KTFA (MilitiaMan & Samson)


Parliamentary Economy: Ports revenue 10 billion dollars, only 1 billion received  LINK

MilitiaMan:  The road map for ports to get revenues in line and on track is very important and is looking to be a priority.

The taxes and fees are a major source of income that needs to be locked down and away from corruption. The disparity between what they suggest they get compared to what is really going through the ports is staggering and it won’t be tolerated any more.

They know that the source of revenues will match or beat the amount of monies that is derived by present oil proceeds annually.. This is a key for paying salaries and funding future budgets.

Salaries have yet to be dispersed thus far. It is said they will be paid tomorrow with borrowed funds from the Ministry of Finance.. over a 10 year period? Wow!

The  MOF knows that sort of behavior is frowned upon globally. It makes little to very bad business sense and goes against the citizens needs and is something the demonstrators are against.

Paying salaries at a program rate again for the next three months sounds to me to be fake news. They have shown in articles at least five varying reasons about the delay in payments..

Without the 2019 FMLA exposed they’ll not come to a 2020 budget nor a 2021 budget.

Salaries not paid because…

  1. Just waiting for hard currency exchange.
    2. Bonds are being liquidated…
    3. Internal borrowing from Private Banks
    4. Application forwarded for an IMF loan.
    5. Will pay salaries tomorrow or after. (BB’s)

So, with those inconsistencies we can see there is an underlying issue and it may not be what it appears.

The mechanisms needed to pay salaries are related to the unity of the country to be fair in distribution of funds from all provinces.

Seems the Kurds believe that they are superior and don’t have to play by the rules and can take what they want and when they want even when it goes against their own people..

Iraq’s wealth is to be distributed fairly and it should be.. At this juncture it would behoove them to get the lead out and come to an agreement so that they don’t implode..

They know all to well that the gravy train is coming to an end. They are the ones that denied they didn’t pay salaries, yet, they give us an example they will distribute through 07/15/2020, the same day of Alak’s tenure at the CBI.

By them rolling out payments over time suggests there is questionable practices, who gets them first, why not all at once and why roll them out to that specific day? Are the actually paying anyone? All unanswered questions thus far.. imo

My view is there is more to the story and it is locked in the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil. Entrenched in the 2019 FMLA.

If it wasn’t we would not be here at this point in time. The road map or White Papers peered reviewed globally tells us they have a plan and one key component is to raise the exchange rate to go to a market economy.

That key point is a part of the first phase not the last phase that Kahdemi told us he would have completed within 60 days. That alone flies in the face of we need more time to do reforms..

So, imo the borrowing through the MOF seems to be out of place and misinformation is seemingly abundant and at many levels.

Just as we were told that there would be propaganda Involved in the process or monetary reforms and economic reforms  that would be present in the process, by Dr. Shabibi..

We shall see how this unfolds. Don’t forget they told us the solution was to go to a market economy and raise the value of their currency and not borrow to pay salaries and pay interest on it for 10 years!!!

A Whole lot of SMOKE.. Imo ~ MM

Assadi, after being assigned to head the National Security Agency: there is no return to terrorism and we will expel all of his cells   LINK

MilitiaMan:  The new PM still hitting the ground running. A new NSA man on the side of the People in Iraq and not Iran.. A good thing.. imo ~ MM


Former deputy: Al-Kazemi’s government will not achieve  anything   LINK

MilitiaMan:  The man has achieved many things, one in particular was replacing a key man at the NSA.. imo The corruption files are probably a key factor coming to those that have it on their hands. All that loot that was stolen.. Might start talking before they doors start a knockin.. imo.. ~ MM


Samson:  The Parliamentary Foreign Ministry suggests that a number of representatives of large blocs join the negotiating delegation

5th July, 2020
The Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee suggested that a number of representatives of large blocs join the delegation of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi during the upcoming dialogues with the United States of America.

Committee member Amer Al-Fayez said in a statement that Al-Kazimi’s visit to Washington has great dimensions, especially at the security level.

Al-Fayez indicated that Al-Kazemi is in the process of conducting visits to a number of neighboring countries and some European Union countries with the aim of strengthening the relationship with those countries in the economic and security fields.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  The delegation may want to mention that borrowing money to pay salaries for another 3 months is foolish and the USA and the UK know it.. imo.. ~ MM  LOL