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MilitiaMan: So they are apparently suggesting they need to expedite the deposits of chunky money into government banks. (See article below)Telling them they need it in the banks expeditiously. Means that it is prudent of practical now to do so. Put a move on it citizens.. lol ~ MM

ex·pe·di·ent /ikˈspēdēənt/ Learn to pronounce

adjective (of an action) convenient and practical although possibly improper or immoral.

“either side could break the agreement if it were expedient to do so”

Samson:  At the end of this year, debt ratios will be more than 100 trillion

22nd January, 2021

The risks of a rise in the dollar against the dinar still looms large, as experts in economic affairs explained that at the end of this year, the debt ratios owed by the country will be more than a hundred trillion dinars.

The continued aggravation of the economic crisis, which was made more by the decision to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, in addition to the decline in global oil prices, and in the end the volume of the country’s public debt has increased, which means shackling the national economy, according to experts in economic affairs, who favored the arrival of the internal debt Only to 100 trillion dinars at the end of this year, in addition to the external debt, which so far amounts to 27 billion dollars. set of solutions put forward by economists to get a country out of this economic crisis … I summarized the private sector to support it, and also limit the import of goods from abroad, raise the value of taxes on them, and control border crossings that still suffer from smuggling.

And recently, the government called on citizens to deposit their own money, which is estimated at 62 trillion dinars, in government banks, but this matter is the most expedient for observers to respond to, because of the loss of confidence between the two parties.