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Samson: The Stock Exchange announces postponing its sessions until next week

31st May, 2020

The stock exchange announced, on Sunday, that its sessions will be postponed to next week due to the curfew in Iraq

The Stock Exchange said in a statement received by “Al-Iqtisad News”, that the market will not organize “trading sessions and dealing in stocks for the period from Sunday May 31 to Thursday 4 June 2020, in compliance with the decision of the Supreme Committee for Safety and Health in Iraq to impose a total curfew in Iraq

He added that “his clients will be notified of any developments later

It is noteworthy that the Supreme Committee for Health and Safety decided, yesterday (May 30, 2020), to impose a comprehensive curfew for one week     LINK

MilitiaMan:  Fascinating they kicked the can down the road again.. Allows for any necessary adjustments that may come their way? lol Yep, imo.. With the CBIESD site still showing a massive change to the ISX Indice the chances of them coming back again at a program rate seem to be a no way situation, imo.. From today through June 4th. That is Thursday next week. Man things look good for us. If they need to notify people, from now through next Saturday could be a very interesting time to do so.. If need be.. imo ~ MM

Samson:  Newspaper: Iraqi-American negotiations will start on June 10

11:11 – 05/31/2020

The Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat reported on Sunday that the strategic dialogue between the United States of America and Iraq will start on the tenth and eleventh of next June.

And although Al-Kazemi is far from making hostilities and is close to making friends even with his opponents, his supporters are betting on this trait while his opponents, including those who accepted him compelled to see that the ability to satisfy enemies and friends together, is a recipe that must be viewed with caution.

“The dialogue begins on the tenth and eleventh of the month of June (June),” the newspaper said in a report that was seen by him / the information. Military and economic.”

She added that “the precursors to this dialogue are many and are more favorable to Al-Kazemi’s opponents. While the supporters of Al-Kazemi, especially the Sunnis and the Kurds, believe that the results of this dialogue will be in their favor in one way or another, especially since the opponents of Al-Kazemi do not have much pressure on him on the level of foreign policy.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  I have a strong feeling they will need to have things sorted MR wise prior to the meeting beginning on the 10th. They have a minster they need ot place too, prior to that. It looks as that may be slated for Wednesday too. imo The convergence of many things of late is by no coincidence. imo Mathew Toller had a nice video outlining goals of the SFA and they run deep into the economy of Iraq. Security is not the main focus.. Oh ya.. ECONOMIC is to be a main focus in the future, imo.. ~ MM


Samson:  Al-Nusairi: Iraqi-Gulf economic ties are a step in the right direction for Iraq to return to its Arab depth

31st May 2020

The economic and banking advisor to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Samir Al-Nassiri, confirmed on Sunday that the Al-Kazemi government’s initiative to reconnect with the Gulf countries, which started with an important and serious visit to the Finance Minister to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and to announce the intention to visit all Gulf and regional countries after a break and stopped for the coordination meetings of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council after the visit The last of the large Saudi delegation, which included 7 ministers and a large number, with 113 government and private officials, to Baghdad in April 2019.

Al-Nusairi said in an interview with “Al-Iqtisad News”, it is an important initiative to return Iraq to its Arab depth and openness to building balanced political, economic and security relations with brotherly and friendly countries, especially with the countries of the geographical region, in which the Arab depth of Iraq forms the basis and substance, indicating that it is a sure sign of The new foreign relations strategy adopted by Iraq since 2017.

He added that the first of these relations is the emergence of the Coordination Council with the Saudi side and held its first meeting in November 2017 in Saudi Arabia, and the signing of 13 memoranda of understanding for the previous government during the resignation of the resigned Prime Minister, but the relations did not continue according to the goals and principles agreed upon by the two parties for political and subjective reasons.

It is clear that strengthening Iraqi-Gulf relations in all political, security, and economic fields, in particular cooperation and communication, and strengthening banking relations between them, especially in foreign banking transactions, and stimulating and encouraging investment companies to invest in Iraq will lead to strengthening financing and investment fields, especially projects for the reconstruction of liberated cities.

Al-Nusairi pointed out that the Iraqi economy is currently going through a critical and complicated stage and a suffocating financial crisis due to its low oil revenues, the main resource for the general budget, and this coincided with an outbreak of Corona’s misdemeanor and its effects on the economies of most of the world, including what the Iraqi economy currently suffers, and since one of the priorities of the new government is to bypass the crisis Economic and eradication of the epidemic in addition to political and security tasks.

He pointed out that it requires the government, especially after the broad international, regional, Gulf and Arab openness to Iraq and the beginning of building new relations, and that what we are concerned with here is the future of international economic, financial and banking relations in general and with the Arab Gulf states in particular and some Arab countries of influencing economic depth and extending the bridges of the relationship together to serve the opening New horizons for communication, for exchanging benefits, encouraging Arab investment in Iraq, developing infrastructure and banking technology, increasing inter-bank transactions, and finding new ways to cooperate with correspondent and discreet banks in those countries.

Al-Nusairi stressed that it is necessary to take advantage of the results of the bilateral meetings that took place between the Central Bank of Iraq and the relevant ministries and representatives of the Gulf countries who visited Iraq during the past year and with the important participation of the Iraqi private sector and in particular the private banking sector to draw a road map for communication and joint coordination for the purpose of actual direct To develop what has been reached from the general lines for building and restoring economic, financial and banking relations that have been broken off for several decades, emphasizing the agreement to develop and open broad horizons for cooperation in the economic and banking fields, correcting previous tracks, and overcoming all obstacles that stand in the way of building sound and solid banking relations.

Al-Nusairi called for the necessity of joint banking cooperation with Saudi Arabia in all fields that enhance, activate and develop external banking transactions, encourage and stimulate investment, build capabilities, qualify and train Iraqi banking cadres, and open branches of Saudi banks in Iraq and branches of Iraqi banks in Saudi Arabia, as well as establish banks with joint Saudi and Iraqi contributions.    LINK

MilitiaMan:   They have been vocal in recent past per Delta (iho) that they have opened the ITB in SA yet, as they are like every one else, the need an international rate to deal with.. Looks like the game is at the 2 minute warning now.. lol imo.. They are talking about internal and external banking that interlink with each other.. They know what to expect by now.. imo.. Oh ya! It is not a program rate. They are talking on TV a rate change is coming. Alak told us and have others the right thing to do is not devalue the currency but to give value to it.. imo! That is exactly what they are going to do.. imo  ~ MM