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The citizens want what we want and then some. They want PP, jobs, clean water and fresh food, 24/7 electricity, internKTFA:

Samson:  Parliament of Kurdistan: Al-Kazemi’s visit to the region did not produce anything

15:56 – 09/21/2020

The deputy in the Parliament of Kurdistan, Sirwan Baban, considered Monday that the visit of the President of the Federal Government, Mustafa Al-Kazemi to the region, did not bear fruit.

Baban told “the information” that “Prime Minister Mustafa’s recent visit to the Kurdistan region is useless,” adding that “it was a party-show honorary to evade the implementation of the basic duties regarding the Iraqi citizen.” He pointed out that “nothing has been verified until today.”

On Friday evening (September 11, 2020), the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, concluded his tour that included the provinces of the Kurdistan region, which lasted for two days, during which he held a series of meetings with officials in the regional government, as well as Massoud Barzani.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Nice how they take an article and make it look terrible and yet it is a gem.. et, investments, etc..

We see that the 2020 budget has been the main focus these las few days. Even yesterday it was sent back to the FM as “” paragraphs were needed to be added. One might wonder what that is all about. My view, is they want the rate associated with the budget which may be the 2019 FMLA. We today see two things. Barzani saying something in respect to help the citizens was needing to be verified and it was today.

Then we see the HoR gets the budget for 2020 back in the house with paragraphs added so it appears. Well, what are the paragraphs about? I am not totally sure, but, hoping it is what we think is so sensitive that they don’t spell out openly, just yet being a rate..

Is it possible the clue is in what Barzani is saying , “nothing has been verified until today”, the key phrase of a life time, lol? We shall see. imo I am thinking things are still very good.!!

The private sector is ready now, too!!.. imo Very bullish for us now, as if they are ready for the private sector and investors, they need an internationally accepted and traded currency.. imo ~ MM

After its arrival to Parliament, Parliamentary Finance reveals the reason for the delay in sending the budget for a week from the government   LINK

Parliament receives the draft federal budget bill for the year 2020   LINK

Barzani: The region is ready to facilitate the work of the private sector and investors   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Back and forth with the 2020 budget and then with paragraphs added, along with the Kurds ready for the private sector and investors all based off verifications today?.. Yes, looks as though things are coming along just fine, gainfully so? Sure.. lol !! imo ~ MM


Samson:  An economist warns of a financial method that the government may resort to to overcome its crisis

08:31 – 09/21/2020
The economic expert, Wissam Al-Tamimi, warned of a financial option related to raising the value of the dollar against the dinar to reduce the financial crisis, pointing out that this method will increase the value of goods, goods and all consumer materials.

Al-Tamimi said to “the information”, that “the government does not find alternatives to overcome the financial crisis, it may resort to a plan to reduce the value of the dinar against the dollar, which is an option that increases the suffering of the citizen and raises the price of all foodstuffs and goods.”

He added that “the salaries of employees will also be affected in the event of raising the dollar exchange rate against the dinar, although the employee will not make any change to his monthly salary, but its value will decrease greatly.”

And that “the government’s resort to such an option will be considered a robbery for the people, but legally, and the best is to follow the method of alternatives, support the national product, open the door to investment in infrastructure, release lands and empty spaces for investment and sell them to citizens in order to provide the necessary money to overcome the crisis.”  LINK

MilitiaMan:  They are known for starting out with the bad and end with the good. We all know that the plan is for the best!! imo This is actually a good article if you look at in terms of propaganda. They expect most will not read the whole thing an throw up thier hands.. etc.. imo It is a very common practice even in western media.. So look at it like Barzani has stated, they are ready for the private sector and investors to come in. That is the best method to fix the crisis. Those paragraphs in the 2020 budget just may have the best method in mind too.. imo ~ MM

BearCinnebar:  IMO, remember when reading ” RAISING THE VALUE OF THE DOLLAR AGAINST THE DINAR ” in these various articles it is coming from Iraq’s perspective right, so it is helpful to know the chart that newshound Samson brought in before.

Here it is again:  the numbers decrease for Iraq and the numbers increase for Forex:

When we finally see our IQD listed on FOREX you won’t see it as a dollar amount.  You’ll see a “factor” and it requires a simple math step to get to what we want to know – how many $’s we get for each Dinar.

All FOREX listings are listed in pairs – comparing the USD to some other currency.  They will all show a different numerical factor against the USD.        USD/CAD, USD/EUR, USD/IQD

Using the program rate of 1190 you would divide $1 by 1190 = .00084
So you will see it on FOREX listed as  USD/.84       $1 divided by .84 = $1.19

USD/0.537 = $1.86          ($1 divided by .537 = 1.86)
USD/0.400 = $2.50          ($1     ”       ”  .400 = 2.50)
USD/0.333 = $3.00          ($1     ”       ”  .333 = 3.00)
USD/0.243 = $4.11          ($1     ”       ”  .243 = 4.11)

Also ….

$ RATE = WHAT YOU WILL SEE ON FOREX …. WHEN IT RI’S/RV’S …..  See:  the numbers decrease as they enter the Forex:  Iraq is speaking from this perspective more than likely:

$.86   = 1.162……..

$1.00 = 1.000………

$1.17 = 0.854……….

$1.86 = 0.537……..

$2.00= 0.500………

$2.50 – 0.400……..

$3.00 = 0.333……

$3.22 = 0.310…..

$3.46 = 0.289……..

$3.50 = 0.285 ………

$3.86 = 0.259……..

$4.00 = 0.250………

$4.10 = 0.243……..

$4.40 = 0.227………

$5.00 = 0.200……..

 MilitiaMan:  Thank you. Cheers to you for refreshing our memories!! ~ MM

BGLight13:  Cinnabear’s math is correct…the numbers calculated are at the PROGRAM RATE….a long time ago Delta gave the same numbers….

What you see when $ RATE = WHAT YOU WILL SEE ON CBI AND FOREX….WHEN IT RI’S/RV’S AT THE PROGRAM RATE are the numbers calculated by Cinnebear….

$.86 = 1.162
$1.00 = 1.000
$1.17 = 0.854
$1.86 = 0.537

$2.00= 0.500
$2.50 – 0.400
$3.00 = 0.333
$3.22 = 0.310
$3.46 = 0.289
$3.50 = 0.285
$3.86 = 0.259
$4.00 = 0.250
$4.10 = 0.243
$4.40 = 0.227
$5.00 = 0.200


Samson:  House of Representatives raises its meeting to tomorrow Tuesday

21st September, 2020
The House of Representatives lifted, on Monday, its sixth session of the fourth parliamentary session for the third legislative year, while it decided to hold its seventh session tomorrow, Tuesday.

The Media Department of the House of Representatives stated, in a brief statement that Mawazine News received a copy of, that “the House of Representatives has adjourned its session until tomorrow, Tuesday, 9-22 at 12 noon.” Today’s session witnessed the parliament’s finalization of a report and discussion of a draft amendment to the Federal Supreme Court Law No. 30 of 2005.

During the session, the Council also ended the first reading of the draft law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on Limits of Liability for Maritime Claims of 1976 in its amended version of the 1996 Protocol, including In that amended liability limits therein. Also, during today’s session, Parliament ended the first reading of the third amendment bill to the Industrial Investment Law for the private and mixed sectors No. 20 of 1998.

Parliament read the first reading of the law on the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the Convention on Limits of Liability for Maritime Claims of 1976 in its amended form in the 1996 protocol, including This is the amended liability limits in, and also the first reading of the Third Amendment Law of the Industrial Investment Law for the Private and Mixed Sectors No. (20) for the year 1998.

Today’s session witnessed the first reading of the law replacing freedom deprivation with sums of money. Today, Monday noon, the House of Representatives held its sixth session of the fourth parliamentary session of the third legislative year, in the first legislative term, headed by the First Deputy Speaker, Hassan Karim al-Kaabi, and in the presence of 170 deputies.    LINK


Transportation went to buy steamers to work in the large port of Faw

21st September, 2020

The Minister of Transport, Nasser Hussein, instructed to purchase steamers to work hard in the large Faw water

“The Minister of Transport visited the headquarters of the General Company for Maritime Transport in Basra Governorate and directed the company to develop its work by purchasing ships to work forcefully in the large port of FawLINK

Parliament hosts a minister to discuss a bill making Iraq the world’s commercial destination  LINK

MilitiaMan:  There is no doubt they are gearing for the expansion and reconstruction of the port and country for that matter. The place is going to be a mecca for the area again one day. Now is the time to get started and they need the rate to facilitate the mechanisms to do so.. imo ~ MM