KTFA (MilitiaMan & Samson)


Iraq Ports opens a branch of the Arab Islamic Mashreq Bank to facilitate financial services    LINK

MilitiaMan:  This Islamic bank must know it it is now safe and secure!! The place was a smuggling haven in 2003.. For this to be in the stage of opening banks in this port is  very telling.. Just as the Port of Anara with Saudi Arabia is now..The ITBs banks are even gearing to finally open branches. Not just one but many in SA.. IMO All good.. ~ MM

Samson:  Al-Kaabi calls for the inclusion of 600 billion dinars in the borrowing law for the Faw port

10th November 2020

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al Kaabi, called on Tuesday for including 600 billion dinars in the law to finance the financial deficit for the Faw port

According to a document obtained by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), “Al-Kaabi called on the Parliamentary Finance Committee to include an amount of 600 billion dinars in the draft bill of financing the financial deficit to finance the first phase of the large port of Faw LINK

MilitiaMan:  I see they have the borrowing law and the Port of Faw in mind. Of course not just for to sort current let over payment issues but long term investment for the state large. Don’t think for a moment this is a coincidence. The Port of Faw is to be the 10th largest in the world. The deals being signed lately will be using it and others to grow the State!! All very very good.. Imo ~ MM


Samson:  Al-Kazemi announces the launch of salaries after the approval of the loan law

10th November, 2020

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed, on Tuesday, that employees’ salaries will be released after the borrowing law was approved.

In a statement received by Shafaq News, the Media Office quoted Al-Kazemi as saying at the cabinet session “Our meeting with the Finance Committee was positive, and it will contribute to launching the salaries of employees after the approval of the borrowing law.” Al-Kazemi added; “The Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Council held continuous meetings during the past two days, to reach a set of understandings regarding the sectors of industry, trade, agriculture, oil, education, culture and others.”

Al-Kazemi pointed out that “there are campaigns questioning any rapprochement of Iraq with any country accompanied by rumors aimed at mixing the cards and disrupting any understanding that is in the interest of the country.”

He stressed that “Iraq should be an attractive environment for investment and not repellent because we really need investments, job creation and reconstruction,” noting that “there is no alternative agreement to the agreement with China.”

He called Al-Kazemi; The Ministry of Finance and other ministries; To “expediting the submission of the 2021 budget due to its importance in running the country’s affairs.”   LINK

MilitiaMan:  From the looks of what we are seeing the investment side of things is pushing forward. Apparently they admit it in more ways than one.. They really need the investment, reconstruction and employment. Paying salaries, creating future income to support those salaries is a function of going to a market economy.. Full steam ahead I looks like!! And it looks to be quite quickly now too.. ~ MM

Samson:  Iraq And Saudi Arabia Are Discussing Opening The Arar Port And Financing The Stalled Projects

10th November, 2020
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that Iraq and Saudi Arabia are discussing tomorrow the opening of the Arar border crossing, and financing a number of vital projects stalled in Iraq.

The official news agency quoted a spokesman for the secretariat Haider Majeed as saying: Secretary General Hamid Al-Ghazi confirmed that the opening of the Arar border crossing during the next week, after the completion of the rehabilitation process, and the resumption of trade exchange between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, adding that the rehabilitation process included the establishment of trade exchange yards and gates Electronic.

Majeed clarified during the statement that the meeting of the Coordination Council between the Iraqi and Saudi sides tomorrow, via closed circuit television, will include discussion of the sub-committees emanating from the Council, its signature, approval and transfer from paper to reality.

The spokesperson revealed funding for a number of vital projects stalled in Iraq, which have reached advanced completion rates through the Kuwait International Conference in Support of Iraq, and will be funded by the Saudi side.

He pointed out that a branch of the Iraqi Commercial Bank will be opened in Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the agreements will contribute to the development of the Iraqi economy and expansion in all fields, which will contribute to attracting competencies and manpower.

Yesterday, Sunday, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers revealed that Hamid Al-Ghazzi had met with the Governor of Saudi ForIeign Trade in Baghdad, during which they had planned for talks that would bring the two countries together in the coming days.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  Look at the language they are using!! The Iraqi Commercial Bank will be opened.  There will be an attraction now for competencies and man power. Exactly what the conference in KW, monies have been set aside for. They even talk about the Saudi’s funding it!! Major deals at play and it looks like go time.. imo ~ MM


Samson: In the document … Parliament will vote tomorrow, Wednesday, on the financing of the fiscal deficit to secure salaries  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Last and current months. interesting way to put it. Surely, they have intentions to make good on promises.. Especially with all the international entities arriving lately and still coming in apparently!! ~ MM


Samson:  Parliamentary Finance: The government has a rounded balance of more than 3 trillion dinars

11th November, 2020

The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced that the government possesses a rounded balance of more than 3 trillion dinars from the surplus of the past months, confirming the formation of a governmental-parliamentary committee to discuss the white paper

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Hajj, said, “I am surprised that the government has linked the distribution of salaries to the approval of the second borrowing law, because it has a round balance of more than 3 trillion dinars,” noting that there are some simple paragraphs that need discussion between the Finance Committee and the government

He added that the meeting with the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance included granting the Finance Committee approval for the government to borrow to pay employees’ salaries, buy medicines and other necessary issues, explaining that it was agreed to form a joint committee that includes the Finance Committee and the advanced staff in the Ministries of Finance and Planning, and they will meet twice a month to discuss the white paper. And bring reforms

He noted that the Finance Committee asked the government to send the 2021 budget bill at the end of this month at the latest at the latest  LINK


Samson:  Al-Rafidain announces great benefits to citizens in exchange for depositing their money with him

11th November, 2020

Al-Rafidain Bank announced, on Wednesday, that it will continue to open accounts for citizens and other segments to deposit their money in the bank.

The media office of the bank said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of it, “The bank continues to open accounts (savings and current) for citizens and deposit their money in exchange for interest.”

He called on citizens to “visit bank branches for the purpose of viewing special instructions and placing their money in the bank and not hoarding it in homes in light of the positive benefits set by the bank in return for that.”  LINK


Samson:  Iraqi forces thwart the smuggling of antique manuscripts, coins and seals

11th November, 2020

The Directorate of Internal Affairs announced the arrest of a gang for smuggling antiquities and foiling a smuggling operation in Nineveh Governorate.

The ministry said in a statement received by Shafaq News that with a qualitative operation, the Interior Affairs detachments managed to thwart the smuggling of antiquities in one of the Nineveh governorate regions, and to arrest the gang that tried to smuggle these antiquities .

The statement added that these relics varied from archaeological manuscripts, coins and seals, indicating that legal measures have been taken against this gang, and dealing with the fundamentally seized antiquities.  LINK


Samson:  The Anti-Corruption Commission issues arrest warrants for more than 20 people

10th November, 2020

A spokesman for the Prime Minister, Ahmed Mulla Talal, announced, on Tuesday, the issuance of arrest warrants against 20 people.

“The Anti-Corruption Committee has issued arrest warrants for more than 20 people and referred them to the judiciary,” Mulla Talal said in a press conference attended by Mawazine News.

Mulla Talal did not mention these personalities or the positions they occupy. He pointed out, “The 2021 budget will be different from previous budgets, and the White Paper will be applied in it.” LINK