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Don961: People of experience and confidence …. The Golden Triangle

Special files  ,   12/12/2020 20:06  Baghdad – Iraq today:

We must record President Al-Kazemi’s success in choosing some of his government’s men with great competencies, high professional experience and pure national affiliation amid our objection to some unsuccessful options for running the state in his government, which is swinging in the midst of the popular and political storm that has been blowing over the country since Almost a year and a half.

Among the brilliant names chosen that should be referred to by Thousand Banan, the name of Dr. Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, Minister of Finance, Mrs. Suha Dawoud Al-Najjar, Head of the National Investment Authority, and Mr. Mustafa Ghaleb Makhaif, Governor of the New Central Bank, are the golden triangle in the prime minister’s options for the political and economic reform process to rescue Country.

It is the responsibility of the Central Bank of Iraq in this important triangle to control the economic and monetary rhythm in particular in the country, after a series of failures that occurred in previous periods that led it to the inability to distribute salaries and general cash scarcity in a dangerous precedent that no Iraqi government has faced since 1921 to present.

It must be noted that this choice in this critical period is considered a successful milestone blow recorded to the Prime Minister that opens up bright and broad horizons for the work of the Central Bank and draws great hope to change the stumbling economic conditions of the country by following a precise financial policy.

The first signs of which were important decisions in changing the structure of monetary and commercial dealings by adopting the principle of dealing Electronic financial (credit card) and moving away from paper cash (banknotes) in paying state employees’ salaries, which will be automatically transferred to their accounts, leading to transferring all daily payments and purchases to this system, similar to that of the developed countries of the world.

As well as setting up an electronic platform for all letters of guarantee issued in banks for the benefit of their customers in order to avoid the forgery and manipulations that occur in this important aspect of commercial and banking dealings.

And following the directions of the Minister of Finance and his support and encouragement for the idea of moving industry and national investment by facilitating lending to existing factories and factories to develop their production, and new industrial projects in order to employ the Iraqi workforce and develop the local product, which will be reflected in maximizing the general national product.

We raise the hat high to the Prime Minister on these delicate choices of people of experience and confidence and the promotion of high government positions with such names with high professional and administrative competence.

We wish success, success and repayment to the leaders of the Iraqi economy in their difficult mission, which, God willing, will undoubtedly succeed.  LINK

DeepWoodz:  Baghdad – Iraq today:”the New Central Bank, are the golden triangle” Imo…WOW!!!  Sounds like CONGRATULATIONS to me! But for WHAT???  NEW CENTRAL BANK???

MilitiaMan:  Sure looks like the have they system ready for change. The are effectively saying thank you to the three in the golden triangle.

The minister of finance, the CBI Governor and the Investment Authority. 

Combine this with the meeting at the Presidents house last night, the Kurds getting their payments simultaneously and the borders with Saudi Arabia are talking about a $ Billion for the year and that in revenues at the borders within days will be upward.

Well to the latter upwards imo is an increase.. So for all these items and payments, letters of guarantees, salaries, etc.. to all be in sync is very telling.

They have the Golden Triangle to thank and they are, as this wasn’t an endeavor that started yesterday. It has been a massive work in progress.. Lets see what they have to say in the coming days..

It looks very good, as the rescue is underway. imo.. ~ MM

Samson:  With a unified ticket .. Discuss the establishment of an entity to transport passengers by land between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq

12th December, 2020

The Egyptian Minister of Transport, Kamel Al-Wazir, said on Saturday that the establishment of an entity was discussed to transport passengers by land between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.

The minister explained that “a topic of great importance was discussed in the field of cooperation between the three countries, which is the regulation of passenger movement by land between these countries, whether through the establishment of the Arab Bridge Land Transport Company, similar to the Arab Bridge Navigation Company, or through the integration of transport companies.”

Land existing in each country with each other and with the Arab Bridge Navigation Company, in order to reach a model system to facilitate the transportation of passengers between the three countries with a unified ticket.

The general assembly of the Arab Bridge Navigation Company was held in its 75th session in Cairo, in the presence of the team, Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, the Egyptian Minister of Transport, and Engineer Marwan Khaitan, the Jordanian Minister of Transport, and Captain Nasser Hussein, the Iraqi Minister of Transport, in addition to the company’s board of directors.

The General Assembly reviewed the technical condition of the ships and ships of the Arab Bridge, the effects of the Corona pandemic on the company’s activity, business and financial results during the last period, as well as the procedures and mechanisms that have been taken to ensure the continuity of the company’s activity, which represents an important commercial link between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq.



