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Samson: Iraqi banks are waiting for a notice to launch salaries within 24 hours

28th June, 2020

A source in the Ministry of Finance revealed on Sunday that government banks are awaiting a notice to release the salaries for the employees of the month of June.

The source said to Shafaq News, that the banks are waiting for a notification from the ministry to enter data on the electronic regulations and launch the salaries of state employees. He added that it is hoped that the notice will reach the banks to launch and pay salaries within the next 24 hours.

Yesterday, Saturday, the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, instructed the Ministry of Finance to expel the salaries of employees.

The Iraqi government is struggling to secure employee salaries and other operating expenses due to the collapse in oil prices due to the Corona pandemic, which has paralyzed large sectors of the world economy. The country relies on revenue from the sale of crude to finance 95 percent of the country’s expenditures.

And Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Allawi, had warned, in statements to Agence France-Presse, Wednesday, that the Iraqi economy may face “shocks that it will not be able to deal with” unless reform measures are adopted in less than a year, stressing that 40 million Iraqis will have to They are subject to a tight austerity policy that may last for “two years”.

Projections indicate that the Iraqi economy will face a 10 percent contraction during the year. With one out of every five Iraqis receiving government aid, the bill becomes heavier for the country that depends on paying all its expenditures on oil sales revenue.

And at the beginning of this month, when pensions were deducted in the first steps of the government austerity policy, the protest was unanimous against Allawi and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, even within the parliament that is usually mandated to approve reforms, especially the fight against corruption that led to the evaporation of more than 450 billion Dollars of public money since 2003.  LINK

Popeye7:  IMO, this article seems to hold promise… The Iraqi people need to be paid, and were supposed to have been paid last Thursday if I am not mistaken… What are they waiting for?…  Maybe a simultaneous event taking place? IMO…(wink)

MilitiaMan:  They postponed the salaries for up to 24 hours.. The government banks are awaiting a notice.. Really? Yep, and electronic one. One that is different than in the past..

This imo sure looks like the agreement the Kurds have made and signed yesterday, in that they signed they comprehensive agreement, it suggests there was a need to adjust things for the electronic system to make payments.

That “exact”  database for salaries may have needed to be sorted some still, to have to have postponed for the short period of time. Apparently it is to not take to much time, we / they hope… 

Keep in mind the adjustments at the borders are to have electronic adjustments in line by the 1st of July for shipping, border crossing, taxes, tariffs, fees, etc. Also take note that there will be a parliament session on Monday the 29th.

The 2020 Budget is to be sorted by the 30th. The Kurds signing the comprehensive agreement yesterday, imo would have had the 2019 FMLA on the table.

That 2019 FMLA is the mechanism or is imo the key to the RI.

See the picture being painted? It surely looks promising this is coming to a head! imo It is all lining up!!! imo ~ MM

Parliamentary Finance decision: Kurdistan has handed over its employee database to Baghdad .. This is their exact number   LINK

The delegation of Kurdistan holds talks with the American and British embassies in Baghdad  LINK


Samson:  After his story was presented by Al-Furat TV channel, the central bank governor bears the costs of treating Zakaria

28th June, 2020  VIDEO ON LINK

The Governor of the Central Bank, Ali Al Alaq, announced that he bears the costs of the citizen Zakaria, on the cover of what was shown by the (Al Furat Satellite Channel) channel on the Courier Program.

And the {Euphrates} received a telegram from the relationship saying: A reference to what was presented in your program on the status of citizen Zakaria. The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Ismail, instructed to bear the costs of the Zakaria citizen’s operation within the Tamkeen initiative sponsored by the Iraqi Central Bank and Iraqi banks.”  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Get ready folks.. This is all about going international and bringing in the PRIVATE SECTOR!! OH YA!!!!!!! AN EXAMPLE IS BELOW…. WOW ~ MM


“Tasked with developing Bahrain’s private sector and positioning it as

the key driver of economic development, Tamkeen was established
in August 2006 and remains one of the cornerstones of Bahrain’s
national reform initiatives and Economic Vision.

Its two primary objectives are ‘Fostering the creation and development of enterprises’

and ‘Providing support to enhance the productivity and growth of
enterprises and individuals’.

To achieve the two aforementioned objectives, Tamkeen developed
a strategy which focuses on principles of enhancing Quality,

serving Customers, and achieving Results. Through this strategy, a
number of innovative programmes are provided to Bahrainis and
businesses in Bahrain, which include training, consulting, financing,
entrepreneurship support and others. To date, Tamkeen’s programmes
have served more than 116,000 Bahrainis and businesses in Bahrain.”

MilitiaMan:  Look at all involved in the link below, globally represented, imo .. ~ MM


Don961:  Fatwa prohibiting the phenomenon of aliens and double salaries

2020.06.28 – 19:09  Baghdad – people

On Sunday, the Supreme Council for Issuing Fatwas in the Kurdistan Region announced the prohibition of the salaries of aliens and double-salaries.  

And it came in the fatwa issued by the council, which was viewed by “NAS” (June 28, 2020), that “after a group of citizens and employees of the Kurdistan Region asked the council to clarify the Islamic legal ruling regarding the receipt of salaries without working hours, known as space employees, between the council The rule of Islamic law prohibits multiple salaries. ”

He added that “double salaries, even if one of them is from the Kurdistan Regional Government and the other from the Iraqi government, it is also forbidden, and there is no difference that prohibited it from double salary from the regional government only.”

He explained that “anyone who is not legally appointed is a salary that is forbidden and the government must take legal measures against it.”    link

MilitiaMan:  Here is the potential reason for the 24 hour postponement of Salaries.. They needed to enter data to make sure the “exact” database has no double salaries.. There is a FATWA on the matter.. The Salaries are to be fair and they mean it now.. It has no boundaries between the Kurds and or Bahgdad… imo.. So they clearly are getting this in line for Alak to usher in TAKEEM!! imo.. ~ MM

Definition of fatwa. : a legal opinion or decree handed down by an Islamic religious leader.

Popeye7:  It certainly is looking like we are on the verge, or the cusp…