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Al-Rafidain Appeals To Citizens To Deposit Their Money In The Bank And Not To Hoard It In Homes  LINK

Deepwoodz:  Could this be the last ditch effort before the rate changes to get them 000 notes?!

MilitiaMan:  I suspect that is exactly what is going on. They have been told their currency is to strengthen and have been told they’ll need to be apart of that electronic system as, the new system is coming on line. That may very well be very soon from the sounds of it. Tomorrow is a special day. If nothing changes it is to be Iraq’s new international day and by international law standards. That should bring with it full sovereignty..

Samson:  Tomorrow .. the anniversary of the independence of Iraq from the British mandate

2nd October, 2020

Marks tomorrow, Saturday, 3 / October / 2020, the 88th anniversary of Iraq’s independence from the British mandate.

The Council of Ministers decided, recently, on the third of October of each year, as a national day for Iraq, while it is still awaiting its legislation by the House of Representatives. The legal expert, Tariq Harb, said in a post on his Facebook page, that “tomorrow the national day must be celebrated and its law must be enacted,” adding that “tomorrow is the anniversary of the third of the tenth month 1932, the day that Iraq was transferred from a mandate subject to the state No. (57) In the world with independence and full powers in accordance with international law, as the submission of Iraq to the mandate began in 1920, when Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt were subjected to the British mandate, and Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco were subject to the French mandate, and this mandate acquired the legal status from the League of Nations that formed after that ( Similar to the current UN).

Harb continued: “Where the state that holds the mandate (Britain) is responsible for the state subject to the mandate (Iraq), and Baghdad and Iraq was the first country subject to the mandate that moved and managed to get rid of the mandate and obtain full independence and the transformation from a region to a state and the state became No. ( 57) in the hierarchy of world countries and the new member of the League of Nations, which now includes 57 states, by entering Iraq into the League of Nations (the international organization at the time), after the world’s 56 countries were states.

And he added, “A decision by the League Council, which is similar to the current UN Security Council and which represented the international legislative authority at that time, was issued to recognize Iraq as the state 57 and to end the British mandate that was imposed on it under the Charter of the League of Nations. Baghdad was able to obtain the status of a state according to international law in the third of The tenth month in the year 1932 AD and the end of the mandate before any other Arab country until Egypt delayed the termination of the British mandate until 1937.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Lets see what the next day brings!! If they are to be truly international it would seem there are benefits to that..

Ross:  In my simple mind I think this (or Sunday) would be and perfect time to announce an RI, esp. in light of the amazing info F26 brought us in his CC yesterday…Why announce a change coming so earnestly and then expect the populace to be complacent for several more months ?  (However since this is Iraq I reserve the right to be wrong again. Lol)

Iobey777:  Thanks MM! It certainly is LOOKING like something has changed for Iraq as far as being INTERNATIONALLY accepted! IMO, that should make their currency Internationally accepted also!! Just show us the Shiny NEW RATE Iraq!!

Samson:  Al-Rafidain invites retirees who did not receive their salaries

2nd October, 2020

Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Friday that it had completed the distribution of the salaries of civil and military retirees for the month of October.

The media office of the bank said in a statement today that the bank has mobilized its capabilities to disburse the salaries of retirees after the arrival of financing and payrolls for retirees and used its modern electronic technologies to raise salaries on the electronic card.

The statement called on retirees who did not receive their salaries to go to the nearest office to disburse their financial dues.

On Thursday, the National Pension Agency announced that it would start paying the salaries of retirees for the month of October.    LINK


Samson:  Al-Rasheed: raising a new meal from the ancestor of the internal affiliate

10/02/2020 12:28:29

Today, Friday, the Rasheed Bank announced that it will lift a new meal from the predecessors of the Ministry of Interior’s employees.

The bank’s media office stated that the Euphrates News Agency received a copy of it, that “these advances are granted to the affiliated holders of the Nakheel card, and the beneficiaries must review the bank’s branches or electronic payment outlets in the event that text messages arrive with the granted amount.”

And he noted, “The bank had previously provided all facilities, including canceling the letter of support and being satisfied with the Iban {bank account} and Nakheel card for grants.”  LINK


MilitiaMan:  So both banks are talking about modern and new technologies. Notice they are said to have been doing this today.. I find that interesting, as it is Friday and a holy day and banks are known to be closed.

But, notice they say they will be notified by text message when the funds arrive. Think about the 1 trillion for salaries they talked about Tuesday and that it was in the news Wednesday to be available within two days. That would be today.

Tomorrow is Iraq’s National Day which is to be a new day, one that is to be in accordance with international law.. They say it MUST be CELEBRATED and the LAW MUST be ENACTED… 

That sure looks like they are talking about being international tomorrow.

I’ll bet there are a lot of people watching their phones for the text messages, that their money has cleared.

Iraq says on the CBI statistics site they have about 78 Trillion Dinar issued in the M0 numbers as of March 2020. Well, if they delete 000s from the exchange rate they would have 780 Billion Dinar real close and gets them about 1:1.22 ratio.. Not bad for a start of a new era internationally.. imo..

Plenty of money to pay salaries for years to come.. All electronically and to mesh with the borders, etc.. imo Times are looking very good. ~ MM


Samson:  The US Ambassador To Israel 10 New Countries Seeking Normalization With Israel

2nd October, 2020
Today, Friday, the US ambassador to Israel David Friedman confirmed that 5 to 10 new countries will join Bahrain and the UAE, to join the normalization process and sign peace agreements with Israel.

In an interview with the Israeli settlement magazine, Macor Rishon, Friedman pointed out that talks are underway with some countries to move their embassies to Jerusalem, noting that there has been great progress in this matter.

He said, “There are two diplomatic opportunities for Israel, normalization with countries that do not yet recognize it, and the transfer of embassies of countries that recognize Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.” He continued, “We reached a conclusion that there is a better chance for Israel at the present time through rapprochement with the Arab countries and normalization with them .. We have brought about tremendous change and a great opportunity for those who believe in sovereignty.”

Friedman added, “We have also proposed a program that will not allow the evacuation of any settlers, and in fact the Israeli flag is flying over Hebron, Gush Etzion, Ma’aleh Adumim and Beit El, and our plan is that these flags will remain forever.”

It is noteworthy that the Israeli Supreme Council for Planning and Building will meet next Sunday to approve the construction of 5,400 settlement units in the West Bank.    LINK

Boxman:  Another great find..more peace in the middle East.