DeepWoodz:  Imo…12/12/2020

So what happened in the wee hours of the morning? No Word Yet but a lot about the Kurds and all good!

Buna is the talk of the Arab financial world!Kadhimi is for all Iraqi’s, including the Kurds.

Oil is almost at 50….49.98!!!

Agriculture is doing Great!

Kurds getting paid.

Big stuff with Egypt!!! “  the need to expedite the implementation of what was signed between the three countries during the previous periods, and to activate it on the ground as soon as possible.”

“the joint negotiation meeting between the federal government, the Parliamentary Finance Committee and the Kurdistan Region delegation.”


Samson:  Signing a memorandum of understanding and cooperation protocol during the Iraqi-Egyptian talks

12/12/2020 15:37:16

Iraq signed, on Saturday, a memorandum of understanding and a cooperation protocol with Egypt during the Iraqi-Egyptian talks in Cairo.

The Minister of Planning signed a memorandum of understanding in the field of economic and development policy-making and international and regional cooperation with the Egyptian Minister of Economy and Economic Development.

The Minister of Agriculture signed the cooperation protocol in the field of agricultural research with his Egyptian counterpart.  LINK


Parliamentary integrity identifies obstacles to recovering smuggled funds

12th December, 2020

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee identified, on Saturday, obstacles to recovering smuggled money abroad.

A member of the committee, Taha Al-Dafi, according to the official agency, said, “The recovery of the smuggled money is entrusted to the Integrity Commission, specifically in the Recovery Department, but the work of this department was not at the level of corruption and the amount of smuggled money,” noting that “the main reason for the weakness of money recovery is due to lack of cooperation.

Governmental institutions, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Central Bank and the relevant departments, are moving to conclude important agreements with governments that have provided information about the existence of smuggled money for Iraqi officials in order to recover money and people through the International and Arab Interpol.

Al-Dafa’i added, “There is also an important problem, which is the lack of cooperation from some countries with Iraq in following up the money and people such as Jordan and Lebanon, because these countries benefit from these funds and are present in their banks.” 

Countries and states to which the corrupt fled, as well as the presence of smuggled money and pressure on these countries to hand over the fugitives against whom arrest warrants were issued, and also to recover the money.

He pointed out, “The role of the Integrity Committee is to detect corruption and to deliver news and information, verify them and transfer them to the competent judicial authorities or the Integrity Commission.” LINK

Samson:  The sincere promise in Basra: the arrest of 37 wanted persons and the seizure of forged weapons and money

12th December 2020

The Security Media Cell announced, on Saturday, the results of Operation Truthful Promise, which was launched this morning in Basra Governorate.

A statement of the cell was reported to Shafaq News Agency; That the security forces continue the procedures for imposing state prestige and law enforcement in Basra Governorate.

The statement added, “The outline of the results of Operation Truthful Promise, the third phase, the fourth page, today, Saturday, to the northern and southern axes within the sector of Basra Operations Command.

The arrest of 37 wanted persons according to various legal articles, and the seizure of 12 Kalashnikov automatic rifles, 5/8 caliber pistols and 2 mortar caliber 82 mm. 4 other 60 mm caliber, 23 mm barrel, 5/14 mm barrel, 5/12 mm barrel, throwing range for 5/14 mm machine gun, 58 100 mm projectiles, 3 grenades of 120 mm mortar round, 5 others 60 mm, 3 grenades, and 3 30-round magazine capacity is empty.

The statement indicated that 121 counterfeit US $ 100 notes were seized, as well as forged Iraqi money amounting to (3255,000) Iraqi dinars.  LINK


Samson:  Deputy: Parliament is clinically dead, and survival is a crime

14:48 – 12/12/2020

Deputy for the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hamid Al-Mousawi, described the House of Representatives as clinically dead, while extending the life of the Council is a crime against Iraqis.

“The House of Representatives rejected the proposal to merge the parliamentary elections and the provincial councils,” Moussawi said in a statement to “the information”, pointing out that “the parliament for this session is not convincing, as parliament died clinically and extending its life is a crime against Iraqis.”

He added that “the political blocs will take a position from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi in the event that the street deceives the election date that he specified,” noting that “the parties that confiscated the protests are trying to exploit them for electoral interests.”

The deputy of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Abbas Al-Zamili, confirmed today, Thursday, that there is no possibility of forming political alliances in the coming period.

Last Wednesday, the deputy of the Nasr Coalition, Falah Kata’a, confirmed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had lost political support due to his wrong administration.  LINK