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Don961: A map that creates an economic coup in Iraq and turns it from a station for selling oil to a production revolution, with the contribution of 4 continents around the world

2021-02-05 Yes Iraq: Baghdad

The economist Ahmed Al-Salami mentioned a “map” and described it as making an economic difference in Iraq, as a first stage and within a short, medium and long-term time that makes our country make a quantum leap from a fuel station to selling oil, unemployment, underdevelopment, corruption, poverty, stagnation, immigration and violence to a comprehensive productive economic revolution.

 He stated that “my wish is for the prime minister to undertake an economic trip around the world for direct contracting without any intermediary and direct and personal supervision with advisors in an economic contract revolutionwith an elite of international companies’ giants in exchange for a pledge to provide protection for rights and the security of the regions of Iraq.

He noted that the tour includes continents:


# China:

Contracting with companies to supply industrial production lines that include light industries – food – clothing – manufacturing – cleaning – cosmetics – medicine – furniture – cigarettes – and cement factories – contracting with trademarks of companies in the real estate and transportation sector.

# Japan:

Contracting on assembly lines for Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi cars and manufacturing parts thereof – associated gas power stations and refinery waste – Al-Faw Grand Port – a new airport in Baghdad – Roads – Contracting with trademarks

-#South Korea :

Contracting with Samsung Group of companies to open branches for light and technical industries – Hyundai and Kia to assemble cars – vertical and horizontal residential real estate construction companies. Roads, railways, Baghdad subways, and suspension train – agriculture – contracting with trademarks

India: The experience of farming.

Second: Australia:

Contracting to establish large investment farms for cultivation on water wells and rivers, and to raise livestock, main livestock, for the purpose of milk, meat, leather and wool. And mechanization.

Contracting brands

# Third: Europe:

– #Germany :

Contracting with Siemens electricity, communication systems, electronic control systems, electrical tools, as well as in medical equipment, in the field of construction and building, in the business services sector, household appliances, air conditioners, mobile phones, home alarms, and laptops.

Volkswagen Group

Contracting brands

#France :

A contract with Total to establish the largest oil fields investment.

Establishing a new airline with Airbus.

Cruise yachts, transport and cargo ships

Contracting brands

#Russia :

Gazprom – a comprehensive investment for the natural gas industry and accompanying to make Iraq enter the world of gas industry and export to the world

Fourth # North America:

#United State :

General Matters – Ford – ExxonMobil Oil – and Shell – for contracting, each according to its competence.

Visits to the European Community – Canada – Brazil – Turkey – Iran – South Africa – Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore

To copy trademark trials and contracts –

# Note, this is funded from percentages on oil sold for the benefit of companies and shares in production and management for specific, medium and long-term periods of time and payment in terms of

A stock exchange is establishedfor all the above companies and others to participate in shares of citizens as investors and speculators for the Iraqi and foreign private sector and citizens to participate in private shares, and the government’s share in the stock exchange is privatized for the benefit of sober companies and individuals at least 51% in return for taxes.

There are great consequences, as well as financial, political and security difficulties, corruption and war.

It is better to wade in the midst of the sea than on a remote island with a boat.   link

MilitiaMan:    Get ready for digital currency.. Digital currency will need to be able to communicate on a level playing field. It is said they have this next week to be interconnected with the BUNA system that the AMF has launched for clearing and settlements. They say the TENTH!!! ~ MM

China has made a move to be in line with a Joint Venture with SWIFT, a Global Clearing System and mention digital currency… ~ MM

Recall the Digital Dinar? Digital Dollar? Now Digital Yuan, now? Even imo a Digital Dong? Is there more? Sure, imo.. ~ MM

Stock exchanges that need to be on the same page and able to clear trades with not only stock but one another’s respective currencies, as they need to communicate. The timing of all this is not by a coincidence in my opinion it is by design. The platforms are in place and now will apparently start to connect in real international time and pricing. BUNA imo requires article 8 compliance with the IMF, Just ask “Petra and the Basra Boyz”!! lol. imo… ~ MM

The can kicking of the 2021 Budget is by design.. imo.. It appears they have had to massage the timing to fit in line with many things and the hurry up and wait from parliament looks to be to me that they were in a hurry, yet, now they have to sit tight for the moment with having completed all but the best for last… imo.. ~ MM

“SHANGHAI, Feb 4 (Reuters) – SWIFT, the global system for financial messaging and cross-border payments, has set up a joint venture with the Chinese central bank’s digital currency research institute and clearing centre, a move some see as a sign that China wants to explore global use of its planned digital yuan.”



MilitiaMan:  Then there is this. Note that Viet Nam is labeled as a currency manipulator.. They have had a polite reminder recently from the US… imo ~ MM 

“Việt Nam has great demand for energy, infrastructure and the digital economy, areas in which many US companies are strong.”


The International Islamic Bank announces its joining of the Bani Arab Payments platform

2nd February, 2021

The International Islamic Bank announced that it has joined the Bani Arab Payments platform, which is supervised by the Arab Monetary Fund

The bank said, on its Facebook page, seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, “The Islamic International Bank announces the completion of all operational requirements for the connection with the Bunaa Arab Payments platform, affiliated to the Regional Corporation for Arab Payments Clearing and Settlement owned by the Arab Monetary Fund

The bank added, “Bona is a platform that provides real-time clearing and settlement services for cross-border financial transfers between Arab countries and in Arab and international currencies

He noted that the most important characteristic of this platform is the competitive costs in exchange for the financial transfer, which will contribute to shortening the time and effort of the customer, noting that some of the features of the platform include financial transfer at reduced costs, and the transfer in Arab currencies such as the UAE dirham, Egyptian pound, Kuwaiti dinar, Jordanian dinar and Saudi riyal and international ones, including the US dollar and the euro.

The bank confirmed that the service will be launched on the tenth of this month

On January 4, 2021, the Central Bank announced the actual launch of the adoption of the Iraqi dinar in the Buna platform for inter-Arab payments

The central bank said, “The platform works to provide real-time clearing and settlement services for cross-border financial transfers between Arab countries and in Arab and international currencies,” noting that “the first movement has been implemented through banks between the UAE and the Arab Republic of Egypt, in the currency of the UAE dirham

He added, “The Central Bank of Iraq had previously signed an agreement with a number of local banks and completed the technical requirements to participate in the project in coordination with the Arab Monetary Fund,” stressing that “work is underway to adopt the Iraqi dinar in the system for the next stage

He pointed out that “banks will be able to participate in Arab countries in sending and receiving payments between them in a safe and reliable manner, while this platform will help reduce recourse to international centers from correspondent banks in clearing and settling Arab payments, which will contribute to reducing the time and costs associated with banks and their customers

Samson:  Parliamentary Finance: We have reached the final stages before voting on the budget

02/06/2021 13:49:18

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed that it had reached the final stages before voting on the budget.

The committee stated, “We have reached the final stages before the vote on the 2021 budget,” indicating that it “has completed more than 90 percent of its work in the budget.”   LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary Finance: Voting on the budget in the absence of the Kurds is very likely

16:16 – 02/06/2021

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee and a deputy for the Kurdistan Islamic Union, Jamal Cougar, confirmed, Saturday, that there is great difficulty in reaching an agreement regarding fixing the region’s share in the budget.

“Going towards voting in the absence of the Kurdish blocs is very possible, in the absence of an agreement, and the delegations that visit Baghdad have done nothing so far,” Cougar told the agency.

He added that “the Finance Committee stipulated handing over the entire region of its oil to the federal government, and that the management of the oil file in the region be under the supervision of Baghdad and the SOMO company, and this was rejected by the region’s delegation, so the negotiations became complicated.

He pointed out that “the Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad again, hoping to reach a final and intermediate agreement that satisfies the two parties, but in light of the political blocs’ insistence on receiving the region’s oil in full, it is difficult to get an agreement.”

The delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani, visited Baghdad recently and held a series of meetings with various political forces, but no agreement has been reached so far, regarding the region’s share in the budget.  LINK


Parliamentary Finance: The government imposed taxes in the budget, whose purpose we do not know

15:43 – 02/06/2021

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Saturday, that there are taxes and astronomical figures set by the government in the budget, with unknown objectives.

A member of the Finance Committee, Jamal Cougar, told “the information” that “the government paid a budget free of any responsibility towards the citizen and did not, in turn, prepare a budget equivalent to the volume of Iraqi imports .”

He added that “there are taxes imposed in the budget, and so far the committee does not know the purpose of imposing them,” noting that “the numbers placed in them are very astronomical, and the only one affected by them is the Iraqi citizen.”

Cougar explained that “the House of Representatives is currently performing its role and the role of the government together and promising the budget again after the government sends a budget that does not rise to be called the budget of a country.”  LINK