s Foreign Minister, if I am not mistaken. The USA having had SFA meetings that were well received by all, may not be over just yet. There may be another one or so in the coming days too. I sense signings may be at hand to some very important items!!!

The IMF has had recent meetings with the” Crisis” Emergency Cell on currency reforms and the modalities or treatment if you will, to cure the current crisis.  There will be follow up meetings too. Kinda like a doctor to a patient.

Take this alternative we have before us (raise the rate, secondary markets, SDR, Bonds, border fees, taxes and tariffs, reduction in refinery costs, etc.) and let it all take a few days / weeks to start working in conjunction and we will set another appointment for to review your progress, as in WORLD BANK management agreement.. .. lol imo.

 Samson:  Next week .. A high-ranking Kurdish delegation headed by Talabani visits Baghdad

11th June 2020

The office of the Deputy President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Qubad Talabani, announced today, Thursday, that a high-level Kurdish delegation will head to the capital, Baghdad, next week

“The delegation will be headed by Talabani and will go to Baghdad next week, in order to resume dialogues with the federal government on the outstanding problems between the two sides,” said spokesman for the office, Samir Hawrami, according to Kurdish media

He added, “The negotiating delegation held several rounds of dialogue with the previous government, and will go to Baghdad to complete the dialogues with the new government,” stressing “there is a good intention to agree on both sides

It is noteworthy that the Kurdish delegation visited the capital Baghdad several times, and the agreement was agreed in principle between the region and the center on several files, 

Al-Salhi: All political forces insist on the success of Al-Kazemi’s mission, and the steps for reform must be accelerated  LINK

MilitiaManAll inclusive.. Is this the historic HCL / 140 agreed on in principle set for a finality? The Kurdistan Regional Council is talking about internal Reconciliation and also speaks of the region, as well. That my friends looks like to me that the next 24-48 hours are going to be about signing off on some already agreed on files. Having the power players this week is very compelling support that they mean business.

The reforms must be accelerated. The rate at which they bring it forth is what I am looking for, as are the demonstrators.. They know all too well what the alternatives are and one is the most important. RATE. or Purchase Power….. imo.. It all looks so very promising now this is coming to a conclusion. imo ~ MM


Samson:  An arrest warrant was issued for 11 members, including two officers who participated in the suppression of demonstrators in Dhi Qar

13th June, 2020
The chief of the Dhi Qar police chief, Brigadier Hazem Muhammad Razzaq, directed the arrest of 11 associates, including two officers, who participated in the crackdown on demonstrators in Nasiriyah.

According to a document obtained by / Mawazine News / a copy of it: “It was decided to agree to implement the arrest warrant against the associates whose names were included in the document, and affiliated with the Swat Company in accordance with Article 406, to take what is necessary, and send them to the judicial authority concerned with investigating the events of Dhi Qar, accompanied by commanders. And with great guard and a fold of warrants of arrest warrant, inform us of hope.”


MilitiaMan:  Decisions to ARREST those that were responsible for the crack down on protestors.. I have no question, as to the acceleration of the PMs reforms are not part and parcel of this.. Very well timed.. imo ~ MM

Samson:  Despite the pandemic and the lack of imports .. Customs strengthens the state treasury by more than 6 billion dinars

13th June, 2020
The General Authority of Customs announced, on Saturday, its total revenues achieved during the past three days, which amounted to more than (6) billion and a half billion dinars, despite the closure of most border ports due to the Corona pandemic.

The authority stated in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, “In light of the difficult economic and health conditions that our dear country is passing through, its cadres working in all districts and customs centers continue to contribute effectively to help us to their people and their country, united with all challenges and work obstacles to advance their work and achieve The highest revenue is boosted by the state’s treasury billions of dinars per day.

She added, “It contributed to facilitating the entry of thousands of shipments of medicines, medical supplies and foodstuffs around the clock, day and night, and through direct efforts and follow-up by the higher management in the authority in order to facilitate the smooth flow of consignments into the country for basic and food materials, especially human medicines, to reach the consumer in light of the current crisis.”

And she stressed, “her keen desire to achieve more revenues to support the state treasury and contribute to stand in the face of the financial hardship that the country is going through.”   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Here we go.. The customs are already showing promise. Right on time. imo.. ~ MM

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Don961:  A squadron of US F-35 fighters arrives in the Middle East

2020.06.12 – 23:28   NAS – Draft

The United States has sent a squadron of F-35 fighters to the Middle East to conduct reconnaissance and support ongoing combat operations in the US Army’s Central Command area .

“The 421 Squadron F-35 fighters left the Hill Air Force Base in Utah, heading to the Al-Dhafra Air Force Base in the United Arab Emirates to support the mission of the Central Command of the US Air Force in the region,” the American Fox News network quoted officials of the Air Force as saying. .

Air Force officials described the deployment as the latest in an F-35 squadron to join combat operations, and said it was the third time that this type of aircraft had been called up in less than 12 months in the Middle East.

“Fox News” says that with the decline in combat operations against ISIS in the region and the Taliban in Afghanistan, it appears that the mission of “F-35” aircraft will be limited to training, deterrence and escorting ships.

“However, as counterinsurgency efforts have diminished and there are no potential threats to US forces in the region, F-35s could act as a deterrent against Tehran,” she added.

It continues, “and if necessary, the destruction of Iranian ballistic missile launch sites, the strengthening of American air superiority and the destruction of nuclear weapons development facilities.”

The F-35 is distinguished by its ability to hide from radar screens and carry smart weapons, and is the most advanced in the US Air Force and the world.  

This type of aircraft, which belongs to the fifth generation of fighters, also contains the best sensors among global fighters, and has the ability to monitor the enemy and jam the radars from long distances.  

The plane’s sensor systems include 360-degree coverage of the battlefield and an electronic survey that allows striking ground targets without risk with great approach to them.    LINK

MilitiaMan:  Looks like the power play on security in the ME is arriving.. Wow.. ~ MM