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Samson: The Website Of The Iraq Stock Exchange Has Stopped Working

3rd May, 2020
The website of the Iraq Stock Exchange stopped working today and during the past days.

Today, Sunday, Al-Mustaqila correspondent said that he tried to enter the market’s website, but his efforts were unsuccessful, stressing that he tried to enter for the purpose of extracting information about the banking sector. He added that the site has been out of operation since last Thursday.

It is mentioned that most of the websites of state institutions are either not working or they do not meet the technical requirements for the work of websites.    LINK

MilitiaMan:  I would like to mention the timing of the ISX being down since Thursday is very interesting. We know now that the CBIESD site shows the ISX Indice to have been adjusted from Blue to Black ink in respect to the Index value. The value increased by over 1000%. That fact is in stone imo.

The chart now shows it and it today shows new updates and there was no changea to the iSX Indice. It wasn’t a glitch! if it was and they made changes today to other key items, then why not fix an “” error to such an important component of the sites structure in reporting? They would have by now imo fixed any error.

Why is this so interesting for them to be down at this stage? Well the value of the exchange with using the data from the CBI site suggests a very large move is expected to the live ISX actual values for share pricing..

They say it is down for technical requirements.. Well value adjustments of such large size would warrant technical assistance.. So it is not surprising they are down and like preparing for the reflection of what the CBI has shown and put in stone, mo..

Members of the forum brought more supporting evidence over the last couple days showing data that fits the CBIESD data to a tee!! Delta found the ISX indice data value change 04/19/2020.

The CBI modification date for their official date of reporting it was 04/13/2020 for 02/29/2020. There are charts on Forex sites that show massive value moves from February to April.. in fact the charts in other currencies match the timing perfectly and in sync!! Their respective patterns are obviously correlated imo!!!

There are no coincidences at this stage of the game. REER IS COMING!! Imo Let’s see what the CBI has to say next!!

Thank you members that helped me get to this place where we are now. The charts are powerful support that this is an orchestrated effort by many entities, and the FIMA and SLL and CML since early April fit like a glove!!  Imo – ~ MM

Iobey777:  This is getting really REAL  for us to see the REER!!! (real effective exchange rate)!


Dan:  I saw something on forex graph graff a few days ago.
It was showing VND .37 – .38

I don’t know if that means anything.
This same graph was showing IQD over 2.00

ChrisC:  This IS interesting since that is almost exactly what we used to talk about the rate being after a RV.  There would always be a bounce from that price to somewhere in the threes, of course we always want the threes but I would be happy with .37 at this point.

Don961:  Economists: The Corona crisis is a golden opportunity to develop the national economy

Sunday 03 May 2020

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The calls of economic experts and specialists for the financial and economic affairs are escalating to promote the economic sectors parallel to the oil sector in light of the collapse of world oil prices to liberate the national economy from the unilateral rentier economy to an open multi-revenue economy, returning that the current “Corona” crisis is a golden opportunity to review economic policies to develop the national economy .

And economist Salem Al-Bayati said in a statement to “Al-Sabah”: “Iraq went through many previous experiences and did not benefit from it as previous economic crises in the years 2008 and 2014 due to the collapse of oil prices, despite the availability of economic capabilities and ingredients to diversify the state’s financial resources.”

 Project support 

He added that “the current crisis requires the state to give great importance to upgrading the parallel economic sectors, which support the national economy, which are all of the agricultural and industrial sectors and other sectors and to activate the role of small projects.”

He explained, “Through small projects, we will be able to employ the labor force, absorb unemployment and put consumer products to the local markets, which will enrich Iraq from the importer, and this can be achieved in the short term, because it needs little capital and low costs, and thus we will stimulate the small local industry and provide additional revenue for the state.” ».

He pointed out, “the importance of developing medium-term plans to advance the reality of agriculture and the local industry, which through the granting of concessional loans can activate important industrial factories and develop agricultural products, in order to dispense with the import of goods and services completely, and this will achieve for the country an essential resource parallel to the oil supplier.”

 Transformative Industries

He continued, “And the government should put in place long-term strategies to advance the reality of the economic sectors, by developing large factories and supporting the oil manufacturing industries in order for the country to turn into a developed industrial country.

He pointed out that the current crisis represented by the spread of the Corona virus and the collapse of oil prices is an opportunity for Iraq to review its economic policies and develop parallel sectors for the oil sector to get rid of the hegemony of the rentier sector over the resources of the economy.

For his part, the expert in industrial affairs, Abdel-Hassan Al-Shammari, stressed the “necessity of setting the necessary plans to diversify the country’s financial resources.”

Al-Shammari said in a statement to “Al-Sabah”: “The country has vital economic sectors that can be parallel to the oil sector, including the industrial sector,” noting “the need to develop the local industry to be a primary source for diversifying the country’s financial resources.”

 Domestic product

He added, “The country lacks the clear economic policy through which to utilize the economic potentials that Iraq possesses in developing the national economy,” noting that “Iraq has enormous potentials and high expertise that can be used properly to support other economic sectors.”

He called for “the necessity of activating the laws that support the local product such as the product protection law and the consumer protection law, as well as activating the customs tariff and controlling the border outlets for the purpose of supporting the local industry.”   LINK

Iobey777: Like they say.. never let a good crisis go to waste!!! get it done Iraq!!