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Samson:: An Iraqi representative delegation headed by Al-Halbousi will visit Kuwait tomorrow (today)

23rd January, 2021
An Iraqi parliamentary delegation headed by Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi will head to the State of Kuwait on Sunday, according to a parliamentary source.

The source told Shafaq News, “The delegation includes deputies from different political blocs, most notably Adnan Al-Zarfi, Ala Talabani, Muhammad Al-Karbouli, Rami Al-Skiny and Laith Al-Dulaimi.”

It was not immediately clear the purpose of the visit.  LINK

Samson:  A deputy reveals an amount of 54 billion dinars owed by the international coalition forces for two hotels in Baghdad

24th January, 2021
Member of Parliament, Representative Jamal Al-Muhammadawi revealed, on Sunday, more than (54) billion dinars owed by the international coalition forces in favor of two large hotels in the capital, Baghdad, calling for their urgent recovery.

Al-Muhammadawi said in a press release received by Shafaq News; We sent an official letter to the Office of the Prime Minister / Iraq Funds Recovery Team, and we previously addressed the Ministry of Culture with a parliamentary question on (12/14/2020) regarding the amounts owed by the International Coalition Forces for the benefit of the Rasheed and Babil Tourist Hotels, which amount to (54,850) million dinars (fifty-four billion) Eight hundred million dinars), according to the reports of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision.

Al-Muhammadawi demanded “a statement of the procedures of the Prime Minister’s Office / Fund Recovery Team regarding these sums.” He called for “recovering them urgently, not neglecting in obtaining the money of the Iraqi people, and preparing a database of the amounts owed by the international coalition forces and setting up appropriate mechanisms to recover them.”  LINK

MilitiaMan    Article:  “Sumaisem: America will not pump dollars into Iraq, and dealings will be in the digital currency…and Baghdad is forced to comply with the recommendations of the international monetary 27th December, 2020”   FORCED to devalue to 1460… Then think FORCE means they had to get in sync with the region. They are once they delete the zeros…imo…So there by they were forced into it, which means they have no choice but to RI...imo.