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Samson: Abdul-Mahdi’s office: The actions that accompanied the demonstrations are not for democratic practices
8th November, 2019

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s office said Friday that the demonstrations were unrelated to democratic practices.

A statement from the office of Abdul Mahdi transferred “television official”, said that “the demonstrations were accompanied by acts of criminal and terrorist and are clearly visible in order to undermine the prestige of the state and weaken its capabilities and targeting the people of Iraq and its security.”

He added that “these actions has not been to the relevance of democratic practices, such as murder against “Citizens and security forces are right.” “The crime of threatening to commit a felony against innocent citizens and security forces is punishable by imprisonment for a period not exceeding seven years,” the statement said. “The crime of assault, injury or violence against innocent citizens and security forces is punishable by imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year.”

He stressed that “the crime of preventing state employees from carrying out their job duties is punishable by imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years.” He explained that “the crime of sabotage, demolition, destruction or fraud of buildings or public property allocated to the departments or government departments or public facilities or state facilities, including transport and bridges Their penalties are severe.”

The statement pointed out that “the crime of burning the homes of innocent citizens and the headquarters of the security forces and official and semi-official departments is punishable by life imprisonment or temporary”, adding that “the crime of incitement and encouragement with financial assistance to sabotage or damage or damage to buildings or government services or public facilities punishable by imprisonment for a period of no More than twenty years.” He pointed out that “the crime of violating the orders issued by the competent authorities, including the imposition of curfews at the specified times punishable by imprisonment,” stressing that “the crime of assaulting the security forces located within the areas and yards of the demonstration and the penalty of imprisonment.”

The statement continued, “The crime of broadcasting rumors, propaganda and false news in various public ways to sow terror in the hearts of citizens punishable by imprisonment,” pointing out that “the crime of incitement in public ways not to comply with the law in force. The statement called on the demonstrators to “adhere to peaceful demonstrations to demand legitimate rights so that the state can implement them and reject the acts criminalized by Iraqi law and cooperate with security to arrest the abusive elements.”

The statement called on the demonstrators to “maintain the peacefulness of the demonstrations and give a bright and bright image to miss the opportunity on the donors in Iraq evil,” noting that “the state is committed to take legal action against the perpetrators of the crimes mentioned.”  LINK

MilitiaMan:  So is Mahdi suggesting there were terrorist organizations doing dirty deeds in Iraq? He stops shy of saying who the terrorists are and where they are from, now why would that be?

Could it be because there is a lot of money that is not accounted for from the borders and the lose cash at Sistani’s place? I don’t know, but, things don’t look so good for you Sir..

Then again we can’t always believe the news, right? Propoganda is part of the reforms. Even Shabs talked about that.. imo … ~ MM

Popeye7:  Your last paragraph is key IMO… What goes on behind the scenes will never be revealed in total… At least not in this lifetime… Roles are being fulfilled in the mean time, and lets face it… Despite all of the turmoil, as it concerns this investment, we seem to be in a much more desirable time for this to happen because of all of the preparation that has already been done for it to occur as the CBI has indicated during the past month, or so…

Thomas:  Frank stated in his ub2b today that the picture Delta brought today of all the cash is only one of Sistani warehouses in Iraq.  IMO,  Sistani is extremely greedy, and stealing from the Iraqi citizens.

Papito: What is co crazy is that at a program rate, They are stealing what is equivalent in US Dollars and the only one benefiting from this is CORRUPT IRAN…The US SHOULD STEP IN AND STOP THE MADNESS for the sake of the Iraqi People and for all countries that have a stake in the future of Iraq and their own individual countries future investments that will benefit the world!!!!    IMO

Don961:  Pompeo: The struggle for freedom continues in the streets of Beirut and Baghdad (video)

by Ali EjamIraq News   9 Hours ago

“The struggle for freedom continues on the streets of Beirut and Baghdad,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during a 70-year session in Berlin.
Below is the Arabic text of what the US Secretary said about the situation in Iraq and Lebanon:

(video link .. Pompeo)

“The struggle for freedom continues not only in Hong Kong

We have seen it on the streets of Beirut and on the streets of Baghdad, where people are protesting against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

They want to be Iraqis.

They want to be Lebanese     LINK

MilitiaMan:  Looks like the pattern in set is stone.. The message is out and it is sown very well now.. The germination may have already begun quickly now, imo.. The heat and moisture of the demonstrations and the involvement of those that know what needs to be done, was all that was needed.. Let’s see if the sun shine brings fruit for all? I suspect as we have heard a market economy is at the door step now.. ~ IMO ~ MM


Samson:  Al-Hadithi: The government will present a bill against corruption within days

2019/11/8 21:11

Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said on Friday that the government will submit within the days of a bill against corruption.

Al-Hadithi said in a press statement: “We accept the decisions taken by parliament on the government, even if the decision to resign the government will resign,” noting that “the disruption of public facilities in Iraq is not in the interest of anyone.” “The draft law, if approved, will open the door to hold many officials accountable,” al-Hadithi said.

He continued that “the government will submit within the days of a bill against corruption,” noting that “any new government will need time to implement the demands of the demonstrators.” 



Samson:  Al-Hadithi: The government has moved corruption cases against senior officials

2019/11/8 20:10

Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said on Friday that the government has “moved several cases of corruption against a number of senior officials.”

Al-Hadithi said in a press statement that “the government is working to enact many reform laws in the country.”

He said the government was “working on a new election law and a fair distribution of wealth.” LINK

Don961:  Study reveals volume of Iranian money spent on armed factions in Iraq and the region

2019/11/08 23:56:42

Iran attaches more military and strategic importance to its armed factions deployed in the region than its nuclear and missile programs, according to a new study by the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

The study, titled “Iran’s Infiltration Networks in the Middle East,” estimated Iran’s total expenditures on the activities of its factions in Syria, Iraq and Yemen at about $ 16 billion, while spending on Hezbollah in Lebanon is about $ 700 million annually.

The study, which was based on several researches, took about 18 months, noting that “the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards, through which Tehran wages proxy wars in the region, has become more powerful and influential.”

In its study, the International Institute for Strategic Studies warned against Western countries ignoring the growing influence and power of Iranian factions in the region, as Washington and its allies focused their pressure on curbing Iran’s nuclear and ballistic programs, and even imposed heavy sanctions against them for this purpose.

In contrast, Tehran’s strategy of deploying its faction networks faces less international resistance.

These warnings are in line with the administration’s assertions that the Iranian nuclear deal is not enough to curb its nuclear program and that any future agreement with Tehran should include curbing its missile program and regional ambitions as well.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies said that Tehran will face many challenges to the continued support of its factions regionally, in light of the mass protests sweeping Lebanon and Iraq against Iranian interventions.

Demonstrators in Iraq have expressed outrage at the Iranian incursion into their country, which amounted to burning diplomatic missions and tearing up images of regime symbols in areas that are a stronghold of Tehran’s influence.   link


Samson:  Video: Iraq’s Internet Blackout Continues

9th November, 2019
Iraq has been engulfed in violent protests in the past few weeks as soldiers fired live rounds into crowds.

But this has only entrenched the protesters’ position as they demand a complete overhaul of the political system.

The government has cut off access to the internet, as it says that its youth are being influenced by what they read.

But the protesters have found other means to get around the online silence.

Al Jazeera‘s Natasha Ghoneim reports from Baghdad:


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