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Samson: Parliamentary Finance Explains The Reasons For The Delay In Paying Employees’ Salaries

21st February, 2021

The Finance Committee clarified, today, Sunday, the reasons for the delay in paying employees’ salaries, specifying the party responsible for the delay.

A member of the Finance Committee, Naji Redis, said, “The notice of employee salaries being paid was delayed due to the general conditions that the country is going through from Corona and the comprehensive curfew.”

Noting that “salaries will not be delayed this month or the coming months and they are fully insured.

He noted, “Finance depends on the 12/1 system for the payment of salaries, and the delay that accompanies the payment of salaries every month is borne by the Accounting Department at the Ministry of Finance for its reliance on old mechanisms in banking transactions, despite the incident of the financial systems followed in the world and the Central Bank of Iraq in particular.”

He added, “It is likely that major changes will be made in the accounting department at the ministry, since it is still insisting so far on using old methods instead of modern ones in sending salary payment notices to employees.”     LINK

MilitiaMan:  This sure looks like there is a consensus in that they know a new mechanism is coming into play. Modern is not in the old but new mechanism.

Well that to me suggest they are to pay in a timely manner with a new rate (mechanism) in the future. A mechanism applied in such a manner that fully insures payments will be on time and not delayed any longer.

Thereby, we can deduce they have a digitial system coming into play. Probably one that will interlink with not only internal transactions but, regionally and globally.. imo. I like it..  ~ MM


Samson:  The Iraqi Interior Minister arrives in Saudi Arabia at the head of a high-level delegation

21st February, 2021

The Iraqi Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanmi arrived today, Sunday, in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on an official visit.

The statement of the media office of the Minister of Interior stated, received by Shafaq News; The Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanimi, arrived in Saudi Arabia at the head of a high-ranking delegation that included a number of ministry leaders.

Without disclosing the purpose of the visit, which had not been announced previously.   LINK

Cleitus:  Perhaps they are there as part of the launch of the new electronic payment system (QFS).  BTW, set for launch today.  All, IMO, of course…

MilitiaMan:  Perhaps.. Lol.. I would say your spot on. Things of this nature are not by coincidence, they are by design and a purpose.. imo.. ~ MM

Samson:  Document .. Opening an investigation into financial corruption, bribery and extortion inside the Iraqi Ministry of Defense

21st February, 2021
The Iraqi Minister of Defense, Jumah Anad, has directed an investigation into the existence of financial and administrative corruption in the General Directorate of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Military Retirement Department.

According to a document appended to the minister’s signature, he directed the formation of an investigation committee with cases of financial and administrative corruption, extortion and bribery in both directorates.

He directed that the committee accomplish its work within 14 days, starting from the date the committee was assigned on 2-14-2021.   LINK


Samson:  Parliamentary integrity: $ 600 billion smuggled by Iraqi officials, under false names, to international banks

16:25 – 02/21/2021

On Sunday, the Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed that there are between 450 to 600 billion dollars in foreign banks, which are Iraqi funds that were smuggled abroad, indicating that the committee intends to recover it.

A member of the Integrity Committee, Abdul Amir Al-Mayahi, told Al-Maalouma that “influential personalities and officials in the political process have smuggled money out of Iraq from 2003 until now with fake names placed in those banks and the names of their relatives.”

He added that “the size of this money is estimated at 450 to 600 billion dollars,” noting that “the funds are huge and it could contribute significantly to solving the Iraq crisis.”

Al-Mayahi explained that “the committee is hosting the head of the money recovery department in the government for the purpose of travel and forming a committee to follow up on those funds and recover them to Iraq.”  LINK