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Samson: Rafidain Bank renews its warning of fake pages claiming to grant advances

09:35 – 05/29/2020
Rafidain Bank renewed its warning of the presence of fake pages on social media sites bearing the name and logo of the bank and publishes news and fabricated information on granting advances to employees and employees of the Ministry of Interior and Defense.

The media office of the bank called in a statement received (the information) to “not believe the news that these pages circulate and only approve it from the sources through its only official page on Facebook that bears the name (Rafidain Bank’s media)”.

He pointed out that “it was noted that there are many pages on social networking sites claiming to give them advances and loans, which are fake and unofficial pages.”

He explained that “the only authority to grant advances is the Rafidain Bank, which has developed the electronic platform for advancing advances to employees  qi.iq/loans. In the event that the employee does not include the advance, he must inform the manager of his department’s accounts in order for the latter to address the bank’s general administration for the purpose of including the advance.”  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Sure looks like there are already people looking to game what they expect to becoming out. The fake news or social media efforts has apparently drawn out the attention of the Rafidain Bank and the bank has to speak out about that they developed an electronic system for advances. They are ready to go it looks like in the electronic ability to give out salaries and advances, imo. So, the citizens are being notified come to us directly and we can adjusts accounts accordingly. Be careful out there.. lol. imo.. ~ MM


Report: Al-Kazemi faces two paths in Iraq .. Al-Sistani is “fed up” with the factions! 2020.05.29 LINK

MilitiaMan:  This is shaping up to I’ll bet now that Sistani is fed up with the militias and along with the USA not liking the government system, the Parliament gets dissolved. If not is a a very strong warning to get things sorted and fast. Dissolving parliament would dissolve members immunity. I am fairly sure they know that too. Slippery slope they are on.. I think the pressure is being applied and with some serious guns now.. imo ~ MM


Within hours .. a Kurdistan delegation to negotiate the budget and Fouad Hussein’s foreign minister LINK

MilitiaMan:  I wonder if Sistani picked up the phone and had some words with these guys too..? They now have little time to serve their purpose and people. Riots are happening, interestingly we are having issues at home as well. Sadly.. I might add that there are very disturbing reports out about here in the USA on the loss of life in Minneapolis.. If true, the DS is deep.. Wow.. imo ~ MM