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Samson: Zafer Al-Ani: Parliament Will Continue Its Sessions Until The Budget Is Approved

28th February, 2021

Member of Parliament Dhafer Al-Ani confirmed that Parliament will continue its sessions starting tomorrow, the first Monday of March, until the budget law is approved.

Al-Ani said in a press statement, which was followed by Al-Independent today, Sunday, that the budget has reached its final stages, leaving nothing but the announcement of the agreement with the Kurdistan region regarding the percentage determined for it in the budget and other matters that will be completed within the next few days.

Al-Ani added that: Approval of the budget will be attended by everyone at the end of this week.

The House of Representatives is scheduled to begin its sessions on Monday.  LINK

MilitiaMan:  Well well well. They are continuing the session tomorrow. The 1st of March. They’ll be at it until budget law is approved, so they say. Leaving nothing but an announcement.

Well they’ll need to announce a rate with that now wouldn’t they? lol

Notice they push it out again to the end of this week? That tells me they are either so utterly inept at this stage for not having it completed yet, or there is a bigger picture in play.

It is fairly obvious that they are not holding things up at a devalued rate of 1460 IQD / 1USD or they would have already shown the budget and been done with it by now. They clearly know that the devaluation hurts the citizens of Iraq. They continue at this rate they will definitely have consequences to pay for. That could get ugly and quickly.

My view is there has been evidence of digitization for many things on a much broader scale than we have ever seen before.

Whether it is digital taxation, fees, tariffs, customs, clearing and settlements for payments, salaries, Digital Platforms for Currencies both foreign and international levels, or even other items such as e-governments, etc., are all in play globally now all while with having one crisis after another.

From oil shocks to a “Pandemic”. Regardless the systems need to be able to communicate not only for economic reasons but for health and security reasons.

Then tie in that the USA Bond markets are under heavy pressure. Warren Buffet seems to have a mention on that matter today.

There was even a so called “operational error” with the US Fed on the 24th of this month in respect to wiring money, ACH, EFTs, etc, etc.,. When Warren Buffet talks people listen.

For Iraq, the Prime Minister has a few words on the exchange rate. We all know that a new system is at play. If there is fire in the theatre, the exits will be getting filled quickly and possibly disorderly. That is something the FED will not want.

So, the “operational error” may very well have been and operational move be sure and on purpose to fix an error, as in the bond markets needing the fire department and it is at an emergency level.

Buffet just yelled fire. I’ll bet on purpose to push those in the know to get a move on with the rate change and let the vote get done.

A new exchange rate can fix many ailments.. imo Bond markets included… imo !~ MM


‘From the Parliamentary Finance Committee because they are working against the interest of the vast majority of the people and their negative stance on setting the US dollar exchange rate of 1450, which constituted a humanitarian catastrophe for the Iraqi people, i.e. 99 percent of the people are affected by the decision of the executive and legislative authority.  In the event that the demands of the Iraqi people are not met, the vast majority of the people will boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections.”



“O my people, you must cooperate with me to save our country from severe economic, health and security crises that impede its path …” ~ Mustafa Al-Kadhimi

Fixed-income investors worldwide – whether pension funds, insurance companies or retirees – face a bleak future, says Berkshire Hathaway CEO


